V8 V-Fusion serves up video project

V8 V-Fusion serves up video project

Steve’s breakdown: This is the second brand from Campbell’s that is represented by Y&R to be putting this kind of project up for bid in 2 days. hmmmmm . . .

The deadline is January 28th, 2013

CAMDEN, NJ: V8 V-Fusion + Energy = FEEL GOOD ENERGY! “How?”, you ask – get the boost you need to get through your busy day with a refreshing energy drink that is powered by natural green tea—so you can feel good about it, too!

V8 is turning once again to the Poptent community for your creative take on how to introduce V8 V-Fusion + Energy to more people. Your goal will be to convince consumers to try the product and then pass the word and the video onto their friends. You’ve done it for V8 before, and we want you to do it again!

Your video should introduce +Energy in a light but memorable way. +Energy is not a typical energy drink and the brand doesn’t want a typical energy drink ad nor do they want a standard, factual commercial that lists the product benefits. The V8 brand is known for quirky humor so keep it real, keep it fun. They’re all about providing positive energy.

Videos should be between 30 and 90 seconds and will be used online and possibly on TV! 


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