Best Buy Update II: Everybody’s New

Best Buy Update II: Everybody’s New

Steve’s breakdown: Earlier this month we reported “Best Buy CEO & CMO gone” but now we feel it’s time to give you the whole 2012 picture in regards to people changes. No disrespect to the agency that created the Super Bowl ad featured here, but it’s going to be tough to hold on to that business with all these changes.

RICHFIELD, MN: Big Changes in Best Buy Leadership

January 16: Shari Ballard named president of Best Buy International; she was formerly co-president of North American operations.

March 8: Geek Squad founder and Chief Technology Officer Robert Stephens leaves Best Buy to pursue opportunities in Silicon Valley.

March 10: Best Buy hires former Starbucks Chief Information Officer Stephen Gillett as new digital chief.

April 10: CEO Brian Dunn resigns; company names board member G. “Mike” Mikan as interim CEO.

April 20: Best Buy says Rogelio Rebolledo will retire from board of directors in June.

May 2: Chief Marketing Officer Barry Judge resigns; company says Gillett will oversee global marketing.

May 5: Best Buy International CFO Dave Deno resigns to become CFO at OSI Restaurant Partners.

May 14: Company says founder and chairman Richard Schulze will relinquish his chairmanship in June and will step down from the board in 2013.

May 25: Best Buy senior vice president and domestic CFO Ryan Robinson resigns to join MedExpress.


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