Looking at a few more Candy Brands to Review Advertising

Looking at a few more Candy Brands to Review Advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Its took Ferrero longer than we expected to pump up the advertising for the brands they bought from Nestlé (as we forecasted) but here’s their first installment for Crunch. They launched a Butterfinger campaign in September. (See below). Both were done by agency Piro.

Does the agency have the assignments to all the brands from Netstlé? We’re not sure because Baby Ruth SweeTarts, LaffyTaffy, Nerds, 100 Grand and about 15 more candy brands are unaccounted for advertising wise.

So maybe it’s time to put the sweet-tooth on and go trick or treating!

PARSIPPANY, NJ: Following the purchase of Crunch two years ago from Nestlé, Ferrero is reintroducing the chocolate candy bar to a new and wider audience.

The creative centers on “Crunching,” a lifestyle trend and state of mind that suggests life would be improved after consuming one of these treats. The ads are created and edited by creative agency Piro, with Mindshare handling media and Golin managing public relations and social media.

The campaign includes several video spots featuring fictitious testimonials about the results of “Crunching,” with a winking nod to consumers to “be in on the joke” knowing that even though there are no scientifically proven benefits of “Crunching,” dessert eaters are free to believe whatever they want to believe.

The spots showcase overly optimistic people enjoying their lives thanks to Crunch despite their not-winning moments, like striking out in baseball.

The spots end with the 1-844-WHATISIT telephone number inviting consumers to hear more tongue-in-cheek messaging about this so-called Crunching trend.

The campaign debuts with a :15 TVC spot and a range of video content across Crunch digital channels. Additional :30 and :15 spots will go live over the next few months.

Along with this new content, Crunch will be introducing influencer and PR activations, as well as promotional Crunching starter kits available next month via a branded microsite.  The kits include a Crunch bar, Buncha Crunch, a #Crunching decal and an instruction manual that teaches consumer how to become a Crunching lifestyle expert.


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