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Talk about a blow to a monster brand

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Here’s a thought: Consumer Packaged Goods

Steve’s breakdown: This just cam in from “Marketing Dive”. Worth a look. Why CPG marketers can’t afford to go dark despite coronavirus risks. Sales for the category remain strong, but marketers must rethink their strategies now to sustain momentum through a recession and adjust to altered shopper habits. EVERYWHERE, USA: As the coronavirus upends industries […]

Major CPG Review so Call Headquarters

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Health & beauty brands review

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P&G Brand in Review

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From the “What the Sam Hell is going on here” Department

Steve’s breakdown: Laundry that smells fresh forever gets washed less. Don’t ya think? It’s the opposite of almost all CPG advertising in the past 50 years. So how is this information a lead? It’s not information. It’s real and you can use it for evil. We’re supposed to be doing it anyway . . . Remember […]

Old brand gets a fresh start with possibly reborn advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Remember Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch? Yeah, that was the kind of cash spent on this brand. Now with a new owner with fresh eyes, they just might go for a marketing share grab. WINNIPEG, Canada Brief: Conagra Brands signed an agreement to sell its Wesson oil brand to Richardson International, a Canadian agribusiness […]

Ready? I don’t think They Are

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Massive Marketing Management Moves Means Many Major Merchandising Moments

Steve’s breakdown: Mmmmm, yeah, I went for that one. Anywho, take a look at Clorox. There are too many changes going on over there not to disrupt at least one or two accounts. OAKLAND, CA: Clorox Co. is getting a new chief marketing officer effective Jan. 7 – Stacey Grier, 55, who joined the company […]

Are there 6 new accounts at P&G?

Steve’s breakdown: P&G streamlines operations with 6 industry-focused business units so if you like to dance with the devil, get the research team on this and pick your poison. (That’s the J. Walter Thompson still in me talking) CINCINNATI, OH: Procter & Gamble (P&G) announced at an investor conference this week and in a news release that it […]

Into a Cigar Account?

Steve’s breakdown: just hired an advertising savvy exec as CMO and we suspect she’ll be taking this 2 year old onto the next level. That’s going to take a savvy agency. TAMPA, FL: Monthly cigar box subscription company has hired industry veteran Shanda Lee as its new chief marketing officer. Lee has more than 20 […]

5 CPG Products Worth Looking Into

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$240 Investment in Something Brandless

Steve’s breakdown: Brandies is actually the brand name but they sell about 300 items without a brand for $3 each. Sounds interesting, No? Tina Sharkey and Ido Leffler are the founders and it would be even more interesting to hear what they plan on doing with the cash. Advertising has to be in the mix and […]

Major Moves in Marketing = Agency Change

Steve’s breakdown: The fact that Walmart brought in an outsider as their top marketing executive makes us believe an agency change is on the horizon. BENTONVILLE, AR & HOBOKEN, NJ: Walmart has named a new U.S. chief customer officer and a new chief marketing officer, both women recruited from the outside, in a major departure […]

There’s a car care account right under your nose that nobody is pitching

Steve’s breakdown: Did you know Energizer now owns 9 car-care brands now. And guess what? Nobody has any of the brands as clients. So give the folks at Energizer a hardy “Congrats” and mention you actually know about those nine car-care brands and see how fast you’ll get a meeting. (You’ll have to act all sincere […]

A Monkey Wrench Might Have Opened Up A Global Review

Steve’s breakdown: As most of you know, Kimberly-Clark is in the middle of a global agency review. Enter Giusy Buonfantino as the new CMO and if anyone doesn’t think this will change the selection of their next agency, you’re living in LaLaLand! IRVINE, TX: Kimberly-Clark has appointed a new chief marketing officer amid the company’s global agency review. […]

Make advertising the saviour of this 170+ year old company

Steve’s breakdown: See those hearts? Those and many other “Penny Candies” you know are made by Necco. The company is in some trouble and an ex-CEO is try to save the place with a GoFundMe page. But here’s the thing, I don’t think he knows how GoFundMe pages work!! Help this guy create a viral campaign […]

Make like a lifeguard to rescue these fabric care brands

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s how I tweeted this news yesterday: @ProcterGamble pilots new #advertising agency model in search for creativity. This is a ridiculous idea! @WeAreSaatchi, @InterpublicIPG, @greygroupamea, @WPP, @MMCtweets & @Omnicom should all know better to participate in such folly. This will hit the fan! In other words: There’s going to be a boatload of pissed […]

WPP just wet its pants: Kimberly-Clark in review

Steve’s breakdown: Publishing from Key West – poolside with a muffin . . . had to say that cause it is SH*T in Asbury Park right now. anyway WOW, they snuck with one in at the last minute last night. The RFP is already out but we suspect if you get in there now with […]

Be the first to call Unilever today: 50 brands!

Steve’s breakdown: The CMO is giving a speech against breeding division in society and fail to protect children in regards to social media. Be the first to agree before he gives the speech. There could be a  50 brand social media review following . . . . ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ: Unilever will stop spending on digital […]

Advil & Motrin need a new plan: Yours?

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s the headline from CBS News: “Small study links ibuprofen with male infertility”. They just had to throw the “small” word in there . . . Anyway, luckily, I use aspirin for pain and luckily for you, this could be a lead. Advil by Pfizer, Motrin by McNeil Consumer Healthcare (Part of J&J) and Nurofen […]

Who’s handling the launch of this giant caffeine product

Steve’s breakdown: It’s actually the relaunch of Alert Energy Gum as Alert Caffeine Gum from Wrigley’s. The brand is not even on their website yet so get fired-up and pounce. Try Ms. Orla Mitchell at or 312-644-2121. She’s the CMO. CHICAGO, IL: Dive Brief: Mars Wrigley is relaunching a caffeine-enhanced gum that it first introduced in 2013, […]

Food giant will be reviewing everything

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Best Buy’s CMO takes Better Job

Steve’s breakdown: Kohl’s is talking about driving customer engagement with the new CMO so if that’s your bag, pitch it. MENOMONEE FALLS, WI: Kohl’s Corp. has hired Greg Revelle to serve as its chief marketing officer. Revelle, who will report to chief merchandising and customer officer Michelle Gass, previously served as CMO for Best Buy Co. Inc. […]

There’s a new brand over at Kraft

Steve’s breakdown: Mealtime Stories is the company that Kraft Heinz & Oprah are creating that will be making ready-to-eat refrigerated products and will be donating 10% of its profits to eradicating hunger. We believe it’s the Chicago-based Kraft half of the company that will doing most of the work so start there. CHICAGO, IL: Heinz ketchup maker Kraft Heinz and media […]

Ratti Exclusive: Pam cooking spray

Steve’s breakdown: Sometimes leads come to us via personal contacts, financial analysts or company CEOs. There’s no way to “google” them or find them with any other new business service. That’s why folks subscribe to Ratti Report. NAPERVILLE, IL: This one is only for members so email me for details on our intel or become a member. About Pam: PAM is […]

Joe Camel’s getting a British Owner

Steve’s breakdown: Additional brand involved in the deal include Newport, Paul Mall, Kent and American Spirit. Check it out if you have the stomach. WINSTON-SALEM, NC: British American Tobacco has agreed a $49.4 billion takeover of U.S. rival Reynolds American Inc, creating the world’s biggest listed tobacco company after it nudged up an earlier offer by more than $2 billion. […]

3M Account Review is On: Grey is Out

Steve’s breakdown: Post-It notes & Scotch Brite are the two top brands involved in thew pitch. Get those calls in today!!!!!! cause soon it will be a feeding frenzy by Monday. Mr. Don Branch is the CMO and can be reached by Linkedin & 651-733-1110 Not-for-Nothing: I bet both ad agencies that were in that Post-it Note art-war […]

Jimi’s Cannabis Collection launches

Steve’s breakdown: And now companies can acquire exclusive rights to represent Jimi Hendrix-related products in every state & country. California Finest just snagged California and there will be many more companies getting involved. As for marketing, we believe there will be opportunities all over the place. Check it out. LOS ANGELES, CA: Purple Haze Properties last year provided an amazing […] is now “a” Walmart

Steve’s breakdown: Walmart’s CEO wrote the blog post below and basically told us what the main change will be with communications. will join Walmart with the “saving people money so that they can live better” strategy. How they execute that could be up to you. HOBOKEN, NJ: Just a few moments ago, the ink dried on […]

Fred’s firers and hires CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Looks like the last CMO really F’ed-up at Fred’s so this looks like a good time to introduce the agency. (As long as you didn’t hang out with the last guy) MEPHIS, TN: Memphis retailer Fred’s Inc. said Mary Lou Gardner has replaced Bryan Pugh as chief marketing officer. Gardner was hired in […]

It was a bad weekend at Saatchi & Saatchi

Steve’s breakdown: And we think you should take a look around at their clients and call the ones who don’t take too kindly to chauvinists. P&G comes to mind. Read on to see what happened. NEW YORK, NY: One of the world’s biggest advertising companies has placed a top executive on leave over dismissive comments he […]

Dollar Shave Club just became a Billionaire

Steve’s breakdown: Unilever just bought Dollar Shave Club and we believe they will blow-out the business and that should include changes in marketing. Michael Dubin is the CEO and the guy in the featured video. His email is SANTA MONICA, CA: Consumer goods giant Unilever is paying a reported $1 billion to buy an online retail start-up […]

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