Trade association seeks marketing firm for buying genuine products campaign

Steve’s breakdown: This account is all about anti-counterfeiting and the contract is for 5 years!

Proposals are due September 8th at 5:00pm

Contact: Jessica  Tuquero   Manager,  Communications   International Trademark  Association, 655  Third  Avenue,  10th  Floor   New  York,  NY  10017-­‐5617  Email:

Here’s the RFP => RattiReportRFP9

NEW YORK, NY: The International Trademark Association (INTA) is launching a consumer awareness campaign in spring 2012 that aims to educate high school students on the importance of buying genuine products (as opposed to counterfeit goods).

The target demographic will be 14-18 year olds in the United States, with the goal to expand the campaign to other countries over the next five years and perhaps to other age demographics.

The campaign will have a two-pronged approach. The first is academic. INTA will produce and provide educational material to the Association’s staff and members to use for classroom presentations. INTA will also develop strategic partnerships with academic organizations for outreach to more students. The second approach will engage the target demographic through their preferred online sites, media and events. This will be accomplished through a mix of special events, the use of social and digital media, among other tactics.

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