Ruin the world, change the brand: It’s happening here

Steve’s breakdown: Looks like Cambridge Analytica will rise again as Emerdata. Can they pull off these brand acrobatics?

Not sure so maybe you should be giving them a call. Here is what we have in contacts (I think it’s hilarious they use .org):

  • Mr. Darren Bolding at is the CTO
  • Mr. Kyle G. Smith at is the Ad Operations Manager
  • Mr. Kyle Thomas at is an Art Director
  • 703-997-1812

ALEXANDRIA, VA: Despite filing for bankruptcy and announcing the firm will be shutting down, Cambridge Analytica might be closing in name only, reports the Financial Times. That’s because Cambridge Analytica may simply be rebranded as Emerdata. Emerdata is a new data firm that the parent company of Cambridge Analytica–SCL Group–set up last year. The companies share the same registered address and same directors, too.

U.K. lawmakers are concerned the disgraced company is trying to continue its activities under a new name without the public realizing it. Damian Collins, the chair of the U.K. parliamentary select committee for digital, culture, media, and sport said: “It’s like the Hydra beast of Greek mythology–you cut one head off and another one grows. I think it will be business as usual for Cambridge Analytica but under a different name.” When asked about whether Emerdata will just be a rebranded Cambridge Analytica, a company spokesperson did not deny it:

“That is a business decision, the [Cambridge Analytica] company board in due course will assess the findings of the independent investigation and will take any relevant decisions then.”


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