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Report: 80% Of Americans Want Brands To Take Action On Racism

Steve’s breakdown: As if you didn’t know this already but including a social justice campaign in a new business pitch might just put you over the top. Just a thought . . . EVERYWHERE, USA: A new study from New York-based ad agency Oberland finds 91% of Americans believe their actions and the actions of […]

45% of consumers have changed brand preferences during pandemic, study finds

Steve’s breakdown: Something to think about when planning your pitch list . . . EVERYWHERE, USA: The COVID-19 pandemic and recent racial justice issues have changed the brand preferences of 45% of consumers, according to a new report from communications firm Ketchum. The report identified four pandemic personas: retro reengagers, open-minded explorers, worried withholders and cautious […]

Study: Half of Brand Marketers are Dissatisfied

Steve’s breakdown: A study found that half of brand marketers felt “dissatisfied” with their COVID-19 responses. That’s a lot of unhappy people and therefore opens a lot of doors for pitches to fix the situation. Don’t ya think? So start sending out those “Are You Dissatisfied” letters today!!! EVERYWHERE, USA: Roughly half of brand marketers […]

Supreme Court Opens the Gates

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Steve’s breakdown: Ratti Report is joining @Ford, @UnileverUSA, @BenandJerrys, @TheNorthFace, @REI, @Patagonia, @MagnoliaPics, @EddieBauer & ad agencies @360i and @GSP in support of #StopHateForProfit. We are stopping all activity & advertising on @Facebook& @Instagram until real constructive change is made. EVERYWHERE, USA: Honda’s U.S. division is joining the Facebook ad boycott, making it the first […]

Brands are “reviewing” their image all over the country

Steve’s breakdown: We are truly living in a Brave New World! It’s blowing my mind but we can’t take our eye off the ball. Brands all over the country are taking a second look at their brands if there’s even the slightest scent of racism involved. If this is the type of work your agency […]

Blackout Tuesday & New Business

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve never observed Blackout Tuesday in our 10 year existence but this year is different in every way so here goes. Ratti Report completely supports the Black Lives Matter movement. Our headquarters home of Asbury Park had its protest yesterday evening with thousands attending including us. Marching completely around the east side of […]

We have a new take on CMO job listings

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Pitch brands that are hiring: AKA Covid-19 Hiring Surge Companies

Steve’s breakdown: Check this out new biz hunters. You can search companies by region or by category or both who have been identified as Covid-19 Hiring Surge companies on Glassdoor. Spend your at-home hours searching for the perfect client there. Highly recommended!! EVERYWHERE, USA: While a staggering 20.5 million jobs were lost in April with […]

Advertising is the engine that will drive us out of this

Steve’s breakdown: Say what you want but when this situation starts opening up, the advertisers that put on the gas first and most creatively will be the ones who will win market share from competitors they never would have dreamed of beating last year. So it is our felling the ad agencies serving those advertisers […]

The Good News in Pitching & around the Globe

Steve’s breakdown: Not for nothin’, we wanted to share some agency good news about pitch and the globe Pitching News . . . From Media Post: 79% are creating new messages that respond directly to the impact of the crisis on the people who use their products and services, per the survey. Half of these […]

Time to pitch clients with in-house agencies: Seems they just can’t hack-it!

Steve’s breakdown: You heard me right. Clients who started bringing advertising in-house seem to be having huge problems with “critical areas of marketing like video, digital, social media and analytics” because of working at home. They bit off more than they could chew and now they’re in a pickle! (those 2 metaphors almost worked together) […]

Evolve the brand or get left behind

Steve’s breakdown: “Kantar Diagnoses Consumer Response To COVID-19, Offers Prognosis For Brands That Don’t” is the headline and it’s for you to use with new and present clients. Every brand must change and evolve during this crisis or be left behind on the other side. Biggest problem Kantar sees is clients getting clod feet and […]

Rethinking advertising is going to open new business opportunities everywhere!

Steve’s breakdown: Call us optimists but we believe the current environment could have many advertisers rethinking much of their communications. The story below is what Ford Motor Company did and there will be many stories like this one coming. You might as well start your story too! So pick your targets and start the pitching […]

Agency Pres is Out, What about the clients?

Steve’s breakdown: We hate to see this sort of thing but . . President and CEO of Minneapolis-Based Agency Periscope is out. The shop was purchased by Quad/Graphics in 2018 but what about it clients. MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Liz Ross, president of Minneapolis-based agency Periscope, has left the agency after just over four years. In a […]

It’s Poaching Clients Season at . . .

Steve’s breakdown: We hate to see this sort of thing happen but the truth is, clients don’t like drama at their ad agencies. Right? Well then, you might as well read the whole story with the headline: UNCERTAINTY OVER FUTURE DIRECTION OF PUBLICIS TRIGGERS EMPLOYEE UNREST—AND TALENT EXODUS “Chairman-CEO Arthur Sadoun’s ‘Power of One’ provokes […]

Biggest brand launch ever? Are you up to it?

Steve’s breakdown: Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Poised to Build A Billion-Dollar Brand?” is the headline from WWD. Speaking engagements, book deals, film deals and clothing collaborations could easily rack up millions for the royal exiters so why not get in on the act! And BTW: The Duchess of Sussex has already signed a […]

This is the kind of political advertising we all should be pitching (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Everything is perfect about this ad. Growing up as a centrist republican, I wish some republicans were in this ad but otherwise, it’s perfect. We should all be pushing to do such advertising and pitching it when ever we have an opportunity. So pick a universal truism and go for it with all […]

No Gun Memo = New Biz Opportunity

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Agency closes & the vultures swoop in

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digeRatti with Steve Ratti: Horror Stories from the Conference Room (free to watch)

Hosted by Steve Ratti, digeRatti is a place for new business professionals of the advertising industry to talk career, strategies but most importantly, about their pitching horror stories from the conference room. Hilarious & heartbreaking! Each episode features a career new business veteran and this month Steve welcomes Brian Martin of Project Worldwide to Ratti […]

Pitch Idea to Reach Millennials

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How to Pitch a Shark

Steve’s breakdown: One of our fans sent this report over and thought it would be interesting to all the “Pitchers” out there. Enjoy. EVERYWHERE, USA: Shark Tank is one of the most popular shows on television right now, and there are several reasons why. Viewers love the idea of normal people chasing the “American Dream” […]

Going Face-to-BotFace with the Competition

The questions was all summer: Why is this Steve Ratti Guy hiding? Actually, it’s the other way around. Steve decided the automatization of his craft needed to be met Face-to-BotFace! So no, he’s not hiding for the armies of automated Bots marching over the advertising industry’s new business services market Nor is he hiding from […]

3/4 of everyone is going into review

Steve’s breakdown: Just an FYI Y’all! 1) Nearly three-quarters (74%) of major multinational brands are reviewing their current agency arrangements, according to newly-published research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and The Observatory International. Clients rated their current arrangements at a 5.7 on a 10-point scale measuring “fit for purpose.” 2) The report, titled “The Future of […]

New Business, GDPR & European Clients

Steve’s breakdown: The GDPR is now so trending on Google it’s beating out Beyoncé. Our point is Americas are freaking out which makes us think pitching European clients who do business in the US and who have a complete handle on things is the idea to pursue. Let’s say the BBC or The Guardian, Trinity Mirror or Sky […]

84% Of Clients Have Picked A Winner Before An Agency Pitch Begins

Steve’s breakdown: That’s the headline of a recent Forbes article that sighted a survey of 150 marketers about there personal experience with the pitch process. This is terrible for many agencies but great news for folks who read our Account Review Predictions. The few agencies that have this information never need to wait for a […]

Sometimes you just need a reason to pitch a client: This One is Love of Dogs

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a war on dogs at United Airlines so it’s open season to pitch all dog loving companies. Even if they are not in the airline business, this moment is a great time to pull the “I love dogs” card and get busy!! The United story is below. EVERYWHERE, USA: United bans dozens […]

Grapevine: Agency CEO & CFO Resigning in Boston

UPDATED: There is now confirmation on this news we got 2 days ago from our private industry network. FROM WEDNESDAY: There’s been no confirmation but it seems Arnold’s CEO & CFO are resigning. Major clients represented by the agency include: Jack Daniel’s, Ocean Spray, National Geographic, Fidelity Investments and Progressive insurance just to name a few. Pam Hamlin […]

Steal This Idea from Harley-Davidson

Steve’s breakdown: We do not condone stealing ideas but sometimes doing so is truly the purest form of flattery. Pitch this to everyone everytime everywhere! We just hope Harley-Davidson doesn’t turn this idea into a Reality Show. ~fingers crossed~ “Harley-Davidson seeks 8 interns to ride motorcycles for the summer and document experience.” Read more about these internships. […]

We Hope You Saw This

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s the headline “Amazon Launches Search Services For Small Agencies Through” We are not talking about agency searches – we’re talking about a service to help with SEO services. Read on . . . SEATTLE, WA: — a wholly owned Amazon subsidiary since 1999, which focuses on analytics and data — began […]

Leveraging social justice & corporate responsibility for New Business

Real Simple: If you have a client that publicly advocates for a certain side of a social issue, you should use that to leverage your position to pitch additional clients. For instance, if you have a client who is publicly on the side of the “March for Our Lives” movement, you might want to look […]

Why we don’t aggregate our content

Because it’s bad business Aggregating pushes out lots of information that’s not usable like when another agency wins an account. That’s not a lead. It’s actually an anti-lead! Aggregation also pushes out news about accounts we would never pitch ourselves. For us it has to be sexy, closable, worth the time, sticky with cash, fun, […]

The tragic Trump Bump in Billboard Advertising

Steve’s breakdown: It’s time to take it to the streets y’all! If you’re pitching a client or wanting to pitch a client, whatever, now is the time to make that sale with a Billboard Strategy.  (even though these are terrible reasons for it to be happening) EVERYWHERE, USA: Here are just 2 stories that reflect […]

190 New CMOs: Which ones are you pitching?

Steve’s breakdown: Yeah, that’s right! We’re listing 190 CMO changes here along with a great study about where they come from and where they go, who’s hiring and from what industries PLUS graphs and charts and other art work . . . It’s the revolving door of new business leads! EVERYWHERE, USA: “The Best of […]

Possibly the greatest Car Commercial is not for a Car

When I first saw this spot it grabbed me with both hands. I was trying to guess which auto maker had the guts to air this campaign. I thought about safe cars like Volvo, luxury cars like Jaguar our maybe, just maybe, an American brand that finally grew some. Then the payoff came and it […]

Trouble in client/agency paradise?

Steve’s breakdown: As many of you know, some client/agency relationships can start breaking up within the first year. So with that, here’s a list of clients who awarded accounts in the month of January 2017 There’s got to be a few worth taking the time console because of the bad relationship they got in last year. […]

Go after every marketing client of this consulting firm

Steve’s breakdown: McKinsey was just fired by Coca-Cola South Africa and we suspect more Coke companies will be following suit. Once that wave starts rolling it’s time to start plucking every marketing client they serve. The hard part is finding out who they’re clients are. In fact, they are famous for keeping that secret. From my experience, […]

The Elephant in the Room just left Miami

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AdClub’s video bio for Steve Ratti: If you can stomach it

Steve’s breakdown: The Advertising Hall of Fame induction given by the AdClub of New Jersey is tonight. They required an Introduction Video for the event. Here’s what the team came up for me. Just Hilarious Guys . . . rolling his eyes

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