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Another Ratti Forecasted Ad Review comes to Fruition: T-Mobile

Steve’s breakdown: Back in April (see below) we told y’all “New T-Mobile will be shedding & hiring new agencies” and here we are. Make sure to keep an eye on our account review predictions because, believe it or not, they happen! (unlike our competition) BELLEVUE, WA: As 2020 draws to a close, T-Mobile has launched […]

Telecom in Ad Hotwater Again

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Power Account is Ready for your Pitch

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New client will be shedding & hiring new agencies

Steve’s breakdown: As we said in February, a lot of agencies are going to be swopped out once the Sprint/T-Mobile merger was completed. (see below) Well, here we are and now it’s time get serious if you haven’t already about the New T-Mobile. BTW: This spot is just another version of Verizon’s old “Can You […]

Lots of agencies are getting fired very soon so start your engines

Steve’s breakdown: We hate to say things about agencies getting fired but let’s face it, not every agency servicing T-Mobile & Sprint are going to survive the merger. They just won’t so get your research team together and pick you targets and start writing those decks! BELLEVUE, WA & OVERLAND PARK, KS: The federal judge […]

Brand image of utility is a disaster

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Green Energy Company issues Marketing RFP

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Global Energy Review w/ roots in Texas

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Do you fancy a phone client?

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Chevron to Review Its Global Media Business After 16 Years With WPP

Steve’s breakdown: Spending estimates range as high as $150 million. Consultancy R3 is overseeing the process SAN RAMON, CA: Energy giant Chevron, a longtime staple of WPP’s client roster, has placed its global media planning and buying business in review, a company spokesperson confirmed this week. “Chevron’s global media agency of record has been in place for […]

$40 million Phone Account Fines a Digital Ringer

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t “do” much BtoB reporting but Vonage’s new CMO, Rishi Dave, is coming from Dun & Bradstreet and has been named as a Top Digital Marketer by BtoB Magazine. So now you know what angle your pitch should be coming from. HOLMDEL, NJ: a business cloud communications leader, today announced it has appointed Rishi Dave as […]

There’s a potential account review in the Sky

Steve’s breakdown: With Comcast taking 61% of Sky, there could be a new account to be had here so if you have a connection in Phili, it’ time to get on the horn. PHILADELPHIA, PA: U.K. broadcaster Sky has recommended its shareholders accept an offer from Comcast for a $40 billion takeover, the company said in an official statement […]

What has 1000 stores and can make a phone call?

Steve’s breakdown: It’s AT&T and who’s doing the advertising for all these new stores? DALLAS, TX: AT&T is ramping up retail expansion—and not just in standard locations. The telecommunications giant announced plans to add 1,000 new stores, giving it one of the fastest-growing retail footprints in the nation. In addition to standard retail locations, AT&T […]

CEO of 50 brands is leaving. . .leaving the door open for agencies

Steve’s breakdown: Oath owns more than 50 brands, including HuffPost, TechCrunch and Tumblr but has failed to make an impact in the space occupied by Facebook & Google. I’d say pick a brand or 4, do a little research and be get ready to pounce. NEW YORK, NY: It’s official: Tim Armstrong is stepping down as Oath’s […]

NYT UPDATE: Two brands with a Trumped-Up PR problem

Steve’s breakdown: UPDATE May 11th: AT&T’s C.E.O. Regretted Paying Michael Cohen Now you know you have to call AT&T! MAY 10th post: There’s a giant mess at AT&T and Novartis that needs to be mopped-up. It also needs to be separated from their consumer marketing. This is a way bigger problem for AT&T so start with them. […]

CEOs turn from rivals to kindred spirits

Steve’s breakdown: How about that for some design work? Huh? Not bad for a new business guy! Some questions? What makes me think Sprint’s current “Sprintern” campaign is being done in house? Why is Droga5 working with both clients? Is this really just a T-Mobile takeover of Sprint? I’m sure will learn more soon but […]

117 year old brand finally hires CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Gulf Oil just filled a newly created position called Chief Marketing Officer. Wonder what the plan is . . . corporate brand work? To keep things straight, Gulf is a subsidiary of Cumberland Farms which is the retail side of the business. WELLESLEY HILLS, MA: Gulf Oil today announced that Sue Haydenhas joined the company as […]

Cut throat Category gets new Captain

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4 Regional RFPs in 1 post

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Gasoline Brand’s Global Creative & Media Review

Steve’s breakdown: R3 is handling Shell’s agency pitch so make sure your credentials are up to date over there. 646 416 8088 HOUSTON, TX: Oil and gas giant Shell has launched a global review of its media and creative agencies, placing WPP agencies on notice. In Australia, MediaCom’s Melbourne office handles Shell’s domestic media buying and […]

Satellite’s $300 million Creative Pitch

Steve’s breakdown: Avidan Strategies at (646) 595-8606 will be handling the pitch so make sure you credentials are up to date over at their offices. ENGLEWOOD, CO: Dish Network has launched a creative review, a source with direct knowledge of the matter confirmed to Adweek. The source added that the review is being handled by New York search […]

We got a runner – review! A telecommunications review that is

Steve’s breakdown: It’s complicated right now with CenturyLink’s agency relationships. But we think you should just go with the account is in review and jump on it!! MONROE, LA: Arnold Worldwide will no longer serve as lead creative agency for CenturyLink. Sources claim that CenturyLink has ended its relationship with the agency and launched a review, but […]

Where’s the real lead with Ergen leaving

Steve’s breakdown: Charlie Ergen is leaving Dish Network again but where’s the real lead? We believe SlingTV is going to be the one to jump.  Mr. Glenn S. Eisen is the Chief Marketing Officer there. ENGLEWOOD, CO: Dish Network co-founder Charlie Ergen is leaving the helm of the satellite TV giant — again. Ergen — who […]

$6 million telecom account hires agency exec as CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Penny Baldwin, the new CMO, has been with Y&R, Arnold Worldwide, McCann-Erickson and O&M. Which makes us think she’ll be going for a smaller shop for the account. She knows too much 😀 SAN DIEGO, CA: Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) today announced that Penny Baldwin has joined the Company as senior vice president and […]

Unified Comm company gearing up marketing blitz

Steve’s breakdown: 8×8 just brought on 3 marketing execs from HP, IBM and OneOnline and with a $4 million budget we expect them to hit the ground running. Their number is 408-727-1885. SAN JOSE, CA: Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) specialist 8×8 has hired three new marketing executives who have experience with the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, OneLogin […]

East coast Gas Company seeks Social Media Agency

Steve’s breakdown: It’s the Philadelphia Gas Works and responses to the RFP are due September 26th. The RFP can be viewed at this link. PHILADELPHIA, PA: Issuer seeks proposals for a social media agency or contractor based in Philadelphia with a proven understanding of community engagement, diversity, Philadelphia and utility consumers. We seek to increase […]

Can advertising save a stock?

Steve’s breakdown: It’s kinda hitting the fan over at Snapchat and we think a corporate campaign is in order. What’s your opinion? VENICE, CA: Snapchat has seen much of its market value disappear since going public in March. Now the situation could go from bad to worse. Snap (SNAP), the parent company of Snapchat, fell […]

Interview with New CMO of this telecommunications Co gives you all the clues

Steve’s breakdown: Verizon Business Markets has a new CMO and a recent interview gives you a road map of how to pitch the guy. Read on  . . . . BASKING RIDGE, NJ: Verizon Business Markets‘ (VBM) new marketing leader is taking on new channel-related responsibilities following the exit of longtime channel leader Janet Schijns. Jake Heinz, chief marketing […]

Telecommunications Ad Review

Steve’s breakdown: Roth Ryan Hayes is handling the pitch so make sure you reds are up to date over there. STAMFORD, CT: Telecom provider Frontier Communications has issued an RFP seeking a creative agency of record. New York search consultancy Roth Ryan Hayes will manage the review. Catapult Marketing of Stamford, Connecticut is incumbent on the business, […]

New Mobile Service with no AOR

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Verizon and W+K are splitsville

Steve’s breakdown: Killing the “Better Matters” campaign almost seems personal and should be investigated if you’re close to any Verizon management. NEW YORK, NY: Wieden+Kennedy has parted ways with Verizon just two years after winning a portion of the telecom’s advertising business. “We are continuously optimizing our agency roster and appreciate the work that W+K […]

$800 million Sprint media account is calling

Steve’s breakdown: There’s an RFP from the client out there so if you have connections in the telecommunications biz, it’s time to make that call. OVERLAND PARK, KS: Telecom giant Sprint has placed its media planning and buying business in review for the first time in over 10 years. Vice president of corporate communications David […]

New CMO nests at Blue Jay Wireless

Steve’s breakdown: FYI: Blue Jay Wireless is the socially conscious technology distributor operating in 18 states and expanding. Get in before they hire a “real” agency. CARROLLTON, TX: Blue Jay Wireless is pleased to announce the appointment of Shannon Davis as its Chief Marketing Officer. Shannon has over 15 years of combined experience in both management […]

Phillips 66, 76 & Conoco in Review

Steve’s breakdown: The Burnett Collective is managing the review so make sure your agency credentials are up-to-speed over there. 917 789-6820 in New York – 310 928-3320 in LA. HOUSTON, TX: Energy giant Phillips 66 has launched a review of its primary agency relationships for key brands Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco. The rationale behind the decision, according to the […]

Keep an eye on ExxonMobile & Goldman Sachs

Steve’s breakdown: There will probably a few more of “these” so stay-tuned. Anyway, the incoming administration has taken on two top executives and so their companies should be looked into for opportunities. First ExxonMobile and then Goldman Sachs . . . IRVINE, TX: U.S. President-elect Donald Trump announced Exxon Mobil Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson as his choice for secretary of state […]

Fallen Mobile Phone Brand Nokia Rises Again . . .

Steve’s breakdown: . . . but it’s a little complicated. The Nokia mobile phone brand is being run by HMD Global which is owned by Smart Connect, a private equity fund run by Jean-Francois Baril. From what we can tell, Arto Nummela is the guy to speak to about advertising. And as always, contact me for contact […]

Energy Giant Seeks Agency For $1m EMEA Comms Assignment

Steve’s breakdown: Going Global? Here’s an Ohio-based energy company searching for a PR firm to handle UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Norway. There’s an RFP so if you’re interested, we’ll track it down together. Become a member of Ratti Report and receive up to 40 new business leads delivered to your inbox every week at […]

Vivian Solar seeks hero of Marketing

Steve’s breakdown: We know lots of agencies want “green” clients so we make sure to deliver even if they are a bit on the small side. Vivint’s number is (732) 510-5298. SAYERVILLE, NJ: At Vivint Solar, we’re changing the way people generate and consume power. We believe that people should have a choice between using outdated, […]

Selling solar panels, home batteries & solar roofs under one roof

Steve’s breakdown: That’s Elon Musk’s plan with the Tesla/SolarCity merger. Since he owns about 20% of both, we think the merger will happen as well as his sales plan. Worth putting into your long-term sales funnel. PALO ALTO & SAN MATEO, CA: Tesla Motors defended its controversial merger with SolarCity on Tuesday, claiming the $2.6 billion […]

CenturyLink to buy Level 3 Communications for $25 Billion

Steve’s breakdown: CenturyLink is going after AT&T and Verizon and the right communications regarding this acquisition will help. (Especially with shareholders) Arnold has the account with Paul Giamatti staring. Not sure that’s enough. MONROE, LA & BROOMFIELD, CO: CenturyLink Inc. on Monday said it reached a cash-and-stock deal to buy Level 3 Communications Inc. for roughly $25 billion, a marriage that would give the communications […]

What’s going on with Sprint?

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Qualcomm Creative in Review

Steve’s breakdown: It sounds like the Qualcomm review is in progress so if you want in, MOVE FAST. Try Ms. Gemini Babla the Senior Director of Marketing, Brand and Advertising at [email protected] SAN DIEGO, CA: Telecommunications giant Qualcomm is in the midst of a creative agency review with incumbent DDB San Francisco defending. Kantar Media’s latest numbers tell […]

Vivian Solar’s CMO Search

Steve’s breakdown: Vivint Solar has 52 offices in 12 states and I bet their marketing is heavy on lead generation. If that’s your bag, you might want give these guys a hand at filling the CMO position. And besides, who doesn’t want a truly green client? The job description is below. LEHI, UT: The Chief Marketing Officer will […]

GE Energy Connections needs to plug into new CMO Digital Grid Solutions

Steve’s breakdown: The person eventually getting this position will be managing a $7 million marketing budget. Add that to the Blue Chip Clientness of this account and it might be worth helping them fill this position. The job description is below. REDMOND, WA: GE Energy Connections The Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Grid Solutions, will be […]

Better Business Bureau Slaps Xfinity

Steve’s breakdown: The BBB has asked Xfinity to stop saying that it “delivers the fastest internet in America”.  They have complied with the new campaign “Everything is Awesome” which I don’t think has legs. This might be a good time to check in with the client. PHILADELPHIA, PA: In the latest barrage from a long-running war between Comcast […]

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