Let’s get one thing straight: I’m a bleeding heart capitalist

Steve’s breakdown: Sometimes ya just gotta say your piece. The government could take a dump right on the must trusted brand in America. Who’s that? The United States Postal Service. And how are they going to do this dirty work? By making it a private company. Click here for that story. We all know what […]

City’s salt warning rules could save the entire restaurant category (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: To quote a chain who’s not to keen on this idea, “I’m lovin’ it”! This type of customer communications has probably been pitched by multiple ad agencies to clients but it took a city government to make it happen. Bravo! It will probably save the casual dinning industry while save a few thousand […]

This is the kind of political advertising we all should be pitching (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: Everything is perfect about this ad. Growing up as a centrist republican, I wish some republicans were in this ad but otherwise, it’s perfect. We should all be pushing to do such advertising and pitching it when ever we have an opportunity. So pick a universal truism and go for it with all […]

No Gun Memo = New Biz Opportunity

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digeRatti with Steve Ratti: Horror Stories from the Conference Room (free to watch)

Hosted by Steve Ratti, digeRatti is a place for new business professionals of the advertising industry to talk career, strategies but most importantly, about their pitching horror stories from the conference room. Hilarious & heartbreaking! Each episode features a career new business veteran and this month Steve welcomes Brian Martin of Project Worldwide to Ratti […]

QSR dirt on the top 26 chains

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And Now, A Word About Burning Man (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: I have attended Burning Man 10 times and have been closely involved with globally know projects that have taken place there. For all who speak about the commercialization of the event and have never attended, you’re right. It’s a cesspool of debauchery no human should endure. Save yourself and do not attend. (Can […]

Pitch Idea to Reach Millennials

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From the “What the Sam Hell is going on here” Department

Steve’s breakdown: Laundry that smells fresh forever gets washed less. Don’t ya think? It’s the opposite of almost all CPG advertising in the past 50 years. So how is this information a lead? It’s not information. It’s real and you can use it for evil. We’re supposed to be doing it anyway . . . Remember […]

Blood in the Water at Vaping Co.

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How to Pitch a Shark

Steve’s breakdown: One of our fans sent this report over and thought it would be interesting to all the “Pitchers” out there. Enjoy. EVERYWHERE, USA: Shark Tank is one of the most popular shows on television right now, and there are several reasons why. Viewers love the idea of normal people chasing the “American Dream” […]

Campaign Idea: Trial by Public Opinion in Beer Biz

Steve’s breakdown: Pabst says MillerCoors is trying to put it out of business but maybe a campaign to save all of it is in order. It’s worth a meeting if you have the ideas. Miller would HATE this!!! LOS ANGELES, CA: Pabst Brewing Company and MillerCoors are heading to trial to settle a contract dispute in […]

Jump on this bandwagon & take a free ride on their ad dollars

Steve’s breakdown: The ‘Vote Every Day’ campaign from 25 brands urges support for cause-driven companies. Great idea! Now it’s your turn to start agreeing with the cause and, by association, reap the benefits. So jump on it kemosabe! YOUR CLIENTS, USE: A group of Certified B Corps brands have launched “Vote Every Day,” a campaign that […]

Singles’ Day is Tomorrow

Steve’s breakdown: Being proud about being single is what it’s all about and all your clients should be “Doing” it! I could be like getting a whole new account on the side without cheating. EVERYWHERE, USA: From a promotional standpoint, 11.11, or Singles’ Day, China’s biggest consumer holiday, is like rolling the Super Bowl and […]

Is this just one giant Ad for Radio

Steve’s breakdown: If you know a radio station, company or conglomerate, this demonstration of the AI Anchor has done all the work for you in regards to coming up with your next campaign idea. YIKES! EVERYWHERE, USA: Xinhua, China’s state-run press agency, has unveiled new “AI anchors” — digital composites created from footage of human […]

Snack company thinks it’s a swami: Maybe you should call their bluff

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s the line from Mondelez about their new SnackFutures program. “Discovering and unleashing innovative ideas to lead the future of snacking.” How many moron-hours of consults did that giant heap of steaming manure cost? I think you know what to do. DEERFIELD, Ill: The US-based owner of Cadbury Chocolate and Oreo biscuits will start its SnackFutures program in […]

Another eyeglasses company misses a giant selling point

Steve’s breakdown: The point iN four words: They are not Luxottica! Americans hate monopolies and that can be a huge selling point. So why now go there? Ask Lori Krauss at lori@warbyparker.com. She’s  the CMO NEW YORK, NY: About the company Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to offer designer […]

Say Congratulations! to these 12 Top Marketing Executives

Steve’s breakdown: We love it when we get a chance to give a hearty “congratulations” to someone who could give us a hearty account. So here’s a list you can start on today via the ANA. Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Names Board of Directors During its annual conference, ANA revealed a list of top […]

Time to pitch an Irish whiskey

Steve’s breakdown: Irish whiskey is the fastest-growing premium spirit in the world so go find one and make that pitch! The story below states the plan for Jameson. NEW YORK, NY: Pernod Ricard has lined up a near-US$175m spend on its Irish whiskey production operations as the group tries to keep up with global demand […]

This is what we’re trying not to sing outloud right now

Ratti Report is literally on the Marrakesh Express right now and I’m sure the most touristy thing to do is to sing this song. So for your entertainment, here’s the first time Marrakesh Express was ever performed. Woodstock ’69 BTW: The lyrics are actually talking about a ride Graham Nash took on this train There’s a little […]

Going Face-to-BotFace with the Competition

The questions was all summer: Why is this Steve Ratti Guy hiding? Actually, it’s the other way around. Steve decided the automatization of his craft needed to be met Face-to-BotFace! So no, he’s not hiding for the armies of automated Bots marching over the advertising industry’s new business services market Nor is he hiding from […]

The Greatest Idea Ever!

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t do creative reporting unless it’s so terrible we believe the agency is going to get fired. Remember PetSmart? Anyway, BBDO Toronto & Whiskas just knocked it out of the park with ‘Cat Calm Radio’. It’s just the best idea I’ve seen in years and I’m listening to it right now. So sooooothing. How […]

84% Of Clients Have Picked A Winner Before An Agency Pitch Begins

Steve’s breakdown: That’s the headline of a recent Forbes article that sighted a survey of 150 marketers about there personal experience with the pitch process. This is terrible for many agencies but great news for folks who read our Account Review Predictions. The few agencies that have this information never need to wait for a […]

Fixing ESPN should be on your Pitch List

Steve’s breakdown: Most cable stations have moved away from their roots. MTV was truly music on television but then came Real World and now we have Celebrity Copious Cupcake Chowdown: Charlottesville. ESPN has also wandered from sports on television to talking heads-screaming-at-each-other-about-sports television. And there lies the problems. We just want to see sports. Sports […]

The more the Beer Wars heat up, the cooler it is to pick up clients

Steve’s breakdown: The Beer Wars are only getting more intense and if you’re not taking sides, Start! That’s where the real cheesecake is. Check out what Pete Coors had to say on the subject below. If there was ever a time to sip-up and beer account based on pure adrenaline, it’s now. EVERYWHERE, USA: Pete […]

A Vegas Casino Group’s Cry for Help

Steve’s breakdown: Take a look at this ad in Departures magazine. Have you ever seen an advertiser look more desperate? They are actually giving themselves 6 Forbes Travel Guide Stars before they’re rewarded. SAD! As we mentioned back on March 23rd, this brand has to move on, not dig in. The only way to do […]

Sometimes you just need a reason to pitch a client: This One is Love of Dogs

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a war on dogs at United Airlines so it’s open season to pitch all dog loving companies. Even if they are not in the airline business, this moment is a great time to pull the “I love dogs” card and get busy!! The United story is below. EVERYWHERE, USA: United bans dozens […]

Freer living will bring freer thinking to auto client: Clime Aboard

Steve’s breakdown: Moving to a bigger & better place changes a person. We think it’ll also change Subaru. Their present campaign is fine and not worth changing but it’s execution and tactics will probably breakout of its shell. Just like having sales and marketing on the same floor will do to the entire company . . […]

Steal This Idea from Harley-Davidson

Steve’s breakdown: We do not condone stealing ideas but sometimes doing so is truly the purest form of flattery. Pitch this to everyone everytime everywhere! We just hope Harley-Davidson doesn’t turn this idea into a Reality Show. ~fingers crossed~ “Harley-Davidson seeks 8 interns to ride motorcycles for the summer and document experience.” Read more about these internships. […]

Make like a lifeguard to rescue these fabric care brands

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s how I tweeted this news yesterday: @ProcterGamble pilots new #advertising agency model in search for creativity. This is a ridiculous idea! @WeAreSaatchi, @InterpublicIPG, @greygroupamea, @WPP, @MMCtweets & @Omnicom should all know better to participate in such folly. This will hit the fan! In other words: There’s going to be a boatload of pissed […]

We Hope You Saw This

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s the headline “Amazon Launches Search Services For Small Agencies Through Alexa.com” We are not talking about agency searches – we’re talking about a service to help with SEO services. Read on . . . SEATTLE, WA: Alexa.com — a wholly owned Amazon subsidiary since 1999, which focuses on analytics and data — began […]

Hold on to your drug money!

Steve’s breakdown: Just a little “State of Prescription Drug Advertising” update. Our advice, if you’re in it, start pitching the over-the-counter stuff. If you’re thinking of getting into it, treat it like a bank heist. Take the money and run because just the bad PR could kill you. EVERYWHERE, USA: There are few more brazen […]

200% growth in 2 years: That’s a wave to catch

Steve’s breakdown: In a report titled “Food Halls of North America,” Cushman & Wakefield projected that there will be 300 or more “major” food halls of 10,000 sq. ft.-50,000 sq. ft. on the continent, compared to just over a hundred at the end of 2017. And they are going to be everywhere. In fact one opened […]

Leveraging social justice & corporate responsibility for New Business

Real Simple: If you have a client that publicly advocates for a certain side of a social issue, you should use that to leverage your position to pitch additional clients. For instance, if you have a client who is publicly on the side of the “March for Our Lives” movement, you might want to look […]

And so begins the Blockchain boom

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