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Charity Campaign Backfires

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Luxury Lead We’ve Been Waiting For

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Lux Brand is Celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2021: Pitch a few ideas

Steve’s breakdown: Most brands don’t miss celebrating their 100th and Gucci won’t miss theirs no matter what happens so you might as well present some ideas! Here are some details about their digital work from wiki. FLORENCE, Italy & NEW YORK, NY: From 2016, Gucci‘s Internet presence has grown with more people searching for the […]

Luxury auto maker is taking a new direction & the 2nd piece is in place: You the 3rd?

Steve’s breakdown: The first piece was the new CEO & now Genesis Motors has a new CMO and she says “I have created a project repertoire heavily grounded in the creative community, speaking out through music, film, art and social media/digital media. Social media marketing is often confused with social media posting. I create large […]

Love Luxury Manhattan Fashion?

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Luxury Auto Sure to Review Advertising

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Italian yacht account anyone?

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Lux Brand with new CMO worth a look

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Zales, Jared, Kay & Sterling Jewelers in Review

Steve’s breakdown: This is a lead that was heard about on the street. There is no article about this media/social media review because it’s confidential and ongoing. Might be worth a shot if you have a contact. FAIRLAWN, OH & IRVING, TX: Signet Jewelers is the largest specialty jewelry retailer in the US, UK and […]

This lead is: Exclusive • Global but American • Gourmet • Hot

Steve’s breakdown: So this one can be complicated if you pay too much attention to all the cooks in the kitchen of this brand so let’s take from the USA top. Here’s what I found out, literally, on the streets of Manhattan. Deal & DeLuca, the iconic New York gourmet food retailer is cleaning house at […]

If you know what this is, you know what I’m talking about

Steve’s breakdown: Bankruptcy will be a thing of the past for the legendary guitar company on Nov. 1. That’s right, Gibson will also have a new CEO, CMO, CFO & CPO. So, if you know how to play, it’s time to step up to the mic and call these boys!! NASHVILLE, TN: Gibson Brands has announced […]

You can’t get more luxury than this

Steve’s breakdown: Christie’s Announces New CMO which, believe it or not, is a 10 figure account! We believe her email address is [email protected] NEW YORK, NY: Christie’s Auction House, one of the oldest auction houses in the world (founded in 1766), announced it has appointed Amy Wexler as the company’s chief marketing officer. Wexler has been with […]

Into a Cigar Account?

Steve’s breakdown: just hired an advertising savvy exec as CMO and we suspect she’ll be taking this 2 year old onto the next level. That’s going to take a savvy agency. TAMPA, FL: Monthly cigar box subscription company has hired industry veteran Shanda Lee as its new chief marketing officer. Lee has more than 20 […]

Ad Agency Lookout: There’s a very familiar sounding luxury watch brand launching

Steve’s breakdown: Introducing Grand Seiko Corp. of America. They will be selling watches in the $2200 to $60,000 range. No word on the agency of strap one on and get to work! MAHWAH, NJ: In March of last year, Japan’s Seiko Watch Corp. separated its Grand Seiko collection of hand-assembled luxury watches from the core Seiko […]

This name change seems totally ego driven

Steve’s breakdown: Versace? Yeah, they are going to change the name of Versace. Look, I’m not the king of fashion branding by any stretch of the imagination but Wha-WHAT? Are they kidding? Someone needs to get in there and fix this. NEW YORK, NY: Michael Kors Holdings Limited is buying an Italian fashion-forward brand long associated with […]

Luxury Auto Lead

Steve’s breakdown: Former Rolls-Royce Motors Cars President is now VP of Marketing at Porsche. And not for nothin’, their AOR is not having a great year and it may be a great time take this client for a test drive. (did ya see what I did there?) ATLANTA, GA: Porsche announced today that Pedro Mota has been appointed […]

Luxury Retailer snags Home Depot Marketing Exec

Steve’s breakdown: Pirch, The high-end appliance retailer, is on the move and this new CEO could be the perfect reason to look into the account. Read on . . . SAN DIEGO, CA: Pirch announced that Steve Smith has been appointed president and chief executive officer, effective immediately, replacing Andrea Dorigo. Smith has 40 years of management experience […]

Another WPP client slips on a whole new look

Steve’s breakdown: After 108 years Chanel has opened its books. Is the company is felling a bit randy and anything could be next. Okay . . . How about getting rid of that tired old agency network as an agency? LONDON, UK & NEW YORK, NY: Synonymous with French high fashion and blockbuster Parisian runway shows, Chanel […]

There’s a new CMO & it should have been Stephen Colbert

Steve’s breakdown: Goop hires its first Chief Marketing Officer from YNAP as it plots European expansion. Those two statements plus no agency means it’s going to be a mess in there. Call to stop the insanity. NEW YORK, NY & LOS ANGELES, CA: Ten years after actress-turned-entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow founded Goop as a newsletter from her […]

Nice & Quiet Lux Lead

Steve’s breakdown: You can’t get nicer than a diamond chain in Canada. Spence Diamonds has it all for the agency looking to break into new territory – “categorically” & regionally. VANCOUVER, Canada: North American diamond retailer Spence Diamonds names Frank Hamlin as first-ever chief marketing officer. Founded in Vancouver 40 years ago with expansion to the U.S in 2016, Spence has radically reinvented […]

Reviewing Global Lux Brand

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s an account from my Margoetes|Fertitta days. “Greatest client ever” was the word from the account team so put on your Agencys’ Best and pucker-up. “Prospective agencies have been approached directly by Godiva Retail, which is owned by Turkish food company Yildiz.” NEW YORK, NY: Godiva seeks agency to develop unified global brand strategy Godiva, […]

3 words: Digital • Watch • Luxury

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This Luxury Brand is Hot for New Creative

Steve’s breakdown: There was last year’s Lady Gaga Super Bowl spot and now this year’s exit of a 30 year brand vet. These events and the slump in sales makes us believe it’s time to stop by Tiffany’s. NEW YORK, NY: Tiffany & Co.’s longtime chief branding officer Caroline Naggiar is to leave the brand. […]

Time to repitch every Lux brand you’ve met

Steve’s breakdown: Seems Ralph Lauren’s move into digital has sparked a fire in the Luxury marketing marketplace. It’s time to go back to every Lux brand you’ve pitched in the past 2 years and re-pitch the client with a digital perspective. Or maybe you already did but now they might actually hear you. EVERYWHERE, USE: […]

This is rare: NYC jewelry brand gets fresh blood to pitch

Steve’s breakdown: Christopher Designs has brought in a CMO from the outside and we suspect he’ll want to make his mark quickly. The work they are doing now seems all over the place and needs focusing. NEW YORK, NY: Jewelry brand Christopher Designs has named Michael O’Connor chief marketing officer. O’Connor will be responsible for the strategic […]

Top CEO Appointments of 2017 you know are “reviewing” advertising

Steve’s breakdown: All of these companies are worth looking into because, you know, retail has to advertise. Plus new CEOs tend to shake things up and they can do it quickly. Check it out. EVERYWHERE, USA: Kohl’s CEO to retire in May; successor named Kevin Mansell, chairman, CEO and president of Kohl’s, will retire in […]

Sports marketing lead: Luxury jewelry designer/retailer

Steve’s breakdown: David Yurman is all about photography, digital and driving folks to their vacation locations. This new CMO is an obvious choice but her experience in sports partnerships is new. Could be a hint to your pitch. NEW YORK, NY: David Yurman has appointed Carey Krug chief marketing officer. Krug joins the jeweler from Ralph Lauren […]

It’s brainstorming season in Ultra-Luxury: Get in on it

Steve’s breakdown: Ultra-Luxury brand are pairing up to offer one-time deals and we are sure these companies would love to hear your ideas for the next grand coupling. Make this an agency marketing campaign and just keep pitching idea after idea to company after company! EVERYWHERE, USE: Brand power couples are having a moment. Note […]

Introducing an iconic Real Estate brand to Beverly Hills and beyond

Steve’s breakdown: Douglas Elliman just bought Beverly Hills-based Teles Properties and they will be rebranding those 20 offices with 500 agents. Douglas Ellian does not use an agency-of-record so this might be a good time to introduce the agency. Cowabunga! BEVERLY HILLS, CA: Douglas Elliman is acquiring Beverly Hills-based Teles Properties, a move that will add over 500 agents […]

Luxury shoemaker gets some deep pockets

Steve’s breakdown: Jimmy Choo is the brand and Michael Kors is the new owner. Their AOR is listed as AR New York but they haven’t done work for them in years. Worth looking into. NEW YORK, NY: U.S. retailer Michael Kors has agreed to buy luxury shoemaker Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion, snapping up a British brand […]

Luxury Watch Account Just hanging Out There

Steve’s breakdown: Louis Vuitton has just launched a smart watch but who’s handling advertising? They do not have an AOR and they have to get the word out! NEW YORK, NY: With competitor brands like Hermes and Michael Kors having entered the wearable tech market, it was only a matter of time before Louis Vuitton expanded its […]

Candy brand gets deep pockets

Steve’s breakdown: The nation’s largest specialty candy retailer may soon get even bigger with the acquisition of It’Sugar. And they have big plans for the brand so now’s the time to make friends. FORT LAUDERDALE & DEERFIELD BEACH, FL: BBX Capital Corp. has acquired It’Sugar for approximately $57 million. BBX said it plans to expand It’Sugar, which currently […]

$25 million retail account decides to go it a lone

Steve’s breakdown: Neiman Marcus has taken itself off the block and now they need to put itself back together again. I’m thinking a corporate campaign pitch would be in order. DALLAS, TX: Neiman Marcus said it has given up trying to sell itself, just three months after the luxury retailer announced a plan to explore strategic […]

Sexual harassment turns into CMO search: Mall Retail

Steve’s breakdown: Signet has had it’s problems as you can see by our reporting below from February. Whether or not the CMO just bailed is not known but now they’re looking for a replacement. You help them do that – and You Will Get The Account. The job post/description is also below. Stores like Kay’s, […]

Lucid Motors is coming after Tesla: They may need advertising on their side

Steve’s breakdown: Check out what the ex-chief engineer is doing at his own company – Lucid Motors. He’s got an uphill battle because Elon Musk is a media maniac. That’s where you come in. MENLO PARK, CA: Peter Rawlinson says the Tesla Model S is Electric Vehicle 1.0, and the Lucid Air is EV 2.0. People […]

Zooming Upscale with new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Mazda wants their new CMO to lead the upscale climb of the brand and it’s not going to be easy. I mean, here’s an entire company that hasn’t really done that. Have You? Yes? Then give Dino a hearty congrats and start pitching. IRVINE, CA: A Detroit advertising veteran is taking the reins of […]

Relaunching an Island

Steve’s breakdown: Remember Atlantis, Paradise Island? I don’t know why they have to relaunch but they’re bringing in a new CMO to do just that. BTW, as far as I can see, Zimmerman is no longer the AOR so jump! PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas: Howard C. Karawan, President and Managing Director of Atlantis, Paradise Island, the leading […]

New marketing chief checks-in for Waldorf Astoria, Conrad Hotels & Canopy by Hilton

Steve’s breakdown: We have a “consumer products” person walking into a hospitality job. You know they are gonna need a hand. Might as well be you’re luxury-minded head doing the work. BTW: The photo is of the, now closed, Waldorf on Park Avenue. McLEAN, VA: Hilton has named Sumindi Peiris as global marketing head for its portfolio […]

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