11 years writing Ratti Report

11 years ago we thought we’d go 100 but then it caught up with us & the “lean” years hit. It wasn’t the economy or the ad biz, it was our boneheads. Well, Steve’s bonehead. But now we are considered to be the best new business lead source & advisory in the country. Here’s to […]

We just made 100s of leads public for non-members

In fact, now non-members have free access to thousands of lead-stories posted from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2010. Just go to “There’s gold in them thar hills” if you know where to look. Concentrate on acquisitions because they take a while to become full fledged new business leads. Also, use the site […]

AdForum PHNX Awards: Call for Entries

Steve’s breakdown: This award show is a great way to get Global exposure and it’s free to enter. (until your entry gets shortlisted for an award) Here’s the link to everything you need to know: So come on America, let’s see a flood of entries! Closing date is May 1st. BTW: Yours Truly Is […]

State of New Business: What’s the same, what’s different & the future of pitching

Steve’s breakdown: So last week I was part of a panel discussion: “State of the Advertising Industry”. To see the entire discussion, go to this link. It’s under an hour. Thanks to @NJAdClub for having me!!! The featured video is the Ratti Report’s take on the subject. We’re calling it “State of New Business in […]

An Event Not To Be Missed

Hey Y’all, So this happened! Yours truly and Tina Allen of FCB, Archie Bell, II of Spotify and Suzanne Darmory of Jackson Hewitt will be discussing the state of the advertising industry with moderator Rob Schnapp on January 27th. Last year’s event attracted attendees from all over the country so don’t miss out. Register at […]

We’re looking for office space in Manhattan

That’s right, Ever since we were “forced” out of our NYC office in the before times, we’ve been itching to get back into the city. So if you have an extra room with a window lying around, even if it’s 2 or 3 times/week, give me a ring. Let’s be roomies or office mateys of […]

Our 150th Correct Advertising Review Prediction

Steve’s breakdown: When it was announced Mirror was going to be bought by Lululemon, we told you guys the brand was destine for an ad review as soon as the ink dried. It’s in the post at the bottom of the page. That makes 150 correct predictions. (and that’s not all of them because it’s […]

4 ways we make your new business life easier

1 We’ll identify dozens of qualified prospects for your agency every week (So you don’t have to) 2 We’ll provide contact information for clients you need to talk to (So you don’t have to invest thousands for a database service) 3 We’ll assist in getting your foot in the door (Steve has successfully done this […]

Need a client email address? We Got’em

It’s a whole new service that will make your new business efforts easier & cheeper. Just how we subscribe to dozens of media & RFP outlets so you don’t have to, we recently subscribed to several database services. Now if you need an emails, phone number, business address or even a text number, all you […]

Peter Levitan’s interview with Steve Ratti

Steve’s breakdown: The other day I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Advertising Stories podcast with renowned new business expert Peter Levitan. He coaches digital and advertising agencies on how to build exceptional & unignorable business development programs. It was a lot of fun and I don’t expect you to listen to […]

Send Us Your Press Release, Story or Article!

What up fellow ad execs! If you have some agency news, ad stories, company advise or whatever, send it over and we’ll publish that thing! Here’s the link. It’s totally free if you’re a member of Ratti Report so get crazy! If you’re not a member, send it anyway and we’ll talk . . . […]

Most of our Leads Stay Fresh for Weeks

Hey New Biz Hunters, It’s a common misconception: leads are only worth looking at the day they are posted. Nothing can be further from the truth! Sure, account reviews have to be jumped on ASAP but most of our reporting is based on the Forward Thinking of Getting in the Pitch before it Starts. So […]

Have no one following up on leads? Well, then your agency sucks!

Sorry for the bluntness but if you don’t have someone following up on new business leads, then your agency sucks. (I know I just said that in the headline but if your agency sucks, then you need to hear it twice) Yesterday an ad agency said to me that they are in such trouble that […]

Ratti Report is selling its Business Model

Not to worry, we’re doing fine. Ratti Report’s never needed an office or employees or set hours or bosses or stockholders so pandemic – schamdemic! So in that spirit, we thought it might be fun to offer our entire business model to folks who want to start a membership-based publishing company. Think of it as […]

Think of us as the new business Red Phone

Give Us A Ring even if it’s just to ask what’s happening, what do you see, who have you heard from, what’s going on now, what are others doing, when is this going to get better and most importantly, what should I do and what should my agency do. It’s free! Hey, I may not […]

$500 off Ratti Report annual memberships

All, To help ad agency’s keep their new business funnels flowing, Ratti Report is discounting new annual memberships by $500 during this unprecedented virus outbreak. Laying the ground work for future pitches once this crisis lifts is the best thing agencies can do while new business meetings continue to be pushed back. To take advantage […]

Is 2020 “it” for Ratti Report?

The simple answer: Kinda . . . Because 10 years ago today, Steve Ratti was forced to send his first new business lead to the digital universe. Ya see, he was department head of new business at an agency that required executives to have active twitter feeds. Most folks didn’t know what to tweet but […]

Looking to sell an ad agency? Ratti Report has a Buyer

We’re looking for agencies with the 800-pound gorilla consumer client Ratti Report is more than a resource delivering new business leads every business day. We are also a community where we not only connect agencies to clients but also connect agencies to agencies. So if you know of an agency looking for a buyer. ***** […]

digeRatti with Steve Ratti: Horror Stories from the Conference Room (free to watch)

Hosted by Steve Ratti, digeRatti is a place for new business professionals of the advertising industry to talk career, strategies but most importantly, about their pitching horror stories from the conference room. Hilarious & heartbreaking! Each episode features a career new business veteran and this month Steve welcomes Brian Martin of Project Worldwide to Ratti […]

Get 50% off Ratti Report by showing us how to pirate/hack our leads (free to see)

Our leads have never been so valuable considering the competition is a conglomeration of three of our biggest competitors of your marketing dollars. The rest all have automated bots aggregating their leads and frankly, you could put the same systems in place on your own. So let’s protect Ratti Report leads! Show us how you’ve […]

Our new features, services & products for 2019

Okay, so the skyline ( not green-screen 😀 ) came out pretty good but I look like I’m telling a ghost story with a flash light under my chin. Anyway, about those new services I’m talking about for our 2019 paying members: AgencyMatchGame: Matching Agencies with Clients, ’70s Computer Dating Style Submit an article/story to […]

Clients Finding Agencies via our Brand Personality Tests

We’ve spent years developing this brand personality test to help clients & agencies find marketing partners with great working chemistry. We call it “AgencyMatchGame” because people have such a good time filling out the test. Click here to fill yours out When a client matches up with an agency, we contact both directly to start […]

Become a member cause it’s way cheaper than doing it yourself!

ALL-ACCESS members receive 100% of our intelligence gathered content and advisory services Click one and register:   20% ACCESS members receive 20% of our intelligence gathered content and advisory services Register Here at $250/year   Ratti Report is a nationally recognized leading source of actionable new business intel for advertising agencies of all stripes & sizes

If you Want a Lead but aren’t a member: Call

That’s right, If something comes across your desk that you want but don’t have a membership, give us a ring. 212-658-1796 We always pick up when the red phone rings!!

Ratti Report turns 8

To celebrate, we’re making all of Saturday’s posts free to see for all! For our members, we hope you’re lovin’ the “Unclassified Headlines” feature we launched last week. We’re getting clients to sign up for our AgencyMatchGame in the coming weeks so stand by for that. And next month we’re launching THE DARK WEB of […]

Empire State: Share small office on the 59th floor with Ratti Report

To better serve our members, we are opening an office in Manhattan on the 59th floor of the Empire State Building. Now we can meet with folks visiting the advertising center of the globe effortlessly. BTW: Wanna Go-Dutch on the space for $1100/month? We’re “Movin’ On Up” but would love the company of friends to […]

Unclassified Headlines for Ratti Report members

Thanks right folks, We’ve finally figured out the code so now if you are logged in, you will only see The Real Headlines and won’t have to read into the story to remind you what we’re talking about. In other words, if you are logged into any account, you will no longer see the “Hint […]

Ratti Report 1/2 off on eBay • Auction ends December 13th

That’s right folks. We’re selling full year membership to Ratti Report on eBay at this LINK. Opening bid is $1250 which is 1/2 our regular price. The eBay rules require us to send the winner something in the mail but drop us a note if you win the auction. We need to chat anyway . […]

Checkout Steve’s interview with TalkBusiness360

The Editor-in-Chief of Ratti Report sits down with the television show Talk Business 360 to discuss how his company helps ad agencies nationwide win new business. They also talk about his process, competition and beginnings. The segment will air on Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku TV as well as being available on American […]

Your Free Ratti Report Portal

If you’re not a member of Ratti Report in any way, this is where you can click-through to all our free content. No other new business service makes any of their content free no matter what so why pay for it there if you can get some here for free? Paying members should click here […]

This is what we’re trying not to sing outloud right now

Ratti Report is literally on the Marrakesh Express right now and I’m sure the most touristy thing to do is to sing this song. So for your entertainment, here’s the first time Marrakesh Express was ever performed. Woodstock ’69 BTW: The lyrics are actually talking about a ride Graham Nash took on this train There’s a little […]

Ratti Report is on the move again

Hey Kids, for now until October 3th, we’ll be coming to you from the African city of Morocco. There will be no singing of our crew seen online so this is the best you’ll get.

Bag Store Window in Bologna

That’s it. I’ve seen the best windows in the world on 5th & Madison Avenue and this one, with its simplicity, is as elegant as the most expensive.

Cigar Aficionado, Here We Come

Just a little travel update from just outside of Bologna. The Ratti & Cuniberti family at Villa Monte Quercione in Zola Predosa, Italy attempt to get a picture in the “Moments to Remember” section of Cigar Aficionado. Do you think we have a shot? We took a couple of dozens pictures. We won’t be sending this […]

Ratti Report is Touring Abroad but the Leads Won’t Stop Comin’

We’re taking Ratti Report overseas and will be posting your regularly scheduled leads every business day in addition to our travel blogs which will be public on the website. (Technology Willing) We are hoping a World View will open our minds to new & different ways to discover new business and we want to bring […]

Going Face-to-BotFace with the Competition

The questions was all summer: Why is this Steve Ratti Guy hiding? Actually, it’s the other way around. Steve decided the automatization of his craft needed to be met Face-to-BotFace! So no, he’s not hiding for the armies of automated Bots marching over the advertising industry’s new business services market Nor is he hiding from […]

Ratti Report: Always Evolving

The Ratti Report will never be the same day-after-day and I guess that’s the point. Neither will advertising ever stay the same forever. In fact, we have a huge surprise coming very soon that will help you find the perfect client without lifting a finger. But in the meantime, enjoy this bit of fun making […]

Register for a free Ratti Report membership

That’s right folks, there’s a free membership version of Ratti Report. It comes with 20% access to our new content and 100% access to our over-90-days content PLUS new business advisory services 40 hours/week Articles with this black & orange icon in the image are free to Collegiate members. Register below If you’re not a […]

84% Of Clients Have Picked A Winner Before An Agency Pitch Begins

Steve’s breakdown: That’s the headline of a recent Forbes article that sighted a survey of 150 marketers about there personal experience with the pitch process. This is terrible for many agencies but great news for folks who read our Account Review Predictions. The few agencies that have this information never need to wait for a […]

Thanks for 7 Years!!

That’s right folks, Ratti Report has been in business for 7 years and we take this time to thank all of our members. Past & Present Working together, it is our aim to build your agency, making it stronger and bolder every day. Let’s hit your goals for 2018 with a big-ass cherry on top!!

Ratti Report seeks Satellite Offices

As you could imagine, we do a lot of traveling for the Ratti Report and we’re now officially on the lookout for satellite offices. New Business Bureaus if you will . . . (That’s the name of the publisher of Ratti Report if you didn’t know – New Business Bureau) Anyway, if there’s space in your […]

$200,000+ New Business Director job in Boston

If you’re interested in this position, give us your contact info and we’ll pass it along. This is another free and COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL service from Ratti Report. You’re welcome

Join Our Free Social Media Sharing, Liking & Retweeting Program

We’re all in this new business rat-race together so why not help each other out. We don’t “get” bots, auto retweets, aggregation  . . . all of that. A friend of mine has a site where if you opt-in once, you automatically retweet everything she tweets. Is it Brilliant • Sneaky • Unauthentic? You choose. Anyway, […]

Ratti Report is Opening the Vault of 100s of leads

It’s always been the policy on this publication to set leads free after 60 days but we having done that in some time so today we’re announcing the access to 100s of them from the February 6th going back to the first of the year. Many of these leads are still very viable, especially if […]

Snowboarder Survives Squirrel Attack

This little guy reminds me of a lot of great ideas that almost get crushed in the “War Room” of a new business pitch meeting.

Why we don’t aggregate our content

Because it’s bad business Aggregating pushes out lots of information that’s not usable like when another agency wins an account. That’s not a lead. It’s actually an anti-lead! Aggregation also pushes out news about accounts we would never pitch ourselves. For us it has to be sexy, closable, worth the time, sticky with cash, fun, […]

Ratti Report Sits Out Advertising on Super Bowl

DATELINE: ASBURY PARK, NJ: In a surprise move, Ratti Report did not advertise during this year’s Super Bowl. It was a crushing blow to the New Business industry but their marketing department thought it was a better idea just to ride the “Sitting Out the Super Bowl” media wave that overcame the advertising media news. […]

To all participating cities in Amazon’s HQ2 pitch: We Can Get Through This

Before we get to the participating cities, I have to say a few words to my ad industry constituency. To fellow advertising professionals: What we are witnessing here with HQ2 is something we all live with everyday, the RFP pitch process. It’s something we’ve been complaining about for decades but we keep participating in these sadistic contests. We are […]

Looking for a New Business Pro?

Here at Ratti Report, we have a network of thousands of new business executives & hundreds of agencies. So if you’re looking to land a new biz pro, let us know what you’re looking for. It’s a free Nationwide service that comes with Ratti Report. Comments are very useful so please fill it up! We’ll […]

AdClub’s video bio for Steve Ratti: If you can stomach it

Steve’s breakdown: The Advertising Hall of Fame induction given by the AdClub of New Jersey is tonight. They required an Introduction Video for the event. Here’s what the team came up for me. Just Hilarious Guys . . . rolling his eyes

Steve Ratti Inducted into Advertising Hall of Fame by NJ AdClub

On November 8th 2017 Steve Ratti, long standing member of the Advertising Club of New York, was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame by NJ AdClub. Steve is the Editor-in-Chief of Ratti Report, an investigative news and insight resource delivering new business intel to marketing agencies nationwide. About Steve Ratti: He began his career […]

Only Paying Members Get The Fresh Stuff

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Ratti Report editor to be inducted into Advertising Hall of Fame by AdClub of NJ

From the Advertising Club of NJ: Each year, The Advertising Hall of Fame of New Jersey inducts individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the creative and economic values of our profession in the State.We are proud to announce our Class of 2017 !!! Steve Ratti, The Ratti Report David H. Fink, The David Henry […]

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