Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority issues RFP

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority issues RFP

Steve’s breakdown: No account-in-review is too small for the Ratti Report so if you’re in the market, here are the deets. The “mobility” stands for transportation if you were wondering. A full description of the authority and the scope of work is outlined below. The marketing budget is estimated at $350,000. The due date for the RFP in June 10, 2011 at 4:00pm. The entire document can be viewed here: RFP LINK.

AUSTIN, TX: Description of the Authority
The Authority is a regional entity granted broad powers under state law to study, design, construct, operate, expand, enlarge, and extend transportation projects in the region of the authority (i.e., Travis and Williamson Counties) and adjacent areas as permitted by law.

Scope of Services in the Project
The Scope of Services to be provided by the Communication and Marketing firm or combination of firms may include, but not be limited to, the following:

1.    On an annual basis, assist with the development of a Communication and Marketing Plan for the Authority. Support the development of an annual budget based on the needs identified in the Communication and Marketing Plan.

2.    Work with Authority to support ongoing efforts to communicate the benefits of the 183A, Manor Expressway and other projects to potential customers and to promote the use of TxTag among drivers. .

3.    Assist with the development of printed materials including but not limited to Annual Reports, Newsletters, Fliers, Maps and other publications through the provision of project management, graphic design, and copy development services. Identify qualified sub contractors and oversee the printing of such materials.

4.    Support the Authority in the conduct of market research and customer satisfaction surveying to support and enhance ongoing tolls operations and communications activities. The firm shall use research data to create and develop information and promotional strategies and messages to educate and inform the public about 183A and other toll roads being developed, constructed or operated by the Mobility Authority. Use research findings to increase usage of the Mobility Authority’s toll roads and cause measurable increases in the sale and usage of the TxTag on toll roads operated by the Authority.

5.    Provide audio visual services as requested including, but not limited to script development, videography, video editing, audio recording, and still photography.

6.    Support the Authority with the implementation of public involvement programs associated with the planning, design and construction and operation of transportation projects. Assist with the development of public involvement plans for projects and provide the technical and staffing support necessary to implement the plans.

7.    Assist the Authority with public outreach activities with specific emphasis on identifying community organizations, scheduling presentations, and developing presentation materials using PowerPoint and other appropriate presentation tools. Provide the Authority with professional advice regarding key messages and talking points based on sound research.

8.    Negotiate for and coordinate the purchase of print, television, radio and other appropriate advertising vehicles to reach target markets. Solicit free media time and space for public service announcements as appropriate, and support the RFP for Communication and Marketing Consulting Services
creation of compelling content for such print, television and radio advertisements and public services announcements.

9.    Assist the Authority with media relations through the development and review of press releases and media alerts. Assist with the solicitation of media coverage and help coordinate press conferences. As required, provide video clips and news clips of stories involving the Authority and regional transportation issues.

10. Note from Steve: They didn’t have a #10 in the RFP. Typical!

11.    Provide planning, logistical, and staffing support for the conduct of special events, public meetings, community forums, and other public outreach and education activities.

12.    Support the staff of the Authority through the review and proofreading of documents to ensure they are grammatically correct, contain appropriate messaging and are customer friendly.

13.    Provide Web site services to include: site hosting, technical support, page design and copy development. Develop innovative Web-based services such as social media to enhance communication with customers..

14.    Develop strategies and assist with the implementation of programs to assist the Authority with providing superior levels of customer service to roadway customers and the general public.

15.    Identify promotional opportunities and coordinate the acquisition of unique promotional items intended to enhance public awareness of the Authority and its various toll roads

16.    Provide the Communications Director with a weekly update regarding ongoing activities and accomplishments. Appear before the Mobility Authority Board as necessary to provide program updates.

Source: The “RFP LINK” on top.

Web site: http://www.mobilityauthority.com/

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