Vehicle maintenance APP can’t find CMO with a map anna flashlight

Vehicle maintenance APP can’t find CMO with a map anna flashlight

Steve’s breakdown: Shell’s Fitcar is on the lookout for a CMO. If you’ve used FitCar it’s probably through Jiffy Lube or Quaker State. The job description below actually hints at the fact that they are going to be looking into hiring an advertising agency.

There’s a lot of competition so they’ll need to think big!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The Digital Ventures group is an integral part of GC’s global strategic intent. Solving customer ‘friction’ is the heart of what we do – making customer’s lives easier and more efficient. We do this by creating and scaling ‘digital products and services’ that are data-enabled and software-based.
The Fitcar™ CMO will be working in one of our digital ventures, Fitcar™. Fitcar™ is aiming to be at the center of the connected vehicle world. Fitcar™ is committed to delivering value to customers through innovative digital technology and providing the best connected vehicle experience and services. This role will focus its activities on the US.
Digital Ventures operate at a fast pace with an agile approach and a strong focus on customers.Accountabilities
Responsibilities will include, but will not be restricted to:

  • The incumbent will be responsible to achieve product awareness through social media and at the point-of-purchase (POP), leveraging the existing footprint and brand strength of Shell
  • Apply growth marketing tools to achieve efficient customer acquisition costs
  • Select – within the Shell brand strategy – the right creative theme to position Fitcar and work with agencies, where needed, to create collateral
  • Negotiate commercial terms and contracts where required
  • The incumbent will collaborate with product, sales, finance, legal and compliance teams to develop and refine go-to-market strategies
  • Identifying synergies with other Shell businesses

This is a “start-up” venture environment within a large corporate setting requiring enormous amounts of passion, drive, commitment, speed and agility. We place high importance on data privacy, data security and integrity.
The initial duration of the role is two years. As this is an in-house venture structure there is the risk that the business has to shut down. In such a case, there might be an opportunity to change to another Shell digital venture (in SF) and/or a Marketing role in the base-business (in Houston).


  • The team is currently being scaled up, which means that the Fitcar™ CMO might take on team lead responsibilities in the near future.
  • The initial focus will be North America where Shell has a significant footprint (Lubes, fuels and aftermarket services).
  • In a crowded telematics space, the key competitive advantage of Shell is the leverage of the existing footprint; the channel manager therefore is critical to enable the success of Fitcar.

Special challenges

  • Digital Ventures is a theme with a significant amount of uncertainty within and outside of Shell. The opportunities of tomorrow are only now taking shape with no clear winners yet emerging. Rapid development of new software solutions and hybrid technology/business model innovation is reshaping the mobility space, and will continue to drive rapid and significant change. Hence, the role will need a strong outward and forward looking orientation to ensure emerging innovations in technology and business models are taken into account, and the robustness of partnerships is tested in view of external market forces and opportunities.
  • Creating the culture for success in what is primarily a customer centric, fast paced product innovation business whilst balancing need to maintain affinity and proximity with existing business who will support our success (i.e. Shell US Lubes and Fuels); In many ways, Fitcar ™ is a startup within Shell. As such, Fitcar™ will need a mix of staff, and the roles of those staff are likely to evolve relatively quickly. The core team will include a mix of Shell and external people with direct relevant experience. The team will require careful balancing between entrepreneurs and corporate staff.
  • A range of competitors from OEMs to network operators and startups are targeting the same opportunity. Understanding and developing competitive advantage versus these parties will be critical.
  • Multiple disciplines (technical, commercial, financial, legal, regulatory, external affairs) will have to be involved to develop and test feasible options.
  • Must have legal authorization to work in the US on a full-time basis for anyone other than current employer.
  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Minimum ten (10) years marketing experience.
  • Experienced digital & growth marketer.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and manage at both a strategic and operational level, and to successfully launch new products in the market
  • Track record of innovative go-to-market strategies
  • Proven ability to work in cross-business and -functional projects in uncertain environments.
  • Agile Project Management experience is an advantage
  • Data Analytics experience is an advantage


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