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Four plus media brands up for grabs

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BIG Weed Lead: What will be the Brand?

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$90 Million TV Lead

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7 Beverage brands will go into review

Steve’s breakdown: The brands include Pure Life, Poland Spring, Deer Park, Ozarka, Ice Mountain, Zephyrhills and Arrowhead. Nestle is sell them all and as you can see from their websites, they all look like each other. We don’t think that will stand after the sale so there will be lots of work to do. For […]

Consumer lending company’s IPO could spark a review

Steve’s breakdown: Finance of America Equity Capital LLC is the company and Jim Anderson is the CMO. Here’s the Marketing Team from LinkedIn & Leadership Link from their website. HORSHAM, PA: Consumer-lending platform and Blackstone Group Inc. portfolio company Finance of America Equity Capital LLC is set to go public with a valuation of $1.9 billion through a […]

8 majors brands with a clean slate

Steve’s breakdown: Centric Brands is a company I’ve never heard of but they design, source, market and sell products under licenses for Calvin Klein, Frye, Jessica Simpson, Nautica, Joe’s Jeans, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger and Under Armour, among others and now they are coming out of bankruptcy anew. Here’s their team BTW: They are looking for […]

This is how Not to revive a revered brand

Steve’s breakdown: Here are two recent headlines about Neiman Marcus. 1) Neiman Marcus Emerges From Bankruptcy to Continue Digital Transformation (story at this link) 2) Neiman Marcus CEO shows off mansion while employees get pink slips (story below) WOW! After the new CEO finishes getting his head handed to him, you might want to give […]

Stock market comeback = New Biz Opportunity in Lifestyle Iconic Brand

Steve’s breakdown: Playboy is making a comeback to the stock market so they better get their marketing ducks in a row. (that’s where you come in) They have a cannabis-centric line of sex gels and sprays called “CBD by Playboy” to sell in addition to their media properties and other branded products. Ben Kohn is […]

A to be rebranded credit union to pitch

Steve’s breakdown: The new brand is Spero Financial and they don’t even have a website yet. Brian McKay will be president and CEO of the newly merged company. Spero Financial’s logo and other branding elements will be unveiled later this year as SC Telco transitions to its new name. AFCU locations will be rebranded in […]

Bank merger can create an ad review

Steve’s breakdown: Dime Community Bank is mergering with BNB Bank with Dime being the brand name. They are going to have to get the world out all over LongIsland and we’re not sure the have an agency for that job. Worth a look! BROOKLYN, NY: Bridgehampton-headquartered BNB Bank and Dime Community Bank, based in Brooklyn, […]

Bank merger = possible ad review

Steve breakdown: Bank mergers are always a great source of ad review potential so in addition to checking this one out, do a little research if the banks in your area. These mergers happen all the time. MEMPHIS, TN & LAFAYETTE, LA: : Tennessee’s biggest bank completed its merger with the largest bank in Louisiana […]

Power Account is Ready for your Pitch

Steve’s breakdown: California’s largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric, is about to emerge from bankruptcy with a depressed stock price and a very high debt load. If it cannot operate safely and profitably, a state takeover may be the option. Either way, they should be looking at advertising SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Were it not for […]

Looking into the future of an Iconic Fashion Brand

Steve’s breakdown: Victoria’s Secret is getting set free and what will it do? We suspect a lot of things will be done differently and will most likely include advertising. Right now, the management is a moving target but things should settle by the 15th. COLUMBUS, OH: L Brands intends to spin-off its Victoria’s Secret business […]

Spanish Language Lead

Steve’s breakdown: Univison has new owners and who knows if their ad agencies can survive the change. Worth check out! NEW YORK, NY: Spanish-language broadcaster Univison has sold a majority stake to an investment group led by Searchlight Capital Partners and ForgeLight. (Adweek) The deal valued Univision at less than $10 billion, including debt, according to […]

IPOs mean advertising funding is on the way: Fashion Retail

Steve’s breakdown: Ya gotta keep an eye on client IPOs. Cole Haan, an ex-client of mine, is a great client and has been getting more edgy with the advertising, which is nice . . . Jack Boys is the CEO and Megan Lindstrand is Vice President of Global Marketing. GREENLAND, NH: Cole Haan is the […]

Lots of agencies are getting fired very soon so start your engines

Steve’s breakdown: We hate to say things about agencies getting fired but let’s face it, not every agency servicing T-Mobile & Sprint are going to survive the merger. They just won’t so get your research team together and pick you targets and start writing those decks! BELLEVUE, WA & OVERLAND PARK, KS: The federal judge […]

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