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There’s a Green Account for Your Agency in Boosting Fuel Economy

Steve’s breakdown: “The Biden administration wants automakers to raise gas mileage and cut tailpipe pollution between now and model year 2026” is the line but what does it mean new business wise. It means pitching green – green – green to auto and every industry who want to go green. This wave is not going […]

Travel and Tourism is on Fire

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Retailer is now ready for your pitch X 2

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Retailer’s 3 year comeback plan should include you

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve talking about Bed Bath & Beyond for a while but now that they have a 3 year comeback plan, it looks to be a great time to approach the retailer. Between the 11 brands they plan to launch, the store remodeling and the refocusing on Buybuy Baby, they will absolutely need all […]

Reason #43 to Pitch a Cannabis Client

Steve’s breakdown: The headline is: Weed stocks surge as Kamala Harris vows to decriminalize pot in debate. Sooooo, find the cannabis company near you and get cracking! EVERYWHERE, USA: U.S.-listed shares of major cannabis producers surged on Thursday after Democratic vice president nominee Kamala Harris said marijuana would be decriminalized at a federal level in […]

Pitch what’s growing: Landscaping

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A category to pitch: Pools & Hot-tubes

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Brands are “reviewing” their image all over the country

Steve’s breakdown: We are truly living in a Brave New World! It’s blowing my mind but we can’t take our eye off the ball. Brands all over the country are taking a second look at their brands if there’s even the slightest scent of racism involved. If this is the type of work your agency […]

Great Potential Fashion Clients in the New World

Steve’s breakdown: The shutdown might make for some big fashion combinations that were only dreamed of before COVID-19. Here are some examples of the possibilities of great new clients in the New World. THE WORLD of FASHION: The mind wanders in quarantine, making unlikely connections, taking flights of fancy. So much has changed in fashion. […]

One category you’ll love to be in is booming

Steve’s breakdown: It’s time to get into the Pet Game. Animal shelters are empty and folks need pet stuff so find the closest/biggest pet company near you and make that pitch. EVERYWHERE, USA: While inadequate amounts of toilet paper and frozen pizza plague the nation, one shortage has been a welcome sight throughout the coronavirus pandemic: empty animal […]

Here’s a thought: Consumer Packaged Goods

Steve’s breakdown: This just cam in from “Marketing Dive”. Worth a look. Why CPG marketers can’t afford to go dark despite coronavirus risks. Sales for the category remain strong, but marketers must rethink their strategies now to sustain momentum through a recession and adjust to altered shopper habits. EVERYWHERE, USA: As the coronavirus upends industries […]

A Festival Company Names CMO: This is a trend cause they are all retooling

Steve’s breakdown: That’s right, Virgin Fest. Not a name that strikes happiness to fathers everywhere but hey, fathers need some learnin’ via advertising – I think. Of course Virgin Fest is an extension of Virgin Mobile and is not out to get young folks “busy”. Whether it will happen in June should not be your […]

Cannabis Sales Sail but Ad Agencies haven’t Gotten on Board

Steve’s breakdown: Who would have thunk weed would be popular during a quarantine? If you haven’t looked into this category, it’s time you did cause it’s on the rise unlike most industries. To get you moving . . . Marijuana Business Daily, which is good read & resource for finding potential cannabis leads! Check out these […]

Harley Davidson & Why

Steve’s breakdown: I don’t know what’s going on at Harley-Davidson but it doesn’t seem to be stopping now that their COO has bailed. As you can see from our past reporting at the bottom of this page, their CEO is already gone and the stock has been down for some time. And not for nothin’, […]

100s of accounts will be bringing their biz online: Find’em & pitch’em

Steve’s breakdown: Cirque du Soleil has taken their shows online and we suspect all other event-based businesses will follow suit. That means 100s of accounts will have to change/update/retarget/re-think their advertising. So go find your favorite event-based companies and pitch’em on this idea. MONTREAL, Canada & EVERYWHERE, USA: Cirque du Soleil, having halted its live […]

Retro-Category making a comeback: Get in on it

Steve’s breakdown: “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us” is the quote and what this story is all about. Drive-in Theaters are making a come back but there are a few restrictions that need to be ironed […]

More advertising needed to expand to 18 more markets

Steve’s breakdown: To expand Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee to 18 more marketing is going to take more than distribution, it’s gonna take marketing beyond an Instagram account. Got any ideas? ROCHESTER, NY: Geloso Beverage Group’s Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee, a gourmet coffee-flavored malt beverage in a can, announces expanded distribution to a total of […]

We’re a far cry from “You’ve Got Mail”

Steve’s breakdown: Remember “You’ve got Mail“ with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan where Fox Books (AKA Barnes & Noble) put the little indie book store out of business? Well, now B&N wants to be an Indie Book Seller. Ain’t that a kick in the head? Anyway, it’s going take a kick to their advertising (and […]

TeleClients should be on your radar: For instance . . .

Steve’s breakdown: . . . telemedicine. Brands like Plushcare, Teladoc, American Well, Doctor on Demand, MDLive & HealthTap are keeping the “worried well” out of the hospital and that’s a good thing for all of us. EVERYWHERE, USA: As the coronavirus continues to spread across the U.S., hospitals and insurance companies are expecting a swell in […]

New food category alert!

Steve’s breakdown: We’re talking about plant & cell-based seafood brands like Good Catch. And they are not the only ones. There’s BlueNalu out of San Diego, San Francisco-based Wild Type & Finless Food, a Berkeley, California-based outfit. There’s more so check them out!! Think Vegan. EVERYWHERE, USA: Plant- and cell-based seafood has a long way […]

Adding 670 locations is going to require fresh adverting

Steve’s breakdown: Tropical Smoothie Café looks to add 670 locations in next five years but can they do it without fresh awesome advertising? I think not so maybe you should talk to the CEO about it. Charles Watson ATLANTA, GA: Tropical Smoothie Café had record growth in 2019 and it’s nowhere near being finished. The […]

A Bounty of Beverage Business to Pitch

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City’s salt warning rules could save the entire restaurant category (free to see)

Steve’s breakdown: To quote a chain who’s not to keen on this idea, “I’m lovin’ it”! This type of customer communications has probably been pitched by multiple ad agencies to clients but it took a city government to make it happen. Bravo! It will probably save the casual dinning industry while save a few thousand […]

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