Remember the Alamo: Texas Historical Commission seeks marketing services

Remember the Alamo: Texas Historical Commission seeks marketing services

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s some pertenat information from the RFP: Contract term: The services requested shall be provided for a period of two (2) years and, beginning July 20, 2012, or the last signature date, whichever is later, and ending July 18, 2014. At the sole option of the THC the Contract may be extended as needed, not to exceed a total of fifteen (15) months.

Compensation: Maximum Amount Payable. The maximum amount payable is $700,000.00. And here’s the actual RFP to download

AUSTIN, TX: The State of Texas, by and through the Texas Historical Commission (THC) seeks sealed proposals to establish a contract for creating the groundwork for the Historic Roads and Highways Program, services in accordance with the specifications contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP). In particular, the services requested herein and to be provided under any contract(s)awarded as a result of this RFP are for: (1) Production of a historic context for historic highways in Texas (2) Survey of the Bankhead Highway, This includes travel expenditures for travel required in the course of conducting research and documenting properties, reimbursed by presentation of receipts. All arrangements for travel (lodging, car rentals, flights etc.)are made by the selected team member but must be cleared through the THC prior to reservation to ensure appropriate scheduling and best value.





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