Statewide review of Everything: Oklahoma

Oklahoma RattiSteve’s breakdown: This is a big one folks. A Statewide  review of everything! I’m not sure if it includes tourism but the RFP does say “Statewide”. For more information, go this link: OK Review

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: The services required for every department of the state are listed below.

  • Photographic services: Film processing services & Photographers and cinematographers
  • Marketing and distribution: Market research, Distribution, Sales and business promotion activities & Mailing services
  • Public relations and professional communications services: Publicity and marketing support services, Professional communication services, Media relations services, Reputation and brand management services & Issues and crisis management services
  • Advertising: Broadcast advertising, Advertising agency services: Media placement and fulfillment, Print advertising, Aerial advertising,
    Graphic design: Graphic display services & Art design services


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