Perfect together! $5 Million New Jersey Tourism Ad & PR account in review

Steve’s breakdown: The directors cut TV ad we’re featuring looks good to me but I guess they’re going to be doing a little ad shop shopping. Download the download the RFP here but make sure to click on our “Source” below to get all the documentation.

TRENTON, NJ: This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued by the Purchase Bureau, Division of Purchase and Property, Department of the Treasury on behalf of Department of State, Division of Travel and Tourism (“Travel”). The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals to engage a contractor(s) to plan, design, execute, and administer advertising and public relations programs by providing creative expertise, account services, placement and production, and in order to promote tourism in New Jersey.

The intent of this RFP is to award contracts to those responsible bidders whose proposals, conforming to this RFP are most advantageous to the State, price and other factors considered. The State will either award one (1) contract for all the required work identified in Section 3.0, Scope of Work, or two (2) contracts; one for advertising, and one for all public relations work. The State, however, reserves the right to separately procure individual requirements that are the subject of the contract during the contract term, when deemed by the Director to be in the State’s best interest.

The total budget for this procurement is estimated at $5 million for all advertising and public relations services work for the first contract year. The estimated budget for the first year of the contracts is divided as follows:

Advertising services and media purchases including print: $4.7 million; and Public relations services and all materials: $300,000.


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