Stacy’s snacks cooks up video project

Steve’s breakdown: To be considered for selection, all videos must be uploaded to by 11:59 PM EST on August 13, 2013. You can download the creative brief here.

DALLAS, TX: At Stacy’s, we are passionate about one thing and only one thing: making the best snacks on the planet.

Over the years Stacy’s has learned what’s important when it comes to making the best pita chips on the planet. Our processes are a little slower. Our methods are a little old fashioned. But our unapologetic passion for our product keeps us dedicated to the recipes and high quality and carefully selected ingredients we’ve had since the beginning. These are more than baking tips – they’re values. They’re an ethos. And Stacy’s as a company refuses to stray from those values, because it’s the better way.

Submit a video that highlights these core values and acts as an extension to the original Stacy’s commercial:

Your spot should be :30 seconds in length! 


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