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Retailer’s 3 year comeback plan should include you

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve talking about Bed Bath & Beyond for a while but now that they have a 3 year comeback plan, it looks to be a great time to approach the retailer. Between the 11 brands they plan to launch, the store remodeling and the refocusing on Buybuy Baby, they will absolutely need all […]

Brand name change = New Advertising

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After a full blown PR Review is an Ad Review Next?

Steve’s breakdown: Hyatt not only did a global PR review, it was a consolidation. Will the same fate happen over in the marketing department? It’s alway worth looking into because change begets change. CHICAGO, IL: Hyatt Hotels has named Zeno Group as its new global PR agency of record following a project relationship that started […]

Brands are “reviewing” their image all over the country

Steve’s breakdown: We are truly living in a Brave New World! It’s blowing my mind but we can’t take our eye off the ball. Brands all over the country are taking a second look at their brands if there’s even the slightest scent of racism involved. If this is the type of work your agency […]

Roadmap to a restaurant account

Steve’s breakdown: Popeyes did just hire Gut as their lead creative shop but the CMO did leave the door open to additional agencies. Read on . . . MIAMI, FL: Paloma Azulay was quietly appointed Popeyes global chief marketing officer in January, and stepped into the role last month. Prior to that, she was global […]

Rail Company’s hires & promotions signal leads

Steve’s breakdown: Amtrak Names New CEO Amidst Largest Fleet Renewal is the headline with subline “As Amtrak appoints its new CEO, others in transportation join with signification executive appointments. The executives will do so by increasing client relations and growing promotional and marketing endeavors, specific to rail. Sounds like there’s plenty of opportunities to go around so […]

We’re a far cry from “You’ve Got Mail”

Steve’s breakdown: Remember “You’ve got Mail“ with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan where Fox Books (AKA Barnes & Noble) put the little indie book store out of business? Well, now B&N wants to be an Indie Book Seller. Ain’t that a kick in the head? Anyway, it’s going take a kick to their advertising (and […]

CMO is out and company is changing gears: Sounds like a review

Steve’s breakdown: Ya don’t just dump the CMO position and say “The rapid pace of change in commerce necessitated adjustments to the marketing function” and have all of us thinking it’s open season on the account. Can they? OTTAWA, Canada: Shopify CMO Jeff Weiser has left the Canadian e-commerce giant, a company spokesperson confirmed today. […]

Selling toys to grown-up: Up to the task?

Steve’s breakdown: Lego sets its sights on a growing market: Stressed-out adults, is the headline but we think it’s also a call to action for agencies to get in there and tell’em how it’s done. Here’s the whole story . . . Susan Lewis, 61, left, and Andrea Joy, 57, both of Connellsville, Pa., build […]

CEO letter to employees is blue print for a pitch

Steve’s breakdown: Boeing has got some problems and the new CEO is on a mission. Those two things equal a great reason to contact the company about their corporate account. Here’s Dave’s letter. CHICAGO, IL: The following email was sent to all Boeing employees on Monday “My promise to you Let’s work together to change […]

CMO is OUT: What’s next for this iconic car company? Steve’s breakdown: There’s quite a story going on over at Jaguar and it may be a good time to introduce the agency. Read on . . . WHITLEY, UK: Jaguar Land Rover is on the hunt for a new marketing boss after Fiona Pargeter announced she was leaving the role less than two years after […]

Space Jet?

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Time to sip around Pernod Ricard

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UAE destination seeks 3 mil visitors annually by 2025: Want In?

Steve’s breakdown: Ras Al Khaimah seeks three million visitors annually by 2025 with launch of new tourism strategy but who’s doing the work? Especially advertising to Americans! Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority has today launched its new Destination Strategy 2019-2021. The plan aims to build on the successes of the previous strategy, launched by RAKTDA […]

Can You Change This Perception?

Steve’s breakdown: ‘Please don’t call us anti-gay’ is what Chick-fil-A is saying but how can they actually make that sentiment stick? Maybe you have the answer. ATLANTA, GA: Chick-fil-A has responded to officials at Rider University, who nixed the fast-food chain as a potential on-campus dining options because of its anti-gay history. “Rider University’s survey was […]

Disney’s branding problem

Steve’s breakdown: Check out the options they tested for the new name of Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Disney Beyond Park, Disney Cinemagic Park, Disney Cinemagine Park, Disney Hyperia Park, Disney Kaleidoscope Park, Disney Legends Park, Disney Storyverse Park and Disney XL Park. OOF! Clearly they need some help and the name change is only the beginning. Read more […]

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