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$1B in improvements needs a new campaign

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If you are into beauty product development . . .

Steve’s breakdown: Coty has been a client of mine at three separate agencies and if there’s one thing they love, it’s new product ideas. And with this new CEO, that’s sound like it’s going to be doubly true. You make the image – they make the product. It’s fun as hell and they pay for […]

Chance to go international with an American Icon

Steve’s breaKdown: Here’s the Harley-Davidson plan: Rolls out expanded lineup of smaller bikes for international push for growth and for smaller urban retail stores and create a new digital strategy. There’s a lot in there for you to chose from. MOLWAUKEE, WI: Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich on Monday rolled out an aggressive “more roads to Harley” growth […]

Major retailer to pull marketing turn: Will they do the same with agency?

Steve’s breakdown: It’s a good question. Changing your core target could need fresh eyes. Worth looking into. PLANO, TX: J.C. Penney is going back to the future. The department store retailer is looking to win back its core customer — middle-aged moms — after courting younger shoppers, according to Business Insider,which cited a report by […]

Opening 100 locations is going to require advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Coffee Bean & Tea has 1200 locations worldwide, 311 in the US and they are planning 100 more in NYC. Talk about needing a guerilla marketing campaign. NEW YORK, NY& LOS ANGELES, CA: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has big plans for New York City. Nearly two years after it abruptly closed […]

Look who’s mascot should just die

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3/4 of everyone is going into review

Steve’s breakdown: Just an FYI Y’all! 1) Nearly three-quarters (74%) of major multinational brands are reviewing their current agency arrangements, according to newly-published research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and The Observatory International. Clients rated their current arrangements at a 5.7 on a 10-point scale measuring “fit for purpose.” 2) The report, titled “The Future of […]

There’s a new CMO & it should have been Stephen Colbert

Steve’s breakdown: Goop hires its first Chief Marketing Officer from YNAP as it plots European expansion. Those two statements plus no agency means it’s going to be a mess in there. Call to stop the insanity. NEW YORK, NY & LOS ANGELES, CA: Ten years after actress-turned-entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow founded Goop as a newsletter from her […]

Burger chain’s big move = Opportunity

Steve’s breakdown: And we mean that literally. White Castle is moving its headquarters. They will still be in Columbus but now with visions of wonder of a better life so we think it’s a great time to congratulate them. Their creative tag line is “Bold Move” and I don’t think that’s a coincident but it doesn’t really […]

Pitching a Luxury Cruise Company’s Airline

Steve’s breakdown: There is so much happening at Crystal Cruise that there isn’t not anything to pitch. Take their Crystal AirCruises that was just launched with the purchase of a 777. BTW, they are due for an AOR review. Last change was in 2011 LOS ANGELES, CA: On August 1, Crystal welcomed the newest member of its […]

Two brands start over after bad bet

Steve’s breakdown: So are FanDuel and DraftKings going to go for each others throat now that the marriage if off. We think so and new advertising is in order! NEW YORK, NY & BOSTON, MA: FanDuel and DraftKings have decided to scrap their merger rather than fight the U.S. government, which had sought to block the combination of […]

Interview with New CMO of this telecommunications Co gives you all the clues

Steve’s breakdown: Verizon Business Markets has a new CMO and a recent interview gives you a road map of how to pitch the guy. Read on  . . . . BASKING RIDGE, NJ: Verizon Business Markets‘ (VBM) new marketing leader is taking on new channel-related responsibilities following the exit of longtime channel leader Janet Schijns. Jake Heinz, chief marketing […]

We love interviews with CMOs: This time it’s IBM

Steve’s breakdown: You get a lot of clues with CMO interviews. (Also with CEO interviews) Sometimes they let down their guard for the sake of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ & _ _ _ _ _ _ _. For instance, she’s bringing lesson from Gilt to IBM. hmmmm ARMONK, NY: Previously the CEO […]

Pabst has a new CEO

Steve’s breakdown: And it’s all about growth so we believe many regional beers are going to be getting into high gear. Read on to get the new guy’s plan. LOS ANGELES, CA: Three months after departing Duvel USA, beer industry veteran Simon Thorpe has been tapped as the new CEO of Pabst Brewing Company. Thorpe — whose […]

Go Financial is Movin’ on Up

Steve’s breakdown: With new headquarters, including a foosball table, and plans for 200 new employees, we think Go Financial is ripe for fresh marketing. BTW: These guys provide financing products to car dealerships. MESA, AZ: Go Financial has moved into a new headquarters in Mesa and plans to hire at least 200 people within the […]

Stein Mart on the Move

Steve’s breakdown: Normally this wouldn’t be news for us but it’s come to our attention that these folks do not have an agency of record. Hmmmm . . . JACKSONVILLE, FL: On the heels of announcing accelerated plans for expansion in the Northeast and Midwest, Stein Mart has reported impressive sales results for the second […]

Keep an eye on MillerCoors

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Time to move in on Bai beverages

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Closing/Opening in Manhattan: FAO Schwarz

Steve’s breakdown: After almost 30 years on Fifth Avenue, FAO Schwartz is closing. Not to worry, they are planning on opening a new store in Midtown. No matter how it happens, they are going to have to tell the world about the move. WAYNE, NJ: Surging rents in Manhattan have claimed another victim, and this […]

Expanding Sundance Catalog 1 store at a time

Steve’s breakdown: It’s a small lead but an interesting one. Here’s a some info about their CEOs: Stephen J. Gordon serves as CEO of Sundance Holdings. Mr. Gordon Founded Restoration Hardware Inc. in 1980 and serves as its Chairman. Harry Rosenthal serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Sundance Catalog Company, Ltd. SALT LAKE CITY, […]

McDonald’s Turnaround Plan

Steve’s breakdown: I didn’t hear much turnaround talk. Sure, they’ll cut costs, sell some franchises but what about the food? What about the atmosphere? What about the brand? Check here to see the announcement: I’d keep an eye on these folks. Maybe take a closer look at regional accounts. McDonald’s unveiled on Monday its […]

Lots of new product intros in 2015: PepsiCo

Steve’s breakdown: I’ve gotten into Pepsi a number of times using a new product development approach. And with this announcement, it seems nothing has changed so go for it. SOMERS, NY: PepsiCo is reaching beyond craft sodas with new products such as protein drinks and low calorie sparkling beverages to counter the slow growth of […]

Merging Philadelphia Visitor Bureau and Visit Philly?

Steve’s breakdown: Whether you agree with this idea or not, we think it could shake up one of the advertising accounts. Our bet in on the visitors bureau. The Visit Philly “With Love” campaign seems to be working. PHILADELPHIA, PA: The city controller recommended Tuesday that the city combine its two competing marketing arms – […]

P&G Update: Duracell & Braun likely to be sold

Steve’s breakdown: Earlier this month we reported on the shake-up at P&G. Now some folks are speculating on what brands might be cut loose. Top contenders: Duracell & Braun. Stay tunes for further updates on ex-P&G new business opportunities. CINCINNATI, OH: Procter & Gamble Co is working with advisers including Goldman Sachs Group as the world’s largest household […]

Chex Digital Boom in 2015

Steve’s breakdown: This article has a lot of information about how General Mills is going to force cereal sales to go up when they are going down. And as we read on, it became clear what the new business opportunity is: Chex & digital advertising. And even though General Mills has a digital agency on their […]

Nestlé U.S. Chief Looks for Brands to Fix or Toss

Steve’s breakdown: As we all know, there’s been a lot of movement over at Nestle. But now it’s time to take a second look at their future plans. As far as we can see, frozen food and ice cream are the next categories to get tweaked. And of course, any brands that get sold have […]

Citizens Bank adds 200 locations

Steve’s breakdown: This story is about Citizens rebranding 200 Charter One locations but the real nugget is the news Royal Bank of Scotland will be divesting in the bank. That smells like a future ad review to us. PROVIDENCE, RI: Citizens Financial Group Inc. on Monday said it will rebrand its more than 200 Charter […]

DHL has helicoptered back to the USA

Steve’s breakdown: DHL Express was always the way to send an international package. Well, they are back in force and we’re just wondering how they are going to spread the word. Maybe you know a way. PLANTATION, FL: If you begin seeing more yellow helicopters in the sky, it’s a sign that DHL Express is […]

Can Manufacturers Institute wants to rename the pantry, cantry

Steve’s breakdown: 3 things . . . 1) This is a lobbying organization with lots of members that could be potential clients 2) They have ideas, like the one in the headline, that need help 3) They are currently looking to another campaign The featured video is the latest work the Can Manufacturers Institute did and Sherrie Rosenblatt […]

City of Boston to hire Chief Digital Officer

Steve’s breakdown: It’s getting a little hairy in Boston about this #StartBostonUp campaign. And now this announcement a CDO. However this goes, the Mayor is looking for help. Hell, he’s almost begging for it so get on your horse and save the day. Here’s the job description:  BOSTON, MA: Tuesday, Mayor Marty Walsh addressed the Greater Boston […]

Triple Voodoo brewing casting it’s spell

Steve’s breakdown: Many of our members ask for smaller more fun leads. Here’s a perfect example. Triple Voodoo beers are only sold in California but they are on a tear and looking to expand. Check’em out. SAN FRANCISCO, CA: January 2014 was a huge milestone for Triple Voodoo as we opened our new brewery and tasting […]

Overshores Brewing opens new brewing facility

Steve’s breakdown: They are going to be brewing a lot more beer at Overshores now. What else do they have going for them? 1) Their packaging is handsome and begs to be displayed in your fridge. 2) They are less than 85 miles away from the biggest market in the country. Time to make the […]

Eastern Air Lines Is Coming Back

Steve’s breakdown: They got cash for planes so here we go. As far as marketing, there are two things to consider. 1) They are bringing back the 70s-mid-80s tagline “The Wings Of Man”. That’s a lofty line and they may want to rethink it – especially if they want to attract women. 2) According to […]

Stillmank Brewing will be making 600% more beer

Steve’s breakdown: With 600% more beer, someone’s going to have to market that beer. You? GREEN BAY, WI: Stillmank Brewing Company has purchased the building at 215 North Henry Street in Green Bay.  This will be Green Bay’s first east side brewery in more than 40 years, and initially will be able to increase Stillmank’s Brewing […]

Lululemon’s comeback is your opportunity

Steve’s breakdown: We love it when financial analysts talk marketing. It makes it sound dirty. ~ Anyway . . . it seems they are talking about the comeback of Lululemon now that the smack-talking CEO is gone and the new CEO is talking Expansion! And BTW: research suggests they don’t have a proper ad agency of […]

American Honda splits marketing & sales by brand

Steve’s breakdown: No word on pending advertising changes but I have to say, the Acura ads Jerry Seinfeld has on his web-based show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, is a good sign that more change is on the way. LOS ANGELES, CA: American Honda has reassigned marketing boss Mike Accavitti to lead Acura, part of […] is on the move but they’ll need ad help

Steve’s breakdown: has big plans for expansion but it’s not going to happen without real marketing expertise. That’s where you come in. SEATTLE, WA: is facing all sorts of established competitors in the online home-improvement space, but the company’s founder isn’t too worried about its position. Just five months after launching its service for exploring, sharing and referring home-improvement […]

If you do business in northern Cali . . .

Steve’s breakdown: There are big plans, big business and big money flowing into North San Jose. Companies like Samsung and Polycom have already gone all-in so look into it because your next client could be moving in. SAN JOSE, CA: For decades a zone of low-slung research-and-development buildings, North San Jose is being transformed into an urban […]

Adding more muscle to marketing @ Wish Farms

Steve’s breakdown: It seems Wish Farms is planning to go straight to the consumer. They’ll probably need someone to show the way. PLANT CITY, FL: Wish Farms is increasing its acreage and adding more muscle to its marketing. This season, the grower-shipper plans to ship around 4 million flats from 1,500 acres, up from more […]

Bridgestone to Rebrand 64 Stores

Steve’s breakdown: HAPPY NEW YEAR. Our first lead of 2014 comes from the idea that when a company is reevaluating its brands it may also be reevaluating its advertising. That’s what’s going on at Bridgestone. BLOOMINGDALE, IL: Bridgestone Retail Operations LLC (BSRO), the operator of more than 2,200 tire and automotive service centers across the U.S., announced a […]

Raptors Rebranding Report

Steve’s breakdown: These guys have everybody musing about a rebrand. Maybe they should just get some professionals, like you, in there and get it done right. TORONTO, Canada: The Raptors continue to work on a rebrand in time for the 2015-16 campaign, when Toronto plays host to the all-star game. A name change has been […]

47 Floor Real Estate Lead in Phili

Steve’s breakdown: A hotel, condos, a restaurant and separate bar is the short list of stuff that has to be marketed – especially the condos. SBE Entertainment Group is your first contact if interested. Then call Carl. PHILADELPHIA, PA & LOS ANGELES, CA: The developer Carl E. Dranoff is partnering with Los Angeles-based SBE Entertainment Group […]

Marco’s Pizza’s CMO gives up The Plan

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve got an update on Marco’s Pizza. NRN sat down with the new CMO and she lays out all the clues you need to pitch the business! TOLEDO, OH: Cathy Hull began her new role as Marco’s Pizza’s first chief marketing officer on Monday, and she already has laid out plans to elevate a vision […]

Gluten free brewer from the north is pouring into the USA

Steve’s breakdown: These guys are ambitious and ready to take the US by storm. One thing they don’t seem to have yet – an advertising plan. MONTREAL, Canada: Glutenberg is proud to announce the inauguration of its new brewery in Montreal. This $2 million investment occurred two years only after the company was founded. Thanks to its […]

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