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The Weber County Fair (Utah): RFP

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Cable guys come outside: Expect an ad storm

Steve’s breakdown: The Weather Group has a new CMO from Charter. If you know anything about the cable TV biz, it’s brutal. That’s why we think the new guy is going to come out swinging. Be his Bat! ATLANTA, GA: The Weather Group — parent of the The Weather Channel TV network — has hired […]

New CEOs at 3 West Coast Lifestyle Brands

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Swipe Right on this Lead

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State Game & Inland Fisheries RFP

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And Now This

Steve’s breakdown: This article came to us from across the pond (Financial Times) but we think it’s something to take a look at. No brand is safe and all agencies should be taking a look at all the potential opportunities. And not for nothin’, when I was a kid the Jets, Giants & Eagles all […]

8 Radio Station Lead

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Streaming service has new owner & open pockets

Steve’s breakdown: What Walmart was doing with Vudu is no longer a question cause NBC now owns it and you can bet they are going to kick it up a notch. And that means new advertising my friends! SUNNYVALE, CA: NBCUniversal’s Fandango movie-ticketing and video-rental business has agreed to buy streaming service Vudu from Walmart Inc., WMT 0.32% a deal […]

Streaming company could be begging for smart marketing

Steve’s breakdown: There’s way too much hitting the fan over at Hulu not to start thinking “maybe they could use a few fresh ideas”. I mean, take a look at their April promo video. No Ideas, None! And in this market, they should be everywhere with stunning creative! Right? On top of all that, their […]

Like best in class clients: This one has a new CEO and it’s time

Steve’s breakdown: Dow Jones & Company, including The Wall Street Journal, WSJ., Barron’s, & Mansion Global all have a new boss for the first time in 6 years. Sounds like a good time to cleanse the advertising palate. So get your financial publishing hat on and dig in big dog. Time to get out of the weeds […]

Bluest Blue Chip Could Be Shuffling Ad Agency Pie

Steve’s breakdown: “Will IBM’s New CEO Shake Up the Company or Simply Shuffle the Pieces?” is the headline from We think there’s something to that statement. Check out their article in search of an opening. You know there is one . . . ARMONK, NY: As career-lifer Arvind Krishna takes control of 109-year-old IBM, […]

A Festival Company Names CMO: This is a trend cause they are all retooling

Steve’s breakdown: That’s right, Virgin Fest. Not a name that strikes happiness to fathers everywhere but hey, fathers need some learnin’ via advertising – I think. Of course Virgin Fest is an extension of Virgin Mobile and is not out to get young folks “busy”. Whether it will happen in June should not be your […]

We’re smelling some ad changes at 15 brand media company with new entrepreneurial CEO

Steve’s breakdown: Founding Hulu Chief Jason Kilar has been named WarnerMedia CEO. NEW YORK, NY: Founding Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has been named WarnerMedia CEO, effective May 1, the company announced Wednesday. (Adweek) Kilar succeeds John Stankey, 57 years old, who last year gained an additional title as AT&T’s chief operating officer, putting him in line […]

New client will be shedding & hiring new agencies

Steve’s breakdown: As we said in February, a lot of agencies are going to be swopped out once the Sprint/T-Mobile merger was completed. (see below) Well, here we are and now it’s time get serious if you haven’t already about the New T-Mobile. BTW: This spot is just another version of Verizon’s old “Can You […]

CEO Gone, COO Gone, Last summer’s ad review? Do over!!

Steve’s breakdown: It’s a whole new ballgame at Groupon. Last summer’s ad review which we predicted probably needs a do over. You can’t be a “go out and get social” in a “stay at home” world. They Have to Create all new Advertising! Just ask Aaron Cooper who has been appointed interim CEO. And not […]

Sports Sports Sports with legs

Steve’s breakdown: Will Wilson, Andrew Luck’s uncle, is new CEO of U.S. Soccer Federation. I’m not sure what that means except the it means something. Anyway, pitch sports is a moving target so be on your toes is you are going to engage. CHICAGO, IL: Will Wilson, co-head of the NFL division of a sports […]

100s of accounts will be bringing their biz online: Find’em & pitch’em

Steve’s breakdown: Cirque du Soleil has taken their shows online and we suspect all other event-based businesses will follow suit. That means 100s of accounts will have to change/update/retarget/re-think their advertising. So go find your favorite event-based companies and pitch’em on this idea. MONTREAL, Canada & EVERYWHERE, USA: Cirque du Soleil, having halted its live […]

Like Radio? Like Leads?

Steve’s breakdown: New York Public Radio  is on the lookout for a CMO and under the guise that everything is normal, every lead is worth little bit more now-a-day. So see if you can help fill the position or use this job description as a blue-print to pitching the account. Better still, Both! NEW YORK, […]

Retro-Category making a comeback: Get in on it

Steve’s breakdown: “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us” is the quote and what this story is all about. Drive-in Theaters are making a come back but there are a few restrictions that need to be ironed […]

Social Media App Sold: Ad Review Expected

Steve’s breakdown: Grindr’s Chinese owner is selling the social media app for $608 million to investor group San Vicente Acquisition LLC One of the investors in the group is Chinese-born U.S. citizen James Lu, a former executive at Chinese search engine giant Baidu (BIDU.O), three of the sources said. The identity of the other investors […]

Bringing back the CMO position by Storm

Steve’s breakdown: Sorry for the pun but it’s almost 5 and I’m at the BrandWeek conference and my writing feels like a slow moving front through my brain. Dammit, I did it again! Anyway, AccuWeather got rid of the CMO position and brought it back. (Just like Coca-Cola did) Anyway, what a perfect time to […]

Women Sports Lead!!

Steve’s breakdown:Sounds like a new leader at the National Women’s Soccer League was a long time coming and judging by their social media, they could now use a boost in that department. See the plan in bold below. CHICAGO, IL: It’s hard to overstate how much the National Women’s Soccer League has needed a new […]

Spanish Language Lead

Steve’s breakdown: Univison has new owners and who knows if their ad agencies can survive the change. Worth check out! NEW YORK, NY: Spanish-language broadcaster Univison has sold a majority stake to an investment group led by Searchlight Capital Partners and ForgeLight. (Adweek) The deal valued Univision at less than $10 billion, including debt, according to […]

Hotel exec checks-in at Community Website as CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Sorry for that headline. It’s still Monday in my brain . . . anyway If you haven’t joined you should give it a try. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your community. Secondly, you probably couldn’t win the account if you’re not a member but the good news is […]

Financial Media Lead

Steve’s breakdown: Magazine accounts are a lot of fun plus look great on the client roster. Makes ya look smart, or in this case, rich. Lynn Schlesinger is the contact & new CMO. JERSEY CITY, NJ: Forbes Chief Revenue Officer Jessica Sibley today announced the appointment of Lynn Schlesinger as Chief Marketing Officer with oversight […]

On the Hunt for an Ad Agency to enter American market: Entertainment company

Steve’s breakdown: How Secret Cinema plans to crack America is the headline but the most important line is: The cost of doing this in a country (The USA) where “there are so many brands shouting at you” is something that Alexander (The CEO) admits makes him “nervous”. So he has begun the hunt for an […]

Entertainment Client Marketing Overhaul = Ad Review

Steve’s breakdown: Marketing is all going to change at Netflix so you might as well get your ideas over there before they make any more decisions. See highlighted below . . . LOS GATOS, CA: A shakeup at Netflix has resulted in a round of layoffs. The streaming service is apparently revamping its marketing strategy, and […]

$300 million entertainment launch could have room for your agency

Steve’s breakdown: Launching Peacock is going to take more then lining up a few sponsors like Unilever, State Farm and Target. And the creative has got to be better than what’s seen on the Peacock home page at With an expected budget of about $300 million, there’s got to be some room for awesome ideas […]

Going after Google with Brand Launch but what about advertising?

Steve’s  breakdown: Verizon launched because of all the privacy issues humans have all over the world. I’m 100% for it but they have got to get the word out. hmmmmm . . . Michael Albers, head of consumer product at Verizon Media is your contact. NEW YORK, NY: With the acknowledgement that privacy is […]

Did this CMO get canned for not telling the brands story?

Steve’s breakdown: WeWork-owned Meetup loses chief marketer because maybe she never really told the story of the brand. It came out of the dust of 9/11 for friends to find friends and to make new one through the need to connect after that horrible event. Just sayin’. NEW YORK, NY: The chief marketing officer of […]

BtoB client could open door to hundreds of smaller BtoC clients

Steve’s breakdown: So Curate is looking for a CMO and maybe you have the perfect match for this BtoB client that services hundreds of wedding and event companies with their platform. It could be a totally speed dating situation once you win Curate . . . The CMO description post is below ST. LOUIS, MO: The […]

Symphony Orchestra RFP

Steve’s breakdown: An account like this could get your agency into a lot of performing arts accounts, if that’s your thing so you might as well practice on this account. Responses are due Feb. 6th Here’s the RFP. BILLINGS, MT: The Billings Symphony Orchestra & Chorale wants a rebrand as it seeks to bolster its […]

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