Advertising RFP: Lamar University

Advertising RFP: Lamar University

Steve’s breakdown: Questions regarding this Lamar University RFP are due January 17th. Responses are due Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 2:00PM CST. Stacy Carter is the contact person and she can be reached at & (409)880-8379.

The document is at this link.

BEAUMONT, TX: Each proposing agency should provide University with a comprehensive approach to marketing and advertising with clear objectives, measurable analytics and a broad knowledge of the target populations. The goal of the campaign will be branding, community building and increases to enrollment.

Proposing agencies must have a working knowledge of the local market and must be able to place media buys based on industry standard ratings surveys and software in the Houston and Surrounding DMA (Designated Market Area). The firm does not have to be based in the Beaumont or Houston area.
Proposing agencies will work closely with university marketing staff to create marketing and advertising campaigns throughout the year. We may use radio, television, and billboard advertising. The firm will also likely assist in the development and creation of video.
Proposing agencies must be able to meet on a regular basis with the marketing staff at Lamar University to ensure effective use of budget, creative concepts, strategic placement, brand continuity and consistency, and all other marketing, public relations and advertising strategies. There will be at least one in-person meeting, with the potential for more.
Proposing agencies should have working knowledge, or experience with, but not limited to, the following traditional and non-traditional media platforms: television, radio, outdoor advertising, Google AdWords, Bing / MSN advertising, Pandora and Spotify radio, print publications, YouTube video advertising and all social media platform advertising. Proposing agencies should also have in-house creative service departments to assist the Lamar University marketing staff with campaign development for the above-mentioned media platforms. A rate card should be supplied for these additional services.

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