Agency Reviews we’ve Predicted

In May we predicted Under Armour’s ad review

Steve’s breakdown: And now they’ve announced the new agency. Gotta keep an eye on our Account Review Prediction page. That’s where “the real cheesecake is!” Under Armour has named Zambezi as its creative agency globally to lead creative development for 2023 brand campaigns. The independent agency won the business following a pitch process that ended […]

Lyft: The latest account review we called

Steve’s breakdown: Back in May we flat out said “These two agencies should be Fired”. We guess one of them did – the one at Lyft. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Ridesharing company Lyft aims to increase its social media activities with the appointment of British social media agency Coolr, which will expand into the U.S. with the brand […]

Marco’s Pizza did go into review: as predicted by RR

Steve’s breakdown: This winter, as you can see from the post at the bottom of the page, we forecasted a PR/Mar agency for Marco’s and here’s the announcement stating that’s exactly what happened. The point is to make sure you all check our “Account Review Predictions” everyday. That’s the hot stuff! TOLEDO, OH: MikeWorldWide (MWW), one of […]

And another account review prediction happened

Steve’s breakdown: These happen all the time. Please check our Account Review Prediction daily. We called this one last month! Patty Trevino is Executive Vice President, CMO at [email protected] and (407) 734-9000 ORLANDO, FL: Red Lobster has put its creative account into review.. The review follows a time of tumult for Red Lobster: It has […]

In November we said: Too much leadership movement not to check in with Goodyear

Steve’s breakdown: When you read a headline like that, you’re supposed to get on the horn and snag a meeting with the client. AKRON, OH: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co has named Colle McVoy as its media and creative agency of record for its company-owned properties. The agency announced the news on social media, but declined […]

Brands we predicted would review advertising

Steve’s breakdown: As you can see from our post below, last year we forecasted this review that stared in January. Keep an eye on our predictions every day. They “drop” all the time! NEW YORK, NY: BlueTriton, formerly known as Nestlé Waters, has named Horizon Media as its media agency of record after a three-month […]

We wrote about this agency change in November

Steve’s breakdown: When we saw Paul Chibe join Pabst Brewing back in November we knew a grown-up was coming on board to steady the ship and an agency change was on the way. See our prediction is at the bottom of the page. LOS ANGELES, CA: Pabst Brewing has named Seattle-based DNA as creative agency […]

Forecasted review: Lipton, Pukka, PG Tips, Tazo & Brooke Bond

Steve’s breakdown: In late November we posted that Unilever sold off many of its beverage brands and that “Advertising will change hands”. (See bottom) Well, here we go! Aparna Sundaresh is the CMO ROTTERDAM, Netherlands: A global media review has been launched by the owner of tea brands such as Lipton, Pukka, PG Tips, Tazo […]

Forecasted Shipley Do-Nuts Ad Review Concludes

Ratti’s Breakdown: Sometimes it’s obvious to see a review coming. See our prediction at the bottom. HOUSTON, TX: Shipley Do-Nuts named Portland, Maine-based creative agency Garrand Moehlenkamp as its branding agency of record. It is the first time Shipley, founded in 1936, has invested in a professional advertising and marketing campaign. Shipley franchises over 350 […]

Salvation Army launches new campaign after it’s forecasted to be reviewed

Steve’s breakdown: This one took a while and we’re not sure when the account was reviewed but we’re going to say sometime last year . . . as predicted. ALEXANDRIA, VA: The Salvation Army had launched a new integrated campaign, called “Love Beyond.” It’s first push, the “Love” spot, kicked off last week. The ad underscores […]

Topgolf Entertainment’s Ad Review As Predicted

Steve’s breakdown: Not long ago we wrote “New CEO, CMO and more = Pitching time at Topgolf Entertainment Group” and here’s the announcement of them hiring an ad agency. Nuff Said. See below . . . DALLAS, TX: Topgolf Entertainment Group, which creates local hubs complete with restaurants, driving ranges and other activities, has named […]

Burger King Puts Its Account Into Review as we PREDICTED

Steve’s breakdown: Since October we’ve been talking about how Burger King was so due for an advertising review. In fact we just said it straight out with the headline: Burger King CMO departs after less than two years: What’s Next? Review Here are our other reports: 10 days ago we knew something was up at […]

Ratti Report Delivers Another Account Review Prediction: Grubhub

Steve’s breakdown: In August we wrote “Grubhub’s plunge to the bottom & how to fix them: Ad review” (see bottom of page) and in less than 5 months the company hired and new agency for creative (see link) and now we hear they went into full ad review and have announced the winner. (see article […]

Is Jack Getting Fired? Jack In The Box Seeks AOR

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve been talking about the Jack In The Box account and how they need new creative for a while. Now they have put the AOR in review in addition to hiring an agency to handle their TikTok creative in June. (see below) Will “Jack” live or die? Maybe you decide! RallyCry is handling […]

In June we said Friendly’s “gets sold + Now new marketing team = Agency Review”

Steve’s breakdown: and then it happened See prediction at the bottom. WILBRAHAM, MA: It looks like Friendly’s Restaurants is gearing up for a second act. Actually, it’s more like a third or fourth act — the iconic quick-service restaurant chain filed for bankruptcy last fall (not for the first time) after the pandemic wreaked havoc […]

In August we said this about Reebok: Creative review seems imminent

Steve’s breakdown: And here we are with the announcement of Reebok’s new brand direction & creative campaign. Folks, ya gotta be watching our account review predictions page everyday! BOSTON, MA: As it tries to build a new brand direction, Reebok on Tuesday released a film surrounding its new women’s collection called “Radicalm” that “continues its evolving brand […]

It came faster than we though but Anheuser-Busch InBev went into review

Steve’s breakdown: If you’re part of Denstu, Publicis or WPP, it’s time to call headquarters to see if you can get involved! BTW: If you click the post at the bottom of this page, we were calling on some kind of pitch very soon. I came sooner than we thought! NEW YORK, NY: The changes […]

We said it in April & Wednesday, KFC is going into review

Steve’s breakdown: We said it in April and agency yesterday (see below) KFC is going into review and here we go. (excuse our double headline – we’re excited) LOUISVILLE, KY: KFC U.S. is looking for a new ad agency after working with Wieden+Kennedy Portland on creative and media, a move that comes as the agency […]

Panera Bread: The latest account we forecasted to go into review

Steve’s breakdown: Like we said in May, see post below, Panera Bread had to go into review. Keep an eye on our Account Review Predictions everyday and you too could win an account like this. The announcement of the new agency and new campaign is below our prediction. Once the restaurant looks different, new advertising […]

As we predicted in June: Dunkin’ goes in review

Steve’s breakdown: Joanne Davis Consulting is handling the account review so make sure your credentials are up to date over there. BOSTON, MA: Dunkin’ is adding a jolt to its marketing approach, putting its creative account into review just months after hiring a new U.S. chief marketing officer. The review includes incumbent BBDO Worldwide, according […]

Tiffany’s listened & is launching a new campaign

Steve’s breakdown: Last month we wrote: Tiffany & Co. Desperately Needs a New Campaign (See entire post at the bottom) We guess they were listening because Beyoncé & Jay-Z are now staring in a new campaign. Who Knew? We guess we did! The lesson here is to keep an eye on our Account Review Predictions. […]

How we knew Land O’Lakes was going to hire an agency (or 2)

Steve’s breakdown: We knew it was going to take a while but here’s the announcement that Land O’Lakes has hired a couple of ad agencies. You can read our prediction at the bottom of this article. MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Dairy brand Land O’Lakes first changed its controversial logo, and now the 100-year-old brand has chosen new […]

Ben’s Original: The latest brand review we called

Steve’s breakdown: Last June we were talking a lot about the shift of many brands moving away from racist imagery and flat out said to “jump in now because this “evolving moment” is probably only going to happen once in a lifetime.” (See post at the bottom) The account actually changed hands in May of […]

Our 150th Correct Advertising Review Prediction

Steve’s breakdown: When it was announced Mirror was going to be bought by Lululemon, we told you guys the brand was destine for an ad review as soon as the ink dried. It’s in the post at the bottom of the page. That makes 150 correct predictions. (and that’s not all of them because it’s […]

We knew beer branded hard seltzer would not fly: Pitch all the others

Steve’s breakdown: When Bud Light Hard Seltzer came out, we weren’t buying it and called it lazy. (see our post below) Now Coors Seltzer is throwing in the towel and the company has concluded beer branded seltzers is a none starter. DUH!!! So what’s the lead here? Go after all the rest; especially the new […]

Potbelly’s ad review did, in fact, happen

Steve’s breakdown: As you can see from our headline below, we saw this review coming months ago. You still might want to sniff around the creative account. CHICAGO, IL: USIM continues its new business roll, announcing this morning that it has been named the media agency of record for Potbelly Corp, the Chicago-based sandwich shop […]

For a 2nd time, Ratti Report predicts a Groupon Ad Review

Steve’s breakdown: As you can see below, we knew Groupon needed all new advertising once the pandemic broke. And now FCB has just announced they won the business. (See article under our prediction) Guys, you have to keep an eye on all of our account review predictions page everyday! CEO Gone, COO Gone, Last summer’s […]

We knew the baby business had to go into review

Steve’s breakdown: When Johnson & Johnson discontinued their Baby Powder, along with an additional 100 SKUs, we knew an ad review was on the horizon. Too much baggage! Anyway, after all the dust settled on the product side, they did put the baby business in review and now we know the outcome. (see announcement below […]

As Ratti Predicted: Big field of agencies set to line up for Unilever media review

Steve’s breakdown: You guys know the story. We published about Unilever back in January telling all our members to jump in on Unilever because the review was coming. Now here’s the official announcement via Campaign. If you’re part of a holding company, it’s time to call headquarters. LONDON, UK & ENGLEWOOD, NJ: At least five […]

Our Jollibee ad review prediction was correct

Steve’s breakdown: This fall we had tried to get our members to check out 10 restaurants for future reviews. In fact, we mentioned Jollibee as the best shot. Well, they just launched their first work from their new agency. Here’s the announcement and our prediction is at the bottom. WEST COVINA, CA: “David&Goliath Debuts First […]

Like we said in January: The Fiat Peugeot Merger Spelt Global Review

Steve’s breakdown: The headline is “Auto giant Stellantis is seeking a new ad agency to handle its $2 billion global advertising business” and like we said back in January (See Below) it’s time to call headquarters if you are part of a big ol’ network. AUBURN HILL, MI & TURIN, Italy & PARIS, France & […]

Victoria’s Secret ad review we forecasted

Steve’s breakdown: Back in December (see below) we made the forecast. Only thing to say is to keep an eye on our review predictions. COLUMBUS, OH: Victoria’s Secret hired ad giant WPP to handle its advertising as it looks to turn around its business, which has been wracked by slumping sales and controversy. The world’s largest holding company […]

As we predicted, Washington Football Team went in review

Steve’s breakdown: Guys, ya gotta keep an eye on our Account Review Predictions. What else do we need to say? We are happy our friends at Code and Theory won the project! WASHINGTON, DC: The Washington Football Team—catchy as the name may be—is getting a rebranding, and Stagwell Group’s Code and Theory is getting the assignment. […]

An account review predicted & now won: Again

Steve’s breakdown: When we read about how Hain Celestial was going after a new CMO, we knew as soon as the position was filled the account would be reviewed. Below is the new business account win announcement followed by the post we published predicting the account review. LAKE SUCCESS, NY: Hain Celestial Group is appointing […]

Ratti Report correctly forecasts another ad review: Bed Bath & Beyond

Steve’s breakdown: This time it was Bed Bath & Beyond but next time it might be your perfect client we predict will go into advertising review. Don’t miss another again! Become a member Today. UNION, NJ: It’s not just a new year for Bed Bath & Beyond. As it attempts a turnaround, the retailer has […]

Kia’s transformation and when we knew it was coming

Steve’s breakdown: We had a feeling this was on the horizon. (See post below) Don’t know if you could have been part of this rebrand but know we were On It! Here’s the full Press Release and if you like fireworks & drone shows, watch the video and join them on January 15th “to discover […]

Shiner beer is our latest ad review prediction come true

Steve’s breakdown: Back in October we told y’all (below) this TV ad producing account was going into review. Gotta keep your eyes peeled for our Account Review Predictions AUSTIN, TX: Another former Richards Group client has found a new agency home. Austin, Texas-based Spoetzl Brewery has moved its Shiner beer brand to Bakery, which shares […]

As we forecasted last month: Airbnb hires new agency

Steve’s breakdown: When we heard Airbnb was going public, we knew there was more to it than that. They were going to need a kind of relaunch. (especially with Covid still around) That’s why we instructed all of you to get on the horn to them last month. (see below) Clearly Droga5 did. SAN FRANCISCO, […]

Noodles & Company: An account review we saw coming

Steve’s breakdown: When Stacey Pool was brought on as CMO last year, it was clear Noodles & Company would start moving fast, digital & mobile and that a new agency would be brought in soon. Now here’s the announcement of the agency switch which seems to have happened months ago. Please read our Account Review […]

As if we didn’t know this was going to happen

Steve’s breakdown: The Motel 6 account went into review (as we predicted – see article below) and has now been won by Barkley. Maybe you should check in on all the other clients that left Richards Group if you haven’e already. CARROLLTON, TX: Motel 6 has filled its agency of record vacancy with Kansas City independent […]

Ratti Report forecasts another ad review: Petco

Steve’s breakdown: A few weeks ago we sent our membership to Petco. Why? Because we knew the advertising account was going into review if it wasn’t already. See this prediction below. Here’s the announcement Petco hired Droga5. SAN DEIGO, CA: Petco has sent its creative account to Accenture Interactive-owned Droga5, according to people close to […]

We forecasted this ad review this spring: Now It’s Been Won

Steve’s breakdown: It took a while for the Jimmy John’s review to finish because of the pandemic but we did call it. (See our reporting at the bottom) People, please check our “Account Review Predictions” page and don’t let another account go by!! CHAMPAIGN, IL: Jimmy John’s has appointed Anomaly as its lead creative agency, […]

In February we said to pitch Lagunitas Brewing Company: Someone did & won

Steve’s breakdown: Lagunitas Brewing Company did go into review soon after we predicted it would. (Please look at our Account Review Predictions every day!) Canvas won media – we don’t know who got creative but it’s launching next month. PETALUMA, CA: The Lagunitas Brewing Company has tapped Canvas Worldwide as media agency of record following a […]

Search Consultant seeks Agency for Retailer: We Forecasted Last Year

Steve’s breakdown: Select Resources International is handling the Sam’s Club review so make sure your credentials are up to date over there – Pronto!! BTW: There way be a little sour grapes at Sam’s because their former agency totally dissed them by taking on Target! BENTONVILLE, AR: Sam’s Club has launched a creative agency review, […]

Looking at a few more Candy Brands to Review Advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Its took Ferrero longer than we expected to pump up the advertising for the brands they bought from Nestlé (as we forecasted) but here’s their first installment for Crunch. They launched a Butterfinger campaign in September. (See below). Both were done by agency Piro. Does the agency have the assignments to all the […]

As forecasted: Another Travel/Tourism Account Goes into Review

Steve’s breakdown: Norwegian Cruise Lines has issued an RFP as it looks to start sailing again. They have already picked 5 agencies to pitch but if you can do what they want, bolded below, there might be a chance. (See our account review prediction at the bottom) Plus: Keep a lookout for all Travel/Tourism in […]

Chase Goes into Review: As Predicted

Steve’s breakdown: It took a while but it happened. Chase goes into review after we predicted it would in January. (see below) NEW YORK, NY: With a new chief marketing officer at the helm, JP Morgan Chase is putting its global media business into review, according to people close to the matter. The people say […]

Another Ratti Forecasted Ad Review comes to Fruition: T-Mobile

Steve’s breakdown: Back in April (see below) we told y’all “New T-Mobile will be shedding & hiring new agencies” and here we are. Make sure to keep an eye on our account review predictions because, believe it or not, they happen! (unlike our competition) BELLEVUE, WA: As 2020 draws to a close, T-Mobile has launched […]

As we predicted: Foley Family Wines did go into review

Steve’s breakdown: Last month we told you that we thought Foley Family Wines would be reviewing their advertising after they bought Ferrari-Carano Vineyards. (see the post below) So below that post is the announcement they did exactly that. Folks, ya gotta keep an eye on all of our predictions. It might just save your year. […]

Our review prediction came true but we think there’s another coming

Steve’s breakdown: So Gap Inc. has taped DEG as Its Global Email Agency of Record. Not the part of the we thought would be reviewed but close enough. But our point now is what’s next for The Gap? Digital? Social Media? Plain old TV advertising? Your guess is as good as mine at this point […]

La nostra previsione era corretta sulla recensione della pubblicità Maserati

Steve’s breakdown: As we predicted when the Nike CMO came over to Maserati we just knew the account was going to change hands. And here we are. Folks, our Account Review Predictions should be a page you look at everyday. Please, if not for you, do it for me. Capisce? AUBURN HILS, MI & MODENA, […]

In an agency network? You gotta call headquarters about this review

Steve’s breakdown: Kraft Heinz‘s media is in review and most of the big dogs are in the fight. So if you’re part of WPP, Omnicom, Publicis or Dentsu, you might want to give headquarters a call to see where your agency fits into the review. BTW: This is another review we predicted CHICAGO, IL & […]

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