Small Agencies: Check This Out

Small Agencies: Check This Out

Steve’s breakdown: Introducing Small Agency Monday!!

“Various independents are coming together to rally support for themselves and their peers” is the sub-headline and we think participating would be a great idea!

“Any independent agency of any size can submit to be featured on the platform via the website or by emailing [email protected]Here’s their URL

EVERYWHERE, USA: Billups Americas CEO David Krupp is making good on his promise to start an initiative in tune with Small Business Saturday–but for small, independent agencies that he says need the industry’s support, especially now as they fight their way out of the pandemic.

He recently wrote in an op-ed for Ad Age, “Our industry could do more to raise awareness of these innovative, hardworking, job-creating organizations. What if independent advertising and media agencies had the equivalent of American Express’ Small Business Saturday? Let’s celebrate small agencies on the third Monday of each September. While not as easy as frequenting a local café, hardware or bookstore, we can provide opportunity that Monday for small agencies to get an audience with brands who could benefit from their service.”

Well, Krupp is getting things rolling. On Monday, Sept. 21, he is introducing the first annual Small Agency Monday (to be celebrated every third Monday of September going forward, as he suggested). The holiday is debuting in partnership with large marketing organizations such as Worldwide Partners, Magnet Global Network and Tribe Global, a global network of independent shops.

“Small Agency Monday was developed to level the playing field during this uncertain time and beyond, and counter the notion that only holding companies can deliver big results,” Krupp tells Ad Age. “This myth has been perpetuated for too long.”

He says the initiative was created “to shine a light on the small shops we, and the industry, admire, with the overall intention of getting the attention of clients that may not have looked to small agencies in the past.” It launches with a social campaign that the initiative’s partners will promote on their own platforms, and a website that in the coming months will feature stories, interviews and podcasts with leaders of independents. The goal, according to the campaign, is to help brands find new partners with fresh thinking, “whether it is an AOR opportunity or a chance to work on a product launch or project.”

Krupp says any independent agency of any size can submit to be featured on the platform via the website or by emailing [email protected]


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