MetLife’s big digital Plan

Steve’s breakdown: They’re talking about integrating every single communication with customers. We think the opportunity is in the social media area.

NEW YORK, NY: Global insurance company MetLife is undergoing a company-wide digital transformation led by global chief marketing officer (CMO) Esther Lee.

One of the firm’s current major initiatives is to become more , Malene Haxholdt, VP of enterprise analytics at MetLife, told V3 at a SAS Global Forum media event in North Carolina.

Haxholdt said that becoming digital will allow the company to provide a more seamless experience to customers.

“Perhaps even calling a call centre is old fashioned. If you have questions you should be able to do that through a smartphone or through the website if you want to,” she said.

She added that all of these ways of contacting the company, including social media, need to be integrated.

“We still have work to do to give our customers easy access and be relevant in the digital space, as we’re used to having face-to-face interaction,” Haxholdt said.

She explained that, while the agenda is being driven by MetLife’s entire executive leadership team, rather than by a chief digital officer (CDO) alone, Lee is leading the transformation.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as many digital leaders, including CDO Pascal Moyon and Travelex CDO Sean Cornwell, have suggested that the role of digital sits far closer to marketing than to IT.


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