Alaska Airlines’ new look

Steve’s breakdown: An updated brand needs updated advertising. It’s worth a call.

SEATTLE, WA: Alaska Airlines announced Monday it is giving itself a facelift including a new paint scheme as part of a major re-branding campaign. It’s the first major change in 25 years for the Seattle-based airline.

On Monday, the airline’s employees got a look at the future. The new look is not radical, but it is noticeable.  There’s more color to suggest its tropical destinations to Hawaii and Costa Rica.  And there’s a realization, it’s not just about Alaska and the West Coast anymore.

“We need to stick to our strengths,” said Alaska VP for Marketing, Sangita Woerner. “And our strength and our heritage goes back to the state of Alaska. But how do you evolve that in a way to appeal to a broader audience?”

The audience is already getting broader.  The company has added 26 new cities in the last five years.

It’s also putting more emphasis on what it offers passengers, from better food to entertainment you can download right onto your own tablet, to even bigger space bins for storage.

Twenty-five years ago, when it last updated its image, Alaska was a West Coast regional carrier, but does its push to go more nationwide worry people in Alaska?

“We’re excited for Alaska’s growth. There’s no question about it,” said Scott McMurren, who lives in the state and is behind

“The citizens and travelers of Alaska feel that finally, their Alaska Airlines frequent flier miles are worth more, because they’re going to cities like Nashville and Baltimore and Boston.”

“I think we will continue to grow and really appeal to a broader audience.  To fly more and more to the Midwest and the East Coast, and put our brand on a national stage. That’s why we took the opportunity now,” said Woerner.


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