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Brands Find It Painful to Address Agencies’ Most Pressing Pitching Problems

Steve’s breakdown: 4A’s and ANA surveyed marketers and agencies on what’s important. Read on . . . EVERYWHERE, USA: Pitching for new business is filled with problems. Pitches are too long, often dragged out for no reason, expensive and filled with secrecy and a lack of communication and feedback. A new initiative from the 4A’s […]

Just a little FYI of the top 100 Brands

Steve’s breakdown: The 2022 annual Loyalty Leaders List gives the loyalty rankings for the top 100 brands, out of the 1,624 brands we assessed in a cross-category analysis of 142 industry categories identified in the 2022 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. Plenty of opportunity to look into . . .  

Beyond Meat COO arrested for biting man’s nose near Razorback Stadium

Steve’s breakdown: Need I say more. The brand has got a problem . . . FAYETTEVILLE, AR: A food company executive was arrested on a pair of charges after reportedly biting a man’s nose in a parking garage in Fayetteville on Saturday night. Doug Ramsey, 53, of Fayetteville, was arrested on September 17 on charges of […]

From The Beatles to Jay-Z: the 10 best songs used in ads

Steve’s breakdown: We shared the worst songs to ever appear in ads. Now, here are some of the most inspired tracks used to sell everything from cars and kicks to California raisins. Pressing play on the right track for an ad ain’t easy / Credit: Adobe Stock A great song in an ad can make it, […]

239 Agencies Landed on Clean Creatives’ Second ‘F-List’

Steve’s breakdown: Time to rethink your priorities if you landed on this list . . . EVERYWHERE, USA: The report, released in partnership with Comms Declare, charts 15 years of activists’ efforts urging the industry to drop major polluters In its second annual “F-List” report released today, activist group Clean Creatives calls out 239 agencies, […]

9 Ways Marketers Can Lure The Best Creative Agencies

Steve’s breakdown: This is just a little wisdom from the industry. “You want them to say ‘yes’ to an attractive opportunity—not “no” to an ugly process” EVERYWHERE, USA: Top agencies have always been selective about the work they accept—making sure a client is a good fit, their timeline respects holidays and weekends, their fee matches […]

One word: Contraceptives

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Example #42 why to call back ex-clients or clients you have pitched & lost . . .

Steve’s breakdown: The headline is: Planet Fitness appointed Barkley its agency of record after 11 months of working with a bespoke team at Publicis. I have been saying for years to call back ex-clients and clients you pitched and lost. If there is any low hanging fruit – there it is!!! (For crying out loud) […]

29 CMOs to Keeping an Eye On

Steve’s breakdown: If I were to pick one of these clients to approach, it would be tinder. Harris Beber, chief marketing officer, Waze Waze As the Google-owned navigation app seeks to rebound from pandemic declines, it’s looking to Beber, whom it hired in April, to help it reach new audiences, engage with users, and expand its […]

Gun Advertising: We don’t need congress to address this . . .

Steve’s breakdown: Remember when the advertising industry had an unwritten law that we wouldn’t do liquor TV or Radio advertising. It lasted for decades. Then there’s the idea of not featuring kids in ads or glorifying guns in videogame-style ads. Just sayin’. EVERYWHERE, USA: Head-in-the-sand gun toting Second Amendment advocates are fond of saying that […]

To Defend or Not to Defend—That Is the Question for Incumbent Agencies

Steve’s breakdown: Sometimes we just like to pass along research. Here’s some from R3. I personally don’t agree with lots of what’s said in the article but I’ll be happy to discuss it with you. EVERYWHERE, USA: Mediahub’s global leader, John Moore, hasn’t defended a piece of business in years. By the time accounts get […]

80% of CMOs turn to agencies for TV strategies amid streaming shift

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s some good news regarding clients counting on ad agencies instead of doing it in-house. EVERYWHERE, USA: A majority (58%) of CMOs are comfortable or very comfortable developing and executing a TV buying strategy in an increasingly complex video environment, according to a survey of marketers commissioned by The CMO Club and shopper intelligence provider […]

In Case You Didn’t See in AdWeek

Agencies Reveal Their Red Flags When Evaluating New Business Opportunities EVERYWHERE, USA: Thanks to a series of tweets from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and the subsequent replies from The Martin Agency CEO Kristen Cavallo, a spotlight was put not just on who owns intellectual property from a pitch, but the whole new business process. The majority of […]

How spec work became a real client: Give it a try

Steve’s breakdown: As a new business professional my entire career, I’ve always have been in favor of doing spec work to get into certain clients board rooms. The fact is it works. For me personally, doing spec work got my agencies Coty, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina, Roll Royce Motor […]

What Do CMOs Actually Want in an Agency?

Steve’s breakdown: 12 top marketers confess their non-negotiables and red flags EVERYWHERE, USA: Before settling down with Chipotle, Chris Brandt had been around the block. The chief marketing officer has made stops at General Mills, Coca-Cola and Taco Bell, so he’s learned a thing or two about working with ad agencies. And just as all symbiotic […]

It’s not a matter of if but how: Backing Ukraine

As citizens of the world, we all should take an active role and work with others to make our planet more peaceful. We can’t be like agencies in the Ukraine who “are ready to fight to the death” but we should have their backs. What to do? Pitch every client you have a pro-Ukraine campaign. […]

Why agency account reviews are set to continue their rapid pace in 2022

Steve’s breakdown: Two years of changing consumer priorities has led brands to rethink how they go to market and the outside expertise needed to get there. EVERYWHERE, USA: Last year was full of headline-grabbing account reviews and consolidations, as blue-chip brands such as Coca-Cola, Facebook/Meta and Unilever shifted billions of dollars in business to new agencies or consolidated accounts at existing roster agencies. […]

Start-Ups: What are they good for?

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50 CMOs You Should Know About

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t actually agree with the order of this list (Bozoma will be gone from Netflix in months) but nevertheless, it covers all the important ones. If you want any contact information regarding these folks, let us know and we’ll get it over to ya. 1. Bozoma Saint John Title: Chief Marketing Officer Company: Netflix […]

Great News In The World Of Pitching

Steve’s breakdown: Well the 4As did something great. They released an agency review participation contract to curb ghosting and other bad practices. As if it wasn’t bad enough to wait weeks for a decision, never hearing anything has got to stop and here’s how! EVERYWHERE, USA: The 4A’s is releasing an agency review participation agreement […]

Sale of Marlboro Ranch Snuffs Out Smokers’ Vacation Dreams

Steve’s breakdown: Cigarette maker Philip Morris USA sold the Montana property and some are disappointed; ‘I decided now’s a good time to try to quit’ Is this the last nail? Depends on your perspective . . . MONTANA: Christine Dorgan has a box full of swag and gear she ordered with points from the back […]

Maybe it’s time for your merger

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Greatest Idea: Pitch this to your clients

Steve’s breakdown: We know it’s stupid to say “that’s a great idea – pitch it to your clients”. I mean, we’re not stupid but maybe a little. The thing here is, if “Joey no Brainy” can get a concept & execute it in no time flat, that’s a thing!  Just sayin’. This one: Betting on […]

What to do with fossil fuel clients?

Steve’s breakdown: “Can young creatives convince Big Advertising to ditch Big Oil?” Good question! If you go to the Clean Creatives website, you can find this list of companies they want all ad agencies to drop as clients. There’s 14,105 of them. True, many don’t use ad agencies but many do. So what are you […]

Farsi da parte pantalone indossare commedia dell’arte: It’s time to Charge!

Steve’s breakdown: “Setup’s third annual Marketing Relationship Survey sought insight from major brand and agency leaders and found 1/3 are considering an agency change.” That statement could scare some agencies but make the hungry ones drool. EVERYWHERE, USA: Nearly one-third of U.S. brands may be contemplating switching up their ad agency in the next six […]

Millennials reveal their favorite brands

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a lot here to unpack but it’s worth a look. EVERYWHERE, USA: Millennials still can’t get enough of Apple, Nike, and Amazon. Marketing agency Moosylvania has once again compiled its “Millennials’ Top 100 Brands” based on a survey of 1,000 millennial consumers. While some of the top brands stick around year after […]

Coming to a boil: Black-owned media companies

Steve’s breakdown: If you are asking how this news is a new business lead, then it’s probably not. On the other hand, we believe there are dozens of possible ways to turn this into an agency opportunity. Let me know what you think . . . Here’s the headline that came out yesterday: If You […]

Nice campaign idea – stupid tagline

Steve’s breakdown: We’re not buying this campaign. The idea is nice but the line “I’m a Ram” is stupid. No one calls themselves “A Brand”. Maybe just the brand like, I am Ford but A Ford. Just imagine if Jeep Cherokee did this . . . The client must have pushed this through but the […]

Here’s the Skinny & Their Names

Steve’s breakdown: Agencies ask me about search consultants all the time. The main thing about these folks is you should be aware of them. Maybe even make friends with them. This is especially important if you are an Independent Agency because they always call the giant holding companies like WPP, IPG etc first. On the […]

Peter Levitan’s interview with Steve Ratti

Steve’s breakdown: The other day I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Advertising Stories podcast with renowned new business expert Peter Levitan. He coaches digital and advertising agencies on how to build exceptional & unignorable business development programs. It was a lot of fun and I don’t expect you to listen to […]

How a Model’s Eye Gaze Can Make an Ad More Effective

Steve’s breakdown: Just a little something from The Wall Street Journal we thought would be interesting. EVERYWHERE, USA: New research suggests having a model look away from the camera makes an emotional ad more effective; the opposite is true of an ad designed to be informative To make an ad more effective, sometimes it pays […]

Cutting the Corporate Cord to Trump = There’s extra cash out there

Steve’s breakdown: Say what you want but last Wednesday “is a day that will live in infamy”, to quote FDR, and corporate America is just not having it. So where’s the new business lead? It’s a moving target but there will be a lot of cash that’s not going where it was planned to go […]

2021 outlook for digital marketing agencies: the future is bright

Steve’s breakdown: Nobody’s leaving 2020 unscathed — especially marketers. But according to CallRail’s research, many agencies weathered storm after storm surprisingly well. They surveyed 167 global digital marketing agency leaders and found that many actually expect increased revenue from 2019. Those who profited most reassessed and reevaluated their businesses. This report reveals the steps they […]

It’s Time to Power Through This Storm . . .

. . . because we can see the end is sight. Steve’s Just Sayin’: This is no time to muddle through work. Yeah, a lot of us did during the summer but now it’s time to power through! So here’s the plan: Be the first to contact that perfect client for your agency we write […]

Brands increasingly seek Indie Shops & their Nimble Ways

Steve’s breakdown: Just wanted to share this good news to most or our membership. That’s right, most of our members are not part of a holding company and it is our hope more will split away from the lumbering behemoths. BTW: The image is from a presentation given by an executive of the indie agency […]

50 CMOs to Congratulate & Start a Conversation

Steve’s breakdown: So here’s Forbes list of the World’s Most Influential CMO’s. And we have the full report at this link: The World’s Most Influential CMOs Send them a note of Congratulations and start a conversation. #1 Phil Schiller Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Apple Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference went virtual this year, […]

Local Tourism advertising: Do’s & Don’ts

Steve’s opinion: I love this spot for Memphis! It’s gritty, fun, real, smart, uses “touch points” beautifully and, most importantly, it will bring folks out! But after doing all this great production work, someone got lazy and used the most lame, overused, outdated tagline formula. The three words with periods. “Eat. Love. Local.” Great sentiment […]

Small Agencies: Check This Out

Steve’s breakdown: Introducing Small Agency Monday!! “Various independents are coming together to rally support for themselves and their peers” is the sub-headline and we think participating would be a great idea! “Any independent agency of any size can submit to be featured on the platform via the website or by emailing [email protected]” Here’s their URL […]

Burger King just pulled a Bud Light and so should You

Steve’s breakdown: Amazing, Burger King is pulling the “Corn Syrup” bit on McDonald’s just like Bud Light did to Miller Lite & Coors Light. Well, then that’s it. Let the floodgates open. Find your client who also doesn’t use Corn Syrup and ride the wave with your own ad. Better still, use it in your […]

The State of AdLand by Ratti Report

Hey Y’all, Steve Ratti here with just a few points you might want to take into consideration regarding how we see the industry. During this whole pandemic, we’ve been mining all the “Out of the Office Auto-Replies” we get every time we send out the DailyQ. Some observations. • During the Months of March-May, we’ve […]

Pitch a ‘Staycation’ Campaign to Your City to Help Local Business

Steve’s breakdown: Or pitch the city next door, and the one on the other side of that. Just pick one and do it. It’s a great way to create your own account and cites everywhere need it! LA did and it’s great. Checkout the daily live stuff they do on YouTube LOS ANGELES, CA & […]

Report: 80% Of Americans Want Brands To Take Action On Racism

Steve’s breakdown: As if you didn’t know this already but including a social justice campaign in a new business pitch might just put you over the top. Just a thought . . . EVERYWHERE, USA: A new study from New York-based ad agency Oberland finds 91% of Americans believe their actions and the actions of […]

Stop Junk Mail & Save a Democracy

This is not an advertising lead y’all, just an idea I had to get off my chest. . As Americans, we all want our vote to count but during a pandemic, going to the polls is just not a great idea. So what left? Vote by Mail but the way things are going, that might […]

45% of consumers have changed brand preferences during pandemic, study finds

Steve’s breakdown: Something to think about when planning your pitch list . . . EVERYWHERE, USA: The COVID-19 pandemic and recent racial justice issues have changed the brand preferences of 45% of consumers, according to a new report from communications firm Ketchum. The report identified four pandemic personas: retro reengagers, open-minded explorers, worried withholders and cautious […]

Study: Half of Brand Marketers are Dissatisfied

Steve’s breakdown: A study found that half of brand marketers felt “dissatisfied” with their COVID-19 responses. That’s a lot of unhappy people and therefore opens a lot of doors for pitches to fix the situation. Don’t ya think? So start sending out those “Are You Dissatisfied” letters today!!! EVERYWHERE, USA: Roughly half of brand marketers […]

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