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Like the Poconos? We have an RFQ

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2 PR RFPs: Police & Transit

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American trucking client: What a concept

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Global shipping client: What a concept

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Trying anything is the norm: Check out these 2 opposing headlines

Steve’s breakdown: These two headlines are from yesterday. Go figure! I guess our point here is “Throw the Book Out”, it doesn’t apply today. Maybe later but not now. So keep those brain storming sessions going, on full steam because no one knows what’s going to work. We just have to try! American Airlines returns […]

Bike & scooter share system: Marketing RFP out of CA

Steve’s breakdown: All question must be submitted no later than May 1, 2020 and proposals are due Friday, May 29, 2020. Please excuse the “Hotmess” that is the documents layout: Micromobility_Marketing_and_Outreach_(RFQ#_201920-12) Bike_Share_Marketing_RFP_SOW Exhibit_10_H1_-_(Example_#1)_Fixed_Fee_Cost_Proposal Exhibit_10-O1_Consultant_Proposal_DBE_Commitment Exhibit_10-I_Notice_to_Proposers_DBE_Information EXHIBIT_10-K_Consultant_Annual_Certification_of_Indirect_Costs_&_Financial_Management_System Exhibit_15-H_Proposer-Contractor_Good_Faith_Effort Exhibit_B_DEBARMENT_CERTIFICATION_FORM Exhibit_D_LEVINE_ACT_DISCLOSURE_STATEMENT Sample_Standard_Agreement_(federal) Or just go here: SACRAMENTO, CA: Vendor needs to provide robust outreach and marketing […]

Here’s an RFP we didn’t see coming – or should I say Cruising

Steve’s breakdown: Yeah, I don’t get it either but here you go. Management-of-Cruise-Marketing RFP AUGUSTA, ME: The State of Maine is seeking proposals from an individual or firm to fulfill the role of providing Management of Cruise Marketing, Coordination and Outreach to develop, promote, and lead cruise development activities for the state of Maine and […]

Rail Company’s hires & promotions signal leads

Steve’s breakdown: Amtrak Names New CEO Amidst Largest Fleet Renewal is the headline with subline “As Amtrak appoints its new CEO, others in transportation join with signification executive appointments. The executives will do so by increasing client relations and growing promotional and marketing endeavors, specific to rail. Sounds like there’s plenty of opportunities to go around so […]

Global Airline in Talks with Agencies

Steve’s breakdown: As per usual, account review alerts come on Fridays in the afternoon. Ya gotta love that sort of thing so close to cocktail hour. Anyway . . . There’s not much to go on except that if you want in, contact the client TODAY! Qatar Airways CEO is Akbar Al Baker at: [email protected] […]

Someone was listening to our account review prediction: Orbitz

Steve’s breakdown: As you can see in the featured image, back on December 5th we told our members 1 or 2 of Expedia’s brands would change agencies. (See entire post at the bottom of the page) Well here we are and Orbitz went into review and has been won. Keep in mind, there might be […]

We All Saw This Category Catastrophe Coming

Steve’s breakdown: Princess Cruises has got a big problem with their Diamond Princess. It is now the most contaminated place on earth with COVIT-19. Folks, this is not going to end soon. Whether it’s this virus or the gastrointestinal illnesses Princess Cruises’ passengers got from being on their Caribbean Princess ship. This whole category has […]

Lot’s of brands are going to need resuscitation after this

Steve’s breakdown: We’re all going to get through this but there’s going to be a lot of brand damage to fix. Airlines, Travel, Tourism, you name it . . . Pick yours while we wait for this to blow over and be the first to call. EVERYWHERE: A top U.S. health official said Tuesday that […]

CEO letter to employees is blue print for a pitch

Steve’s breakdown: Boeing has got some problems and the new CEO is on a mission. Those two things equal a great reason to contact the company about their corporate account. Here’s Dave’s letter. CHICAGO, IL: The following email was sent to all Boeing employees on Monday “My promise to you Let’s work together to change […]

Transportation RFQ

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“Cruiseline” seeks CMO

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Space Jet?

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Just as forecasted, Boeing went in review: Will they need another? (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: “Edelman Helps Boeing Navigate PR Turbulence” and we called this one in March. See our reporting at the bottom. Just another example to keep a keen eye on our “account review predictions”. This time it was for PR. What’s it going to be next time? CHICAGO, IL: Boeing has reached for Edelman to map […]

Land a 5 year plan with hovering client

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Troubled Brand Needs a Super Bowl Moment!

Steve’s breakdown: There’s probably no one who would argue that Boeing’s brand is in some trouble. They even sent out a video message from the company’s Chairman to the world. What might be the next move for Boeing is to go into full pitch mode to get great ideas OR try the big money moment. […]

Train Line Lead with a brand You’ve Always Wanted

Steve’s breakdown: Virgin Trains USA is rebranding Brightline railroad in Florida and expanding north and west. Who’s doing the advertising? This story comes to us from Curbed Atlanta ATLANTA, GA: For years, Atlanta’s chances of seeing an interstate commuter rail line have seemed far-fetched. Could that be changing now? Thanks to Virgin Group’s investment in Florida-based […]

Trucking account lead!

Steve’s breakdown: U.S. Press Enterprises might be more of a BtoB lead but it also includes recruitment if that’s your thing. Give it a look. CHATTANOOGA, TN: U.S. Xpress Enterprises announced today the promotion of Justin Harness from Sr. VP of Dedicated Operations to Chief Marketing Officer of U.S. Xpress, Inc. Harness began his career with U.S. Xpress […]

P&G Exec gets in “The Drivers Seat”

Steve’s breakdown: Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty just got a new senior director of external communications. Makes one wonder what other changes there will be . . . BTW: Remember this Clio award winning ad: “Let Hertz put you in the Drivers Seat” ESTERO, FL: Tressie Rose, one of the top corporate communications managers at Procter & Gamble […]

It’s about that time for their annual account review

Steve’s breakdown: Lyft has had an account review every year since 2015 and with this new CMO, we think it’s about time for the next one. Try [email protected] SAN FRANCISCO, CA: As the Lyft brand continues to grow and strengthen, so does our leadership team! We are excited to share that Joy Howard is joining […]

Find the CMO, Win the Account

Steve’s breakdown: Hornblower cruises are fishing for  new CMO and if you can hook them up, you’ll have a new client. It’s that simple. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Do you share Hornblower’s passion for providing amazing experiences? If you’re all about customer service and thrive on teams where communication, creativity, and cooperation are encouraged, this may be the […]

Bus company’s PR RFP

Steve’s breakdown: The contact point is [email protected] and responses are due to September 28th. Email us for the RFP. ELIZABETH, NJ: is looking for a PR firm to handle a two-year $500K communications program to position it as the “market-leading provider of affordable and high value travel across the US,” according to its RFP. There is an […]

Fly into becoming International . . .

Steve’s breakdown: . . . by throwing your hat into the ring for the Malaysia Airlines creative, social and media pitch. Here’s CMO’s email address: [email protected] EL SEGUNDO, CA: Malaysia Airlines (MAB) is launching a creative, social and media pitch. The appointment will be for a period of two years, with the option to extend for another, […]

In review: Airline’s global media & digital business

Steve’s breakdown: United is the client so if you have a contact over there, get on the horn right now, especially if you’re an independent! Otherwise, we hear agencies are competing for the account as part of holding company teams. So call headquarters!!! CHICAGO, IL: United Airlines is undergoing a review for its global media […]

Global Airline Pitch with RFP

Steve’s breakdown: Singapore Airlines has called an integrated pitch for an agency or agencies to handle its strategy, brand and creative, media, content, website/app, and production duties. Submissions are due September 5th. Here’s the RFP SINGAPORE & EL SEGUNDO, CA: According to a tender document, the winning agency(ies) will primarily support the brand’s HQ in Singapore, but […]

New CMOs at Cruise Line, Mobile Game Publisher, Restaurant Group, Software Company and More

Steve’s breakdown: We’re doing stuff in groups today. Here’s six new CMOs worth looking into. Cruise Line Appoints Marketing VP Windstar Cruises announced that Mary Beth Wressell has been hired to serve as the company’s vice president of marketing and public relations. Wressell will be responsible for the company’s brand communications, digital marketing, customer relationship […]

Airline Seeks Cheaper Agency

Steve’s breakdown: It’s hitting the fan at JetBlue and if you can do it cheaper than their present agency, you just might have an airline on your client roster. LONG ISLAND CITY, NY: JetBlue Airways Corp. is restructuring its operations and “eliminating a number of positions” through layoffs, buyouts and attrition, spokesman Doug McGraw confirmed […]

Another reason to pitch Lyft

Steve’s breakdown: Last week we told you about the funding Lyft received now we have another reason to call a Lyft. They just bought Motivate. The company that runs Citi Bike’s in New York City. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: The Big Apple’s blue bikes are going pink. Ride-share app Lyft announced Monday that it’s buying Citi Bike’s parent […]

Record breaking 9 Regional Reviews in 1 Post! (You knew I’d make up for yesterday’s sick day)

Pikes Peak Community College Seeks Advertising Agency The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from professional advertising agencies, one for traditional advertising and another one for digital advertising. These agencies will provide various marketing services for the college that will include: market and industry research; media-buying and placement; brokerage services; creative input; advertising […]

Iconic logistics company is due for an agency change

Steve’s breakdown: UPS just brought in a new CMO which is on top of another CMO they promoted last year. Couple that with the fact they haven’t had an agency review in almost ten years and this account could get interesting real soon. ATLANTA, GA: UPS (NYSE: UPS) today appointed Kevin Warren to the position of Chief […]

Raising the creative bar for 60 brands

Steve’s breakdown: Virgin is taking a second look at every brand under the company name. Brand director Lisa Thomas is the lead contact to discuss any creative projects. NEW YORK, NY & LONDON, UK: Virgin is embarking on a group-wide review of its advertising output to “raise the creative bar” across over 60 of its […]

I don’t think mcgarrybowen has the right stuff to fix this

Steve’s breakdown: All the feel good Olympic stuff mcgarrybowen did for United was not only tone-deaf to the fact that the airline is killing dogs and dragging people on their planes, it looked like every other B.S. campaign a major sponsor does during the games. Just take a look at the chart below. Our advise to […]

Who’s selling seats on semi-private flights: Totally New Campaign Required

Steve’s breakdown: This will be an entirely different target market for JetBlue. This is not for your low-cost, leisure-focused travelers so we suspect they will be launching an entirely new campaign to reach the right folks. No word on who’s handling that work. NEW YORK, NY: JetBlue is planning to sell seats on short, semi-private flights along […]

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