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How a Model’s Eye Gaze Can Make an Ad More Effective

Steve’s breakdown: Just a little something from The Wall Street Journal we thought would be interesting. EVERYWHERE, USA: New research suggests having a model look away from the camera makes an emotional ad more effective; the opposite is true of an ad designed to be informative To make an ad more effective, sometimes it pays […]

Cutting the Corporate Cord to Trump = There’s extra cash out there

Steve’s breakdown: Say what you want but last Wednesday “is a day that will live in infamy”, to quote FDR, and corporate America is just not having it. So where’s the new business lead? It’s a moving target but there will be a lot of cash that’s not going where it was planned to go […]

Every social media platform needs to rethink their everything

Steve’s breakdown: Without social media, yesterday’s insurrection would have been almost impossible. We’re not saying Twitter & Facebook are guilty but that every social media platform needs to buckle down, get the future right and that includes their external communication & advertising. Do you have any answers? Do you know enough about any of the […]

2020’s 10 biggest M&A deals in the food & beverage industry

Steve’s breakdown: It’s good to take a look back at these because they create possible ad reviews and these M&A deals take some time so going in now could totally work. EVERYWHERE, USA: Despite the pandemic, companies found ways to streamline their operations as needed, and expand their portfolios when opportunities arose. These are some […]

2021 outlook for digital marketing agencies: the future is bright

Steve’s breakdown: Nobody’s leaving 2020 unscathed — especially marketers. But according to CallRail’s research, many agencies weathered storm after storm surprisingly well. They surveyed 167 global digital marketing agency leaders and found that many actually expect increased revenue from 2019. Those who profited most reassessed and reevaluated their businesses. This report reveals the steps they […]

British Retailer in Review

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It’s Time to Power Through This Storm . . .

. . . because we can see the end is sight. Steve’s Just Sayin’: This is no time to muddle through work. Yeah, a lot of us did during the summer but now it’s time to power through! So here’s the plan: Be the first to contact that perfect client for your agency we write […]

In case we missed some CMO moves

Steve’s breakdown: The entire industry is jumping—and in all the right directions. Over the past few months, several members of the marketing community have risen to elevated roles and taken on new ones in completely different arenas. We may not have caught all the moves, but below is a roundup from the past few months […]

Brands increasingly seek Indie Shops & their Nimble Ways

Steve’s breakdown: Just wanted to share this good news to most or our membership. That’s right, most of our members are not part of a holding company and it is our hope more will split away from the lumbering behemoths. BTW: The image is from a presentation given by an executive of the indie agency […]

Reason #43 to Pitch a Cannabis Client

Steve’s breakdown: The headline is: Weed stocks surge as Kamala Harris vows to decriminalize pot in debate. Sooooo, find the cannabis company near you and get cracking! EVERYWHERE, USA: U.S.-listed shares of major cannabis producers surged on Thursday after Democratic vice president nominee Kamala Harris said marijuana would be decriminalized at a federal level in […]

New Beverage Category to Pitch

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Pitch a ‘Staycation’ Campaign to Your City to Help Local Business

Steve’s breakdown: Or pitch the city next door, and the one on the other side of that. Just pick one and do it. It’s a great way to create your own account and cites everywhere need it! LA did and it’s great. Checkout the daily live stuff they do on YouTube LOS ANGELES, CA & […]

Report: 80% Of Americans Want Brands To Take Action On Racism

Steve’s breakdown: As if you didn’t know this already but including a social justice campaign in a new business pitch might just put you over the top. Just a thought . . . EVERYWHERE, USA: A new study from New York-based ad agency Oberland finds 91% of Americans believe their actions and the actions of […]

Pitch what’s growing: Landscaping

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Bars, strip clubs & breweries discover how to survive the pandemic

Steve’s breakdown: There are probably a lot of new small clients right outside your door. EVERYWHERE, USA: After the state of Florida shut down bars and nightclubs for the second time in June, Warren Colazzo didn’t sit around complaining about government overreach, even as one of his competitors remained open for business in Tampa. Instead, […]

45% of consumers have changed brand preferences during pandemic, study finds

Steve’s breakdown: Something to think about when planning your pitch list . . . EVERYWHERE, USA: The COVID-19 pandemic and recent racial justice issues have changed the brand preferences of 45% of consumers, according to a new report from communications firm Ketchum. The report identified four pandemic personas: retro reengagers, open-minded explorers, worried withholders and cautious […]

Study: Half of Brand Marketers are Dissatisfied

Steve’s breakdown: A study found that half of brand marketers felt “dissatisfied” with their COVID-19 responses. That’s a lot of unhappy people and therefore opens a lot of doors for pitches to fix the situation. Don’t ya think? So start sending out those “Are You Dissatisfied” letters today!!! EVERYWHERE, USA: Roughly half of brand marketers […]

A category to pitch: Pools & Hot-tubes

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Supreme Court Opens the Gates

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Steve’s breakdown: Ratti Report is joining @Ford, @UnileverUSA, @BenandJerrys, @TheNorthFace, @REI, @Patagonia, @MagnoliaPics, @EddieBauer & ad agencies @360i and @GSP in support of #StopHateForProfit. We are stopping all activity & advertising on @Facebook& @Instagram until real constructive change is made. EVERYWHERE, USA: Honda’s U.S. division is joining the Facebook ad boycott, making it the first […]

Celebrating Juneteenth

Steve’s breakdown: We’re taking the day off to reflect Juneteenth. Our headquarters is in the town of the 1970 Asbury Park race riots. We’ve come a long way in 50 years but not nearly far enough so there’s plenty of work to do. In the meantime, we thought we’d share this New York Times article […]

Brands are “reviewing” their image all over the country

Steve’s breakdown: We are truly living in a Brave New World! It’s blowing my mind but we can’t take our eye off the ball. Brands all over the country are taking a second look at their brands if there’s even the slightest scent of racism involved. If this is the type of work your agency […]

To the victor belong the spoils

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Blackout Tuesday & New Business

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve never observed Blackout Tuesday in our 10 year existence but this year is different in every way so here goes. Ratti Report completely supports the Black Lives Matter movement. Our headquarters home of Asbury Park had its protest yesterday evening with thousands attending including us. Marching completely around the east side of […]

We have a new take on CMO job listings

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If you’re thinking about a restaurant account: Hear these stories

Steve’s breakdown: Restaurant operators share stories from the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. These are first-hand experiences detail what it really looks like to lead a business in times of crisis Plus, these interviews also give clues to what these companies need out of advertising EVERYWHERE, USA: The last few weeks have been an […]

Pitch brands that are hiring: AKA Covid-19 Hiring Surge Companies

Steve’s breakdown: Check this out new biz hunters. You can search companies by region or by category or both who have been identified as Covid-19 Hiring Surge companies on Glassdoor. Spend your at-home hours searching for the perfect client there. Highly recommended!! EVERYWHERE, USA: While a staggering 20.5 million jobs were lost in April with […]

Great Potential Fashion Clients in the New World

Steve’s breakdown: The shutdown might make for some big fashion combinations that were only dreamed of before COVID-19. Here are some examples of the possibilities of great new clients in the New World. THE WORLD of FASHION: The mind wanders in quarantine, making unlikely connections, taking flights of fancy. So much has changed in fashion. […]

Opening/Relaunching Month is upon us for Retail: Ready to pounce?

Steve’s breakdown: It’s coming folks, the opening, or should we say, the relaunching of retail nationwide. The story below is about Simon Malls opening in 10 states. Now is not the time to be timid or you’ll get your lunch eaten, so it’s time to pounce. Get on the horn of every retailer you have, […]

Trying anything is the norm: Check out these 2 opposing headlines

Steve’s breakdown: These two headlines are from yesterday. Go figure! I guess our point here is “Throw the Book Out”, it doesn’t apply today. Maybe later but not now. So keep those brain storming sessions going, on full steam because no one knows what’s going to work. We just have to try! American Airlines returns […]

One category you’ll love to be in is booming

Steve’s breakdown: It’s time to get into the Pet Game. Animal shelters are empty and folks need pet stuff so find the closest/biggest pet company near you and make that pitch. EVERYWHERE, USA: While inadequate amounts of toilet paper and frozen pizza plague the nation, one shortage has been a welcome sight throughout the coronavirus pandemic: empty animal […]

Advertising is the engine that will drive us out of this

Steve’s breakdown: Say what you want but when this situation starts opening up, the advertisers that put on the gas first and most creatively will be the ones who will win market share from competitors they never would have dreamed of beating last year. So it is our felling the ad agencies serving those advertisers […]

Here’s a thought: Consumer Packaged Goods

Steve’s breakdown: This just cam in from “Marketing Dive”. Worth a look. Why CPG marketers can’t afford to go dark despite coronavirus risks. Sales for the category remain strong, but marketers must rethink their strategies now to sustain momentum through a recession and adjust to altered shopper habits. EVERYWHERE, USA: As the coronavirus upends industries […]

The Good News in Pitching & around the Globe

Steve’s breakdown: Not for nothin’, we wanted to share some agency good news about pitch and the globe Pitching News . . . From Media Post: 79% are creating new messages that respond directly to the impact of the crisis on the people who use their products and services, per the survey. Half of these […]

Cannabis Sales Sail but Ad Agencies haven’t Gotten on Board

Steve’s breakdown: Who would have thunk weed would be popular during a quarantine? If you haven’t looked into this category, it’s time you did cause it’s on the rise unlike most industries. To get you moving . . . Marijuana Business Daily, which is good read & resource for finding potential cannabis leads! Check out these […]

Wanna pitch a beer, it’s on this list

Steve’s breakdown: Every year we like to sure the Brewers Association list of 50 top craft brewers and largest breweries. We do this cause, if you’re going to pitch a beer account, it’w listed below. BOULDER, CO: The Brewers Association—the not-for-profit trade association dedicated to small and independent American brewers—today released its annual list of the top 50 producing […]

BtoB New CMO Report

Steve’s breakdown: Every once in a while we like to keep you all up on CMO movement with BtoB clients. Here’s Monday’s batch . . . Announces New Chief Marketing Officer and Plans for Expanding Across Texas, an integrated risk management platform for critical infrastructure, and the leader in automating cyber security risk assessments […]

Tourism, Tourism, Tourism: These are the reviews to be in now!! NOT KIDDING

Steve’s breakdown: You might think tourism is dead but the truth is many of the tourism organizations around the world are gearing up for when this pandemic ends and that includes advertising. So get crazy about tourism, have some fun and make it your b.i.t.c.h! Hear are just a few accounts in review we’ve recently […]

Time to pitch clients with in-house agencies: Seems they just can’t hack-it!

Steve’s breakdown: You heard me right. Clients who started bringing advertising in-house seem to be having huge problems with “critical areas of marketing like video, digital, social media and analytics” because of working at home. They bit off more than they could chew and now they’re in a pickle! (those 2 metaphors almost worked together) […]

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