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$40 million Phone Account Fines a Digital Ringer

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t “do” much BtoB reporting but Vonage’s new CMO, Rishi Dave, is coming from Dun & Bradstreet and has been named as a Top Digital Marketer by BtoB Magazine. So now you know what angle your pitch should be coming from. HOLMDEL, NJ: a business cloud communications leader, today announced it has appointed Rishi Dave as […]

$15 million tech client is forced to hire new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: HP is a blue-chip client that just lost its CMO to Facebook. Will the new guy what to make his mark on the company in a very public way? Most do so a call of congratulations is in order to start the conversation. PALO ALTO, CA: HP Inc. announced that Vikrant Batra will succeed […]

Cybersecurity company gets deep pockets

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t usually report on BtoB stories but this one sounds promising for a consumer centric agency. Plus now the have big money behind them so ad budgets could be desirable. Mr. Neville Letzerich is the CMO and he just joined the company in May. Here’s his email: [email protected] ANN ARBOR, MI & […]

This week’s “feel good” account to pitch: Company Launches First Fake News Monitoring Service

Steve’s breakdown: I love this story. Capitalism strikes again to save the world from itself. William J. Comcowich is the founder and lead contact. STRATFORD, CT: Media monitoring and measurement company has introduced the first news monitoring service designed to identify fake news content. Unlike traditional media monitoring and press clipping services, where clients aim […]

Client so wrapped up in selling, their brain can’t advertise

Steve’s breakdown: Two reasons to call these folks: 1) They’ll show you how to sell on Amazon . . . and who isn’t selling on Amazon – really? 2) They are so tied up in their own heads, they are not thinking straight in regards to real advertising. Get the new CMO on the right […]

$12 Million BtoB Lead Alert

Steve’s breakdown: When a company pays this much, you’ll be sure they will be changes-a-comin’. Either Darling Advertising or Y&R has the account. Click here for the latest creative. HOUSTON, TX: KKR & Co.’ will pay $8.3 billion to buy BMC Software, sources said — marking the buyout shop’s biggest acquisition in years. Henry Kravis’ […]

Iconic logistics company is due for an agency change

Steve’s breakdown: UPS just brought in a new CMO which is on top of another CMO they promoted last year. Couple that with the fact they haven’t had an agency review in almost ten years and this account could get interesting real soon. ATLANTA, GA: UPS (NYSE: UPS) today appointed Kevin Warren to the position of Chief […]

Ad Software PR RFP

Steve’s breakdown: The client is DOmedia. Deadline for submitting proposals is Friday, June 8 by 4:00 PM. Contact is Cody Riebe, public relations and content specialist, 419/290-6451 or [email protected] COLUMBUS, OH: Software company DOmedia is seeking an agency partner to serve as a go-to provider for a series of PR services-related projects. The Columbus, OH-based company […]

Six words: Grad Conn CMO Microsoft Raging Waters

Steve’s breakdown: That’s not a typo, the new CMO at Sprinklr is Grad Conn. I think we should double check him diploma. Anyway, it’s not a great time to be in the consumer information mining business which could be a great reason this guy could use some help navigating these waters. NEW YORK, NY: Sprinklr, the world’s leading […]

117 year old brand finally hires CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Gulf Oil just filled a newly created position called Chief Marketing Officer. Wonder what the plan is . . . corporate brand work? To keep things straight, Gulf is a subsidiary of Cumberland Farms which is the retail side of the business. WELLESLEY HILLS, MA: Gulf Oil today announced that Sue Haydenhas joined the company as […]

Be part of the kill at this home manufacturer

Steve’s breakdown: When a brand has almost 100% of top-of-mind share like Andersen Windows, you’d think they would go in for the kill. But these guys really haven’t but maybe the dark-side will be strong with this one! The new CMO certainly understands the concept being from Star Bucks. BAYPORT, MN: Andersen Corporation has appointed Annie Zipfel senior […]

Jumping in the Job Game with 2 Feet & a Marketing Chief

Steve’s breakdown: Between Indeed and LinkedIn, premium services like TheLadders has to step up their efforts and hiring this marketing chief is a positive start. Now they should get rid of that ad agency that’s been hanging around for 8 years (Stein) and really start anew! NEW YORK, NY: Ladders, Inc., today announced the appointment of […]

Conglomerate Could Use Some Fresh Eyes

Steve’s breakdown: “The biggest issue” at General Electric “seems to be a lingering preference for an insider perspective.” If that doesn’t say it’s time to call GE, I can’t help ya. There are over 30 agencies working somewhere on this company’s business and it’s clearly time for change! Pick a division and go. […]

This $2 Million Auto Account could open the door to the entire industry

Steve’s breakdown: Federal-Mogul just got sold to Tenneco and the very old and tired agency relationship Federal has is ready for freshening. That’s your cue! Laura Soave at [email protected] is the SVP & CMO. SOTUTHFIELD, MI: Activist investor Carl Icahn said on Tuesday he was selling auto parts maker Federal-Mogul to Tenneco in a $5.4 billion deal […]

Exercise org gets serious with about marketing

Steve’s breakdown: American Council on Exercise has already refreshed the brand, created a new logo and streamlined web experience. Now it’s time for advertising and as far as we can see, there is no agency of record. SAN DIEGO, CA: The American Council on Exercise (ACE), a global certifier of health coaches and exercise professionals, has announced the […]

J&J just sold a $10 million account

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BtoB PR review from Great White North

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Desperately needed: some good old fashion corporate TV advertising

Steve’s breakdown: Say what you want about Cambridge Analytica but they were just doing their job. Did you know one of their clients is Ogilvy? My point is they are trying to keep their head above water during this whole thing and we believe some good old fashion corporate TV advertising will help. Right now […]

Big Blue in Global Pitch

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4 very regional RFP

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Navy • Real Estate • RFP

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Port Authority RFP: Which one is it?

Steve’s breakdown: Proposals are due to The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey by 2 p.m. EST on March 13. Any questions regarding this RFP should be sent no later than 2 p.m. (EST) on February 16 via e-mail to Richard A. Grehl, [email protected] I too have a copy of the RFP and can send it […]

Ad Review Watch: Iconic Brand with new Owner

Steve’s breakdown: Xerox is being taken over by Fuji and we believe there could be an advertising opportunity to go with this union. Xerox, “So Easy A Chimp Can Do It” is an iconic brand and Fuji would be doing this deal a disservice not to take advantage of the situation. Take a look at the remake […]

Is “The Most Wonderful Time” Coming back to this box store?

Steve’s breakdown: A 30 year Coca-Cola vet just took over Staples as CEO. Will the heydays off Staples advertising be coming back with this new CEO? Will the days of Cliff Freeman’s “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” being back to schools time be the norm again? We hope so for the sake of […]

Great Car Care idea/company seeks CMO that should include agency

Steve’s breakdown: CarAdvise markets its mobile care service to Auto Shops, Car Dealerships, Insurance companies and many more. Then those companies offer CarAdvise to their customers. It would be a great growth client that could get you into many more pitches via their partners. The CMO job description is below. Use it as a roadmap for […]

New CMO BtoB Report

Steve’s breakdown: Just in case you like to keep a toe in the BtoB waters, we occasionally offer this report. Enjoy! Artificial Intelligence Leader Beyond Limits to Drive Growth with New Chief Marketing Officer GLENDALE, CA: Beyond Limits, a developer of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing solutions, today announced it has appointed Dann Wilkens […]

$1.5 Billion Review

Steve’s breakdown: If your part of an agency network, you should probably call headquarters to see if they’re in this MicroSoft review. They might need your help. SEATTLE, WA: Microsoft‘s mammoth media agency account is up for grabs in a closed review. “As part of our normal course of business, Microsoft is conducting a closed […]

Workforce solutions Lead Alert

Steve’s breakdown: You guessed it. It’s Kelly Services and they haven’t done anything exciting in a while. Now’s your time to impress the new CMO and impress companies Worldwide with your campaign. TROY, MI: Kelly Services® , a global leader in providing workforce solutions, today announced the appointment of Pete Boland to chief marketing officer […]

Pulling the thorn from the Lion

Steve’s breakdown: Cannes has said they are changing but is it really communicating this stuff. And, as you know, organizations like this don’t have the chops to do the job right. That’s your cue! LONDON, England: Under pressure from advertising holding companies who have come to see it as too expensive, Cannes Lions owner Ascential unveiled a […]

Railroad Management is off the Rails: New CMO & COO to Come

Steve’s breakdown: It’s a great time to contact CSX which is an $11 million account. Contact Hunter Harrison in his CEO office at 904-359-3100 before he hires the replacements. JACKSONVILLE, FL & OMAHA, NE: Three top CSX executives will leave the railroad next month as it continues to overhaul its operations. The Jacksonville, Florida-based railroad said Wednesday […]

Active network intelligence activates new CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Enough with the wellness stuff. Now we’re talking about an active network intelligence company with a new CMO that’s ready to kick-it into high-gear. Contact them with [email protected] FREMONT, CA: Sandvine, a global leader in active network intelligence, announced that Samir Marwaha has joined as the Chief Marketing Officer. Bringing almost 30 years of experience from […]

Want to look into the window business?

Steve’s breakdown: Sometimes just knowing about good news about a company is enough to get a meeting. It happened to me when I was a young-buck with Seagrams. This time it’s Pella buying luxury window manufacturer Bonelli. Say congrats and see where the conversation goes. PELLA, IA: Bonelli Windows and Doors, a San Francisco-based window manufacturer, […]

Major shake-up at Major Advertiser = Opportunity

Steve’s breakdown: It’s hitting the fan at GE and we’re pretty sure a few ad agency relationships will be changing hands. This one is going to take some research but it’s obviously worth the work. FAIRFIELD, CT: General Electric (GE) is going through a big management shakeup with several top executives on their way out, a […]

3 new CMOs at BtoB clients

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s this week’s batch of BtoB CMOs. Diebold Nixdorf Names Watson As Chief Marketing Officer NORTH CANTON, OH: Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD) today announced Devon R. Watson has been named vice president, chief marketing officer. In this newly created position Watson, an experienced strategy and business development leader, will lead the company’s global marketing […]

$1 billion acquisitions = new biz lead without an AOR

Steve’s breakdown: Office Depot’s purchase of CompuCom Systems will probably spark a review of how to marketing the company’s services. CompuCom Systems currently does not have an AOR. DALLAS, TX:  Office Depot took a first step toward its goal of transforming itself from a traditional office products retailer to a broader business services and technology products platform. The company announced […]

BtoB new CMO Report

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s a fresh batch for y’all who delve into the BtoB. Cedexis Names Anshu Agarwal Chief Marketing Officer PORTLAND, OR: Cedexis, the leader in crowd-optimized application and content delivery for clouds, CDNs and data centers, today announced Anshu Agarwal as its new Chief Marketing Officer. As organizations worldwide make the transition from traditional datacenter […]

Cleaning house could include ad agencies

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BtoB New CMO Report

Steve’s breakdown: We know most of you don’t “do” BtoB but we don’t think it should be ignored so here’s a batch of 3 companies with new CMOs. Sungard Availability Services Appoints Kathy Schneider as New Chief Marketing Officer  WAYNE, PA: Sungard Availability Services® (Sungard AS), a leading provider of information availability through managed IT, cloud […]

Biotech Company Issues Media Engagement RFP

Steve’s breakdown: This RFP is for “Earned Media for Two High Profile Events and Launch of Global Initiative in September” held at the UN General Assembly. Contact us for the RFP GERMANTOWN, MD: Biotechnology company Intrexon has issued a request for proposal for an agency that can develop and execute an earned media strategy surrounding […]

Monster merger making mega-brand: Who’s going to calm the masses

Steve’s breakdown: DuPont & Dow Chemical are now DowDuPont. Not sure how they are handling it because, frankly, this merger freaks me out and they’ll probably need to manage that situation. WILMINGTON, DE & MIDLAND, MI: DuPont Co. and Dow Chemical Co., rival developers of plastics, pesticides, explosives, and other useful and dangerous-to-make materials — combine Thursday into one […]

Making homes out of Boxes: New CMO & COO

Steve’s breakdown: Bookable has a great idea and we think consumers would be a great target that they are totally missing. SEATTLE, WA: With rising home prices breaking records throughout the Puget Sound area, affordable housing can be hard to come by, and building a new home can be a long and complicated process. Blokable hopes to […]

Review prediction in Credit Scoring

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P&G/Alberto Culver exec goes BtoB: Big changes expected

Steve’s breakdown: What’s the deal with bringing in a consumer marketing guy into a BtoB position. Methinks we smell change in the air. (At least in marketing) Unify is the company and they make and sell yarn . . . . The good news it’s global GREENSBORO, NC: With an eye on global expansion, Unifi, Inc. has […]

BtoB new CMO report

Steve’s breakdown: We have Equifax, nClouds and FPX all with new CMOs. Check into it. • Equifax Appoints Laura Wilbanks as Chief Marketing Officer ATLANTA, GA: Equifax Inc. (NYSE:  EFX) today announced the appointment of  Laura Wilbanks as Chief Marketing Officer, succeeding Trey Loughran, who recently assumed the role of President of United States Information Solutions […]

Interview with New CMO of this telecommunications Co gives you all the clues

Steve’s breakdown: Verizon Business Markets has a new CMO and a recent interview gives you a road map of how to pitch the guy. Read on  . . . . BASKING RIDGE, NJ: Verizon Business Markets‘ (VBM) new marketing leader is taking on new channel-related responsibilities following the exit of longtime channel leader Janet Schijns. Jake Heinz, chief marketing […]

Find a CMO for this GE division & you get a GE account

Steve’s breakdown: GE Ventures is the division looking and as we always say, find a new CMO – find a new client. The job description is below. MENLO PARK, CA: GE is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. Through our people, leadership development, services, […]

IBM has a new CMO but not that one

Steve’s breakdown: Watson has a new partner in Micheal Mendenhall as CMO. He has over a decade of marketing experience at Disney. If that doesn’t sounds like a marketing shift for Watson, you need your mouse ears checked. ARMONK, NY: IBM named Michael Mendenhall on Friday as the new chief marketing officer of Watson, the […]

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