Richard Branson & a dyslexic-only sperm bank

Steve’s breakdown: Did you know tomorrow is April Fools Day. Richard Branson did and he’ll probably be adding thousands upon thousands to his list of “Registered Users”. Brilliant!

What did your clients do? Even better, what should every company you pitch from now on do? It’s just one more strategy, like the Super Bowl idea, to utilize when in the throes of an account review.

This prank kicks everyone else’s butt!

LONDON, UK: I’m excited to reveal that on May 2nd I will be launching the world’s first dyslexic sperm bank in London.

Why? Up until very recently some sperm banks have rejected donors that have dyslexia. To me, this is absurd when you think that some of the most successful people in the world are dyslexic. Rather than being seen as a weakness, dyslexia should be seen as a strength.

As I know from first-hand experience, school can be tough if you don’t get the right help. But I think it’s important to not let it hold you back. Dyslexia has been a massive help for me personally; it makes me think creatively and laterally, two major factors that helped me create Virgin and build a global brand.

Dyslexia is a different way of thinking, not a disadvantage and it shouldn’t stop young people from achieving success and striving to make their dreams a reality. Just look at what these amazing dyslexic people have achieved…

I stored my sperm when I was 30 and am one among hundreds of dyslexics taking part in the world’s first dyslexic-only sperm bank.

Dyslexic people from all walks of life – including scientists, artists, astronauts, athletes, mathematicians, actors, doctors, musicians and entrepreneurs – have been kind enough to donate so far.

Look out for more information on the world’s first dyslexic-only sperm bank – coming soon.


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