It hits the fan at Nokia

It hits the fan at Nokia

Steve’s breakdown: JWT handles global advertising but when this sort of thing happens, companies through the baby out with the bathwater. We don’t have to agree with it but you can gain from it.

SUNNYVALE, CA: Steven Overman, Nokia’s vice president for global branding strategy and marketing strategy has quit the company. Overman was responsible for drafting the definitive agreement with Microsoft. He was also responsible for the marketing campaigns for Lumia and Asha devices. Overman had joined Nokia in 2010 from Lowe Worldwide where he lead the marketing team handling Nokia.

Here’s what Overman has to say on his LinkedIn profile about his role in Nokia.

Led the planning and creation of brand strategy, global advertising, interactive marketing, word-of-mouth engagement, B2B marketing, viral and social marketing and brand identity management across all geographies and markets. Also provided direction to product innovation and design strategies.

– Co-wrote Nokia’s marketing Definitive Agreement with Microsoft and launched the Nokia Lumia smartphones with the world’s first crowd-sourced creative campaign, leading the Windows Phone mobile ecosystem. Launched the Nokia Asha range of affordable “smart-light” mobiles across emerging and developed markets with a series of 360-degree campaigns that integrated social and broadcast media with consumer-created content. Research showed that both product families enjoyed increased market share growth, product consideration and preference post campaign.

– Worked directly with the CEO and the Nokia Leadership Team as an in-house consultant to renew Nokia’s brand strategy, company vision and purpose. I led the redesign of Nokia’s brand guidelines, a renewed identity system and approach to all consumer-facing communication, and “HERE by Nokia” location-based service platform.

– Managed relationships with an international range of constituencies, including the following: Nokia’s own local marketers in over 100 countries, Nokia’s key partner/customer and operator marketers, leading media and entertainment brands, and Nokia’s stable of world-class global creative agencies and independent talent, including Inferno, Fallon, Wieden and Kennedy, RGA, HyperNaked, Design Studio, Wunderman, Jack Morton Worldwide, and JWT among others.

– Recruited an in-house strategy, design and creative team to innovate across all marketing disciplines and touchpoints, from digital and general advertising to experiential engagement and realtime marketing to retail and multimedia design, saving several million in opex while improving overall marketing productivity and effectiveness.


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