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Expanding Bourbon May Need A Hand Up

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Several footwear brands are moving so might their ad accounts

Steve’s breakdown: Genesco is moving on up and we believe the winds of change might take a brand or two away from their agency. Check out what they have: Journeys Journeys Kidz Shi by Journeys Underground by Journeys Schuh Little Burgundy Johnston & Murphy Licensed Brands Retail Stores NASHVILLE, TN: Genesco Inc. is getting new […]

CEOs Predict Next Big Ideas for the New Decade

Steve’s breakdown: It’s the beginning of a decade so maybe it’s time to take a look at a few people whipping out their crystal ball. Here’s the first of a series I’ve collected. EVERYWHERE, USA: Advances in technology, world health, personalized medicine, and income equality are some of the ideas and hopes for the next […]

Adding 670 locations is going to require fresh adverting

Steve’s breakdown: Tropical Smoothie Café looks to add 670 locations in next five years but can they do it without fresh awesome advertising? I think not so maybe you should talk to the CEO about it. Charles Watson ATLANTA, GA: Tropical Smoothie Café had record growth in 2019 and it’s nowhere near being finished. The […]

100 New Restaurants Have No Agency

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Burger went from 50 to 5000 restaurants: Now it needs Retail expertise

Steve’s breakdown: Impossible Foods  is still on the move but now they’re in new territory: Retail. They are going to need new and different advertising to target these customers. If that’s you game, try Ms. Tara Kriese at [email protected] She’s the Senior Vice President of Marketing. REDWOOD, CA: Impossible Foods will begin selling its plant-based Impossible […]

Can you help sell 100 company owned restaurants?

Steve’s breakdown: Denny’s move to sell nearly all of its company-owned stores comes under the shadow of McDonald’s and Jack in the Box’s power struggles with their heavily franchised systems but they don’t seem to care. On the other hand, you should care because that’s going to take some Big – Smart – Advertising’. The may need a […]

Get in line for Pizza Chain to grow into an agency model

Steve’s breakdown: Mod Pizza is almost ready of its first foray into ad agency pitches. Are you ready? BELLEVUE, WA: Mod Super Fast Pizza Holdings, which will open about 100 locations this year, has tapped an experienced executive to help oversee its aggressive growth. Mod announced the appointment of John Maguire as COO, effective October […]

This lead is: Exclusive • Global but American • Gourmet • Hot

Steve’s breakdown: So this one can be complicated if you pay too much attention to all the cooks in the kitchen of this brand so let’s take from the USA top. Here’s what I found out, literally, on the streets of Manhattan. Deal & DeLuca, the iconic New York gourmet food retailer is cleaning house at […]

Is the shirt in or out? Depends on how much the account is worth!

Steve’s breakdown: As the great David Letterman once said: “You’re looking at a man who is laughing on the outside, crying on the inside. I have been looking high and low. I am determined to find a shirt that looks good untucked. I can’t find one.” Well, here it is and now it’s a real retail […]

A Starbucks brand you can pitch

Steve’s breakdown: The article below seem to not have done its homework. There are 13 Princi location worldwide and they are planning more so we think this could be a great opportunity for a small, globally minded agency. Rocco Princi is the founder. SEATTLE, WA: Starbucks Corp. is expanding its fledgling Princi format with an […]

What has 1000 stores and can make a phone call?

Steve’s breakdown: It’s AT&T and who’s doing the advertising for all these new stores? DALLAS, TX: AT&T is ramping up retail expansion—and not just in standard locations. The telecommunications giant announced plans to add 1,000 new stores, giving it one of the fastest-growing retail footprints in the nation. In addition to standard retail locations, AT&T […]

This cannabis client is ready to roll

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Expanding retail fashion brand requires advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Aerie, the intimate apparel brand anchored on the body positivity movement is going-for-it but can their rag-tag roster of agencies handle “it”? Jay Schottenstein is the CEO and can probably be reached at [email protected] or try Ms. Kyle Andrew at [email protected] She’s the EVP, CMO. PITTSBURGH, PA: American Eagle Outfitters, which on Wednesday reported its 14th consecutive […]

$20 million account review prediction

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Former Client Moves Headquarters

Steve’s breakdown: Not too long ago I pitched and won the Liebherr business. They are VERY German but that’s the beauty. They need American guidance in this country and now that they’re building their new headquarters, it’s the perfect time to talk growth. Call me if you’re interested. NEWPORT NEWS, VA: Members of the Liebherr family, […]

Opening 100 locations is going to require advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Coffee Bean & Tea has 1200 locations worldwide, 311 in the US and they are planning 100 more in NYC. Talk about needing a guerilla marketing campaign. NEW YORK, NY& LOS ANGELES, CA: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has big plans for New York City. Nearly two years after it abruptly closed […]

3 Words: American Kennel Club

Steve’s breakdown: That’s who’s trying to corner the market in doggie day care. Manhattan is their main market now but we see this spreading to every city so if you’re a dog person, AKC Canine Retreat is the client. James Tysseling is the chief operating officer. NEW YORK, NY: The next big real estate deals are […]

Freer living will bring freer thinking to auto client: Clime Aboard

Steve’s breakdown: Moving to a bigger & better place changes a person. We think it’ll also change Subaru. Their present campaign is fine and not worth changing but it’s execution and tactics will probably breakout of its shell. Just like having sales and marketing on the same floor will do to the entire company . . […]

Golf Retailer now ready for the Blue Tees is ready for Blue-Chip agency

Steve’s breakdown: PGA Tour Superstore is moving full-speed ahead with its experiential store concept and we expect their marketing budget to double. But are they just going to hand that to anybody? You might want to check in with Dick Sullivan at [email protected] He’s the Chief Executive Officer. ROWEL, GA: The retailer is coming off a record year, […]

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