Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout launch: Agency?

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout launch: Agency?

Steve’s breakdown: Sometimes we just run into potential clients and wonder why they are not being represented. Alltech is a good example. And here they are launching another beer . . .

LEXINGTON, KY: Alltech added a fourth beer to its Kentucky Ale stable of brews on Monday.

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout is a coffee stout that uses the Haitian coffee launched by Alltech in September 2010. The company partnered with Haitian farmers after the devastating earthquake there in early 2010 and uses the proceeds from coffee sales to help them with infrastructure improvements and other projects.

The beer will be available later this week or next week at stores in Kentucky and Ohio. A four-pack is expected to sell for $12.99 to $13.99.

Alltech has been testing the beer since early this year. It becomes the first beer launched by the company since Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale was introduced in 2006. Like that beer, the coffee stout is aged in barrels.

Stouts are a variety of dark beer; arguably the most famous is Guinness, a dry or Irish stout. But there are several varieties of stouts, such as oatmeal stout, chocolate stout and coffee stout.

Master brewer Ken Lee said Alltech brews the beer with coffee and then ages it on coffee beans after fermentation to get softer aromas, such as vanilla and caramel, without adding bitterness.. The drink is then aged in bourbon barrels.

“The results are a very dark beer with deep roasted flavor notes, coffee aromas, vanilla and caramel in a slightly sweet full-bodied liquid,” Lee said. It’s “a complex and pleasing version of this classic beer style.”

The stout uses 32 pounds of the Haitian coffee in the size of its current batch, which equates to four brews.


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