Arizona needs an Ad Agency

Steve’s breakdown: This account could not be more general but if you are an ad agency in Arizona, go for it!  You can find the RFP to download at this link:

PHOENIX, AZ: State Agencies, Departments, Divisions, Boards and Commissions require professional advertising, public relations, media services and related marketing services to make the general public and/or specialized groups or markets aware of campaigns, products, events and services. The type and amount of services required by the State Agencies vary depending upon their budgets and in-house expertise as well as the size and nature of the projects.  Many different disciplines will be required to fulfill the needs of the State.  Any contract resulting from this solicitation shall be for the use of all State of Arizona departments, agencies, commissions and boards.  In addition, eligible universities, political subdivisions and nonprofit educational or public health institutions may participate at their discretion.  This contract shall be on an “as needed, if needed” basis.


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