RFP: University of Texas at Austin

utaustinSteve’s breakdown: Proposals are due 07/22/16 at 2:30 PM. The lead contact is Darya Vienne @ dvienne@austin.utexas.edu & (512) 471-2856.

Contact me for RFP documents.

The scope of work for the account is below

AUSTIN, TX: Contractor will provide the following services to University:

A. Strategy Review and Brand Positioning Development 

1. Discovery: Identify Stakeholders and Create Engagement Plan:

a) Identify internal core stakeholders (e.g. School Dean, students, department chairs, and School’s sub brands), internal but indirect stakeholders (e.g. faculty, departments) and external and indirect stakeholders (e.g. Red McCombs, alumni, donors, media, taxpayers, peer academics).

b) Engage stakeholder groups at various levels as a part of asset and School’s current brand perception discovery process and strategy development, input and approval processes.

2. Review Current Assets and Materials:

a. Conduct internal and external audience research (qualitative and quantitative) of brand strength, awareness, and position.

b. Review and assess School’s current internal and external communication strategy.

c. Review and understand communication channels currently used by School.

3. Review and Assessment of School’s Key Competitors:

a. Identify School’s key competitors for undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs.

b. Review key competitors’ strengths, weaknesses and implications, if any, for School’s brand positioning development.

4. Positioning Development, Proposal and Validation:

Provide guidance for development, selection and validation of the proposed positioning platform considering stakeholders’ engagement, and qualitative and quantitative research (ref. Section 5.2.A.2.a of this RFP).

5. Deliverables:

a. Original brand research (incorporating any existing research) with report of results.

b. Written recommendations for strategies and tactics to increase brand and sub-brands awareness. The recommendations will reflect School’s core strengths, address the needs and aspirations of the next generation of students, provide a perspective on the evolving needs of the business environment the School will need to address and inspire other key constituents including alumni, faculty, staff, and others.

c. Brand standards manual and style guide.

B. Design, Deployment and Communication Plan:

Use brand strategy, student lifecycle communications strategy, internal and external brand communication strategy, and public relations strategy recommendations (ref. Section 5.2.A of this RFP) to develop School’s new visual identity.

Visual identity solutions will include, but not to be limited to:

  1. Design – graphic elements / visual identity (e.g. wordmark, typography, color scheme, photography) for the brand and any sub brands.
  2. Contractor must develop two versions of the design: 1) McCombs as the Master Brand with the sub brands beneath it, and 2) The University of Texas as the Master Brand with McCombs, followed by the sub brands beneath that.
  3. Design Guidelines – specific guidelines to provide clear direction for design execution across audiences, touchpoints, channels and experience in both print and digital environments.
  4. Communication Guidelines – tone of voice and messaging guide (e.g. story telling guidelines and examples) to inform future communications development and execution consistent with the new positioning and tailored to the identified audiences and their needs.
  5. New website concept – this enhances new user experience and becomes a point of “first engagement” for many audiences, particularly prospective students. Contractor must deliver revised design graphics, user experience and flow, key website templates and wireframes, UI guidelines and proof of concept (“POC”). This must not include the website rebuild.

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