Peace Corps Looks to go Digital: Seeks Agency

Steve’s breakdown: The Peace Corps are finally entering the 21st century with their recruitment programs. You can view the main page to this pitch here:

WASHINGTON, DC: Background:  Regional Recruitment Offices (RROs) have previously used the services of print ad vendors to handle ad placement.  As the RROs shift the majority of their resources towards online advertising, there is now a need to shift to an online advertising vendor.  This need is particularly great given the complexity and constantly changing trends within the online advertising industry. For example, Google AdWords requires an expert understanding of complex algorithms to use the product most successfully and cost-effectively.  A proven strategy in the placement of Facebook ads is to target multiple ads for one event to a variety of small target audiences, which requires significant time and expertise.

Online advertising pricing is determined on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, and is highly variable and dynamic because of a sophisticated bidding system that is based on multiple factors.  According to previous reports from Peace Corps Office of Communications, the CPC ranged from $1.69 to $3.85 per click, though increased competition for our target audience can drive up the cost.


The contractor shall provide all resources necessary to accomplish the objectives in this Statement of Work (SOW). The contractor shall design online advertisements; create and  purchase ads;  manage placement of ads, conduct bid management, and provide reports as outlined in the SOW.  The contractor will also be responsible for creating Facebook event pages on, which will then be linked to the ad for RSVP purposes.

The Contractor shall use information provided by the Peace Corps to complete tasks and any deviation from the information provided shall be approved by the Public Affairs Specialist.  The Government shall provide the Contractor with a spreadsheet listing at minimum the following information: proposed advertisement, run dates, target audience and advertisement budget.  Information pertinent to each ad will be provided no later than two weeks prior to the first run date.


The Contractor shall target audiences using various social and other online advertisements.  The Contractor shall have significant knowledge and experience in managing online advertising campaigns including social networks such as Facebook, LindedIn, Google AdWords, etc.

The contractor shall cancel and add placements, upon request of the PAS.  Any canceled ad placement done before the ad runs shall not be charged to the government.  The Government shall not pay for any ad cancelled before the ad runs or anytime before the deadline for the schedule run.

The Contractor shall provide the following services for Peace Corps Headquarters and the seven (7) Regional Offices within the United States.

Online Design and Placement:

The contractor shall design online advertisements that target specific audiences that showcase Peace Corps in a positive light. The Contractor shall use Peace Corps approved information and images for advertisements.  The Contractor shall recommend and place advertisements using appropriate proposed media to effectively reach target audiences.

The Contractor shall utilize various online social media to advertise events, etc. The Contractor shall ensure online advertisements are placed on appropriate websites that will result in increase views and ad clicks from targeted audiences.  The Contractor shall ensure that links to Peace Corps advertisements are functional and without error.

The Contractor shall create event pages are properly linked to .  The Contractor shall ensure online ads campaigns are launched in advance of the Peace Corps scheduled events.

The contractor shall negotiate competitive pricing for all online advertisements to ensure maximum exposure on various online media.

Proof of Ad Copy:

The Contractor shall provide proofs of ad copies to the Public Affairs Specialist (PAS) for approval at least two weeks prior to the designated first run date.  Proofs must include how the ads will be targeted, i.e. geographical, keywords, projected total of audience numbers associated for that target.

The Contractor shall provide proofs in an excel spreadsheet to include the picture, the ad, content, media, etc.

Bid Management:

The contractor shall conduct ongoing bid management for the duration the advertisement is active.  The Contractor shall monitor the advertisement to ensure the ad spend will not exceed the determined budget.  The Contractor shall notify Peace Corps COTR if an advertisement is not generating sufficient clicks.  The Contractor shall adjust bids and/or alter the ad copy, images, etc. that will increase clicks.

The Contractor shall notify the authorized caller or COTR if an advertisement does not generate at least 50% of the ad spend budgeted.


The contractor shall report performance of all online advertisements. .  The Contractor shall provide weekly spreadsheets to the PAS with detailed information on the performance of each individual ad to include: impressions, clicks, cost-per-click (CPC), click-through-rate (CTR), total cost, conversions (or RSVPs in the case of a Facebook ad), conversion rate, and cost per conversion.

Schedule Delays:

The contractor shall notify the authorized caller within 48 hours if an online advertisement will not run per the time designated.

Account Representative:

The contractor shall provide an account representative for each Regional Recruitment Office.



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