Saranac beer gets new brand manager

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t usually report on new brand managers but this time it’s different. And that reason is this company is all in the family so if you can get in, you’re staying in.

UTICA, NY: Another Matt is taking a lead role in the family brewing business.

Nick R. Matt has joined F.X. Matt Brewing Co. as brand manager for the Saranac line of beer and soft drinks. He will be responsible for developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies.

The new manager, who is the son of Chief Executive Officer Nick Matt, joins cousin Fred Matt to represent the fourth generation of the family actively involved in the management of the 125-year-old company in Utica. Fred Matt is president.

“To be able to fill a need within the company is incredibly inspiring and humbling,” the new brewery official said. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m really excited about coming onboard during our 125th anniversary celebration. We have some very cool and unique promotions coming up that have been designed to thank our customers for loyally supporting us.”

The new manager’s experience includes brand management for Proctor & Gamble, where he developed and managed marketing plans and product innovations. He earned his master’s degree in marketing from London Business School and has a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University.

“To prepare for our 125th anniversary celebration with consumers we need to ramp up our marketing and sales efforts,” said Fred Matt. “Nick is really going to be able to help us stay connected to the consumer as we continue to grow.”

Fred Matt has been president since 2008.

“We’re looking forward to putting to use his outstanding marketing perspective and wealth of industry experience to increase Saranac’s presence across the country,” the president said.

In 1989, the elder Nick Matt joined the brewery as president and led the effort to re-focus the family’s business. He too had worked for Proctor & Gamble before moving to the brewery. In 2008, he became chairman and CEO.

“I do have to admit that this is a proud moment to have my son join the Saranac team,” said Nick’s father. “His perspective has been refreshing and we appreciate the significance of having another member of the Matt family on board to celebrate this incredible milestone.”


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