Is the AOR getting fired by the Israeli Espresso Club?

Steve’s breakdown: We ask because the client is getting sued over using a George Clooney doppelganger in its advertising. This might not be in your wheelhouse but I had to share.

JERUSALEM, Israel: A George Clooney doppelganger is brewing up tensions between two coffee companies in Israel.

Nespresso is suing the Israeli Espresso Club for using an actor with a striking resemblance to the Hollywood star in one of its ads. Clooney is the face of Nespresso.

The ad shows the Clooney lookalike being schooled on the benefits of Espresso Club. A disclaimer on the screen warns that the actor, silver-haired and carrying what appears to be a Nespresso bag, “is not George Clooney.”

Nespresso Israel said Thursday the legal step was taken to “prevent customers from being misled.” It is demanding $50,000 in damages and for the ad be removed.

Espresso Club says the tongue-in-cheek ad and the Clooney character were meant to target customers looking for a more “informal” coffee experience.


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