RFP for Media Buying: University of Arizona

Steve’s breakdown: Responses are due April 5th. The RFP can be viewed at this Link. University of Arizona has historically loved Out-Door . . .

TUCSON, AZ: The Office of Marketing & Brand Management creates print ads, radio and TV spots and is increasingly using online media. We require a media buying firm with extensive knowledge and experience within Arizona and throughout the Southwest and with knowledge and expertise in online advertising. Currently the annual budget for External Relations is approximately $200,000.

The Marketing & Brand Management Office within The University of Arizona is seeking proposals for media planning and buying services.

The marketing goals for the UA are:

• To enhance the image and reputation of the University of Arizona
• To broaden and deepen knowledge of the UA among all constituency groups.
• To set the stage for specific actions such as alumni involvement, student recruitment, enhanced donations to the UA.

Media buying firm will be required to:

  • Make recommendations on media buying strategies, including online strategies, to reach specific

    target audiences

  • Negotiate favorable rates
  • Develop creative partnerships to extend the UA’s media budget
  • Place media buys
  • Provide follow-up reports on reach and frequency
  • Provide post-buy analysis for radio and TV schedules
  • Provide follow-up reports on effectiveness of online campaigns

    A letter of proposal to the University of Arizona for media planning and buying services should include the following:
    • Overall Capabilities
    • Experience

    • Experience working with a university
    • Employee list and bios detailing who will be the UA’s primary contact as well as support staff • Current and past client list
    • Commission structure
    • References – five with at least one media representative and one client

    Scope of Work:

    Each vendor a proposal for any or all of each of the three projects below. If a vendor is submitting proposals for multiple scopes of work, please indicate if rates for each are dependent upon the use of that vendor’s submissions for each scope proposed. Each vendor should also include whether or not they would accept a single media part of their proposal to be accepted rather than all media proposed. Please provide five references for each scope of work for which you submit a proposal. If submitting a proposal for all three scopes of work, please provide a synopsis of any media you will not place advertising in/on. The University may make multiple awards for any or all of the projects if deemed in the University’s best interest. The University has the right to award all three projects to one vendor.

Project 1 – Traditional Advertising:

The primary goal of The University of Arizona’s traditional media campaign is to increase regional and national awareness of the University of Arizona’s brand.

Traditional media is defined as all media that is non-Internet in delivery. For example, the printed newspaper is a traditional media channel, though a newspaper’s website is NOT. Though a radio station is traditional while played over wavelengths it is not traditional if delivered via streaming over the Internet. In other words, required capabilities and evaluation criteria will be evaluated for only the non-Internet aspects of each traditional media. If Internet advertising is included in traditional advertising packages, provide rates for traditional media with and without Internet delivery.

Required Capabilities

  • The ability to buy media both domestically and internationally across all non-digital (non world-wide-

    web) media platforms including but not limited to: o Newspapers
    o Cable Television
    o Network Television

    o Radio
    o Out-of-Home o Projections

  • Ability to identify key market segments and provide recommendations on how best to reach them including:

    o Media type
    o Timing
    o Geographical location

  • Provide reporting on an as-needed basis
  • Ability to provide proof of publication
  • Dedicated project management staff
  • Ability to create advertisements within an existing framework


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