New Product launch at Energizer

New Product launch at Energizer

Steve’s breakdown: I think global warming has upped-the-ante when it comes to home readyness. Earlier this month we reported on BioLite (I totally bought one of those) and now this.

Energizer will be coming out with a new portfolio of innovative lighting products. No word on who has the ad account.

ST. LOUIS, MO: Hurricane season doesn’t start until June 1, but after Hurricane Sandy caused so much destruction and left millions without power, it’s never too early to start preparing for the next big storm.

To help, Energizer is introducing a new portfolio of innovative lighting products this spring that use “light fusion technology,” which distributes light uniformly through laser-etched acrylic panels.

The line consists of four portable, multipurpose lanterns and flashlights that incorporate what Energizer calls “smart dimming technology,” which is basically a dimmer switch that allows users to lower the intensity of the light and conserve battery life.

The Energizer Folding Lantern that I tested uses light from tiny LEDs spread across a flat, plastic panel to illuminate a broad area when it is opened. But it also doubles as concentrated task light when closed and can be stored and transported easily. The durable lantern, which has a kickstand for support and an easy-grip handle, is intended for outdoor lighting, but when I opened it in my apartment at night, it gave my living room a warm glow. The light was clean and vibrant, but not harsh, and seemed to reach every dark corner.

Energizer claims the lantern output provides up to 300 lumens and can run for up to 100 hours. The lantern, which costs $40 and can run on four or eight AA batteries, is expected to be available at Target in late March, followed by other retailers later. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a city dweller, the Energizer Folding Lantern is handy to keep around.


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