Agency Reviews we’ve Predicted

As forecasted: Hooters did go into review

Steve’s breakdown: As you can see at the bottom of the page, we’ve been talking about Hooters for some time. We hope you got your foot in the door when […]

Financial Blue Chip in Review: Take 2

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Footlocker’s inevitable ad review: As we forecasted

Steve’s breakdown: Here is our ad review prediction for Footlocker: Sports retail’s new CEO will be a ‘narrative changer’: Watch for an ad review And here’s AdAge the announcement that […]

ADT did go into review as we suspected

Steve’s breakdown: This took a while but we saw it coming as you can see here: Safety company has new CMO & needs new creative The AdWeek announcement that ADT […]

As we predicted: Smoothie King went in Review

Steve’s breakdown: Our apologies for tooting our own horn but we got another account review prediction right. This time Smoothie King. COPPELL, TX: Kanas City, MO-based agency Barkley has been […]

Our H&R Block account review prediction

Steve’s breakdown: Tax companies tend to get a new agency almost every year and that’s what we thought was going to happen here. See bottom of page . . . […]

Mattress Firm Reviews As Predicted

Steve’s breakdown: Mattress Firm is the final case of Ratti Report getting another prediction on the nose! Check those Account Review Predictions every day. HOUSTON, TX: Goodbye dark diners and […]

Turo: The latest ad review we predicted

Steve’s breakdown: One more reason to always check our Account Review Predictions. This prediction is at the bottom of the page. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Turo, the world’s largest peer-to-peer car […]

Sam’s Club in Creative Review: As We Foretold

Steve’s breakdown: Over two weeks ago we reported that we thought a creative review was “not far off”. (See post at bottom) Now, here we are with the creative review […]

In May we predicted Under Armour’s ad review

Steve’s breakdown: And now they’ve announced the new agency. Gotta keep an eye on our Account Review Prediction page. That’s where “the real cheesecake is!” If you’re interested in a […]

Lyft: The latest account review we called

Steve’s breakdown: Back in May we flat out said “These two agencies should be Fired”. We guess one of them did – the one at Lyft. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Ridesharing company […]

Brands we predicted would review advertising

Steve’s breakdown: As you can see from our post below, last year we forecasted this review that stared in January. Keep an eye on our predictions every day. They “drop” […]

We wrote about this agency change in November

Steve’s breakdown: When we saw Paul Chibe join Pabst Brewing back in November we knew a grown-up was coming on board to steady the ship and an agency change was […]

Forecasted Shipley Do-Nuts Ad Review Concludes

Ratti’s Breakdown: Sometimes it’s obvious to see a review coming. See our prediction at the bottom. HOUSTON, TX: Shipley Do-Nuts named Portland, Maine-based creative agency Garrand Moehlenkamp as its branding […]

Topgolf Entertainment’s Ad Review As Predicted

Steve’s breakdown: Not long ago we wrote “New CEO, CMO and more = Pitching time at Topgolf Entertainment Group” and here’s the announcement of them hiring an ad agency. Nuff […]

As we predicted in June: Dunkin’ goes in review

Steve’s breakdown: Joanne Davis Consulting is handling the account review so make sure your credentials are up to date over there. BOSTON, MA: Dunkin’ is adding a jolt to its […]

Potbelly’s ad review did, in fact, happen

Steve’s breakdown: As you can see from our headline below, we saw this review coming months ago. You still might want to sniff around the creative account. CHICAGO, IL: USIM […]

We knew the baby business had to go into review

Steve’s breakdown: When Johnson & Johnson discontinued their Baby Powder, along with an additional 100 SKUs, we knew an ad review was on the horizon. Too much baggage! Anyway, after […]

Our Jollibee ad review prediction was correct

Steve’s breakdown: This fall we had tried to get our members to check out 10 restaurants for future reviews. In fact, we mentioned Jollibee as the best shot. Well, they […]

Victoria’s Secret ad review we forecasted

Steve’s breakdown: Back in December (see below) we made the forecast. Only thing to say is to keep an eye on our review predictions. COLUMBUS, OH: Victoria’s Secret hired ad […]

An account review predicted & now won: Again

Steve’s breakdown: When we read about how Hain Celestial was going after a new CMO, we knew as soon as the position was filled the account would be reviewed. Below […]

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