Airbnb for marijuana tourism? Yeah, that’s a new market

Airbnb for marijuana tourism? Yeah, that’s a new market

Steve’s breakdown: Bud & Breakfast lists about 20 different Illinois apartments and houses where guests can light up during their stay. And that’s just the beginning. Check it out!

DENVER, CO: Book ‘em if you got ‘em? A Colorado-based firm that’s like a quasi Airbnb for marijuana tourism has begun to do business in Illinois.

Bud and Breakfast CEO Sean Roby told the Sun-Times that his platform is intended to provide a “safe and legal haven” for traveling pot smokers who otherwise would have faced fines from lighting up in hotel rooms or tickets for getting high in public.

About 20 different listings are active in the Chicago area, including an apartment in Wicker Park, which costs $140 per night.

The Aldrich Guest House in Galena, near the Wisconsin and Iowa borders, claims to be “Illinois’ first and only cannabis friendly bed and breakfast.” It costs $150 per night and has a furnished shed where guests are welcome to smoke.

Andy Seeger, an analyst at the Loop-based cannabis research firm the Brightfield Group, told the Sun-Times that the new law leaves room for traditional businesses, including hotels, yoga studios and event spaces, to incorporate marijuana use.

Some Bud and Breakfast hosts offer pot-centric activities, like cannabis massages or joint rolling classes, according to Roby.

The new regulations allowing recreational marijuana began on Jan. 1.


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