Trump cuts loose media company after leak

Harris RattiSteve’s breakdown: Here’s a hot potato for ya. Harris Media and the Trump campaign have parted ways. Of course, there’s two sides to this story.

So if this type of work is in your wheelhouse, might as well check it out. The address is Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue.

NEW YORK, NY: A digital media company hired by Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign has been cut loose only days after the arrangement was first reported.

Vincent Harris, a Texas-based digital strategist who works for Republican candidates and first was employed by Sen. Rand Paul‘s primary campaign, said his company was “not fired” but that it had completed the tasks they were hired to do.

Politico reports Harris Media was let go by Trump after word leaked by someone other than the campaign that they had been hired.

Harris took to Twitter to defend his company’s short-lived involvement in the campaign.

“While out of pocket & on vacation w my wife, someone leaked our involvement w/ Trump. The leak did not come from me or us,” Harris wrote. “Not sure where leak came from but lots of people on campaign, from large tech companies, & RNC knew we were doing work for Trump’s agency.”

“Harris Media was engaged as subcontractor to do various project work for Trump’s digital agency of record. Nothing more or less,” he wrote.

After going months with a bare-bones communication staff, Trump has recently begun to ramp up campaign hiring, including advisers and media strategists who have been a common presence on other presidential campaigns.

Trump recently announced he has hired a former communications official from the former campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz.


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