Fiat Chrysler splits with W+K

Steve’s breakdown: W+K worked on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Maserati brands. The featured video is their final TV spot which I thought was pretty good. No word on a replacement as of yet so get on the horn.

AUBURN HILLS, MI: FCA and W+K Portland announced today that they will be parting ways.

W+K has developed advertising for FCA’s Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Maserati brands since 2010. The agency’s most recent work for the client was a campaign for Chrysler launched earlier this month featuring Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman reprising their past presidential roles. In January, W+K Portland also launched a new campaign for Dodge. W+K’s most high-profile work for the client has arguably been for Chrysler, including its “Imported From Detroit” campaign featuring the Emmy-winning spot “Born of Fire.” 

“Since 2010, W+K and FCA have collaborated on memorable campaigns for many FCA brands,” said FCA Global chief marketing officer Olivier Francois. “It has been a great partnership and as these things do go, it is now the right time for both the agency and FCA to seek other pursuits.”

“Making your mark in the automotive category isn’t easy. But we’re damn proud of the one we made with FCA,” said W+K Portland managing director Tom Blessington. “We’re even more proud of the company’s turnaround. Parting ways is always hard, but sometimes it’s just the right call. We wish FCA all the best.”


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